Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Star Shite

There's a girl that I like to talk with occasionally. She's very smart, and I generally like asking questions, so she's a good person to be around.
The other day a friend was going out with her and I tagged along. Smart girl brought a friend too.
So I'm having this very intense discussion with Smart girl, and out of no where her friend jumps right in and says (to me),
"What's you star sign?"
I almost slapped her, I swear to God.

I give her a look. You know which one I'm talking about.

And I go back to talking with Smart girl.

"Libra! I never would have guessed! You sure don't act like a Libran!"


"And how is a Libran supposed to act?"

"I don't know... Not like you." She giggles.

  1. Can't she see we're having an important discussion?
  2. Doesn't she know it's rude to interrupt people?
  3. What is it with people and star signs these days!?

Everyone I meet wants to know what my star sign is!

"Oh no! Don't tell me! Let me guess!"

Fucking airheads. UGH.



HEROINE said...

well, I don't think it's wrong to ask about someone's star sign ... But I hate it when someone acts like that, interrupt others and even though she did interrupt, she didn't contribute to your two's conversation, she just had this short attention span sort of thing, even when it's not towards me, it just bothers me, I keep quiet though. I guess some people are just that way people like u and I have to get over it, sigh.

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

horoscopes are stupid

!n$@n!tY said...

oh wow !! im a libra too !! how funny is that ? we can be star sign buddies uber !! =p

(sarcasm used excessively)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you Ubergirl. I can't believe people believe in that crap! sis from the usa

Ccee said...

maybe she wanted to say that u're not giving her the least attention.. while concentrating on enjoying ur time with Smart.. and that's why she couldn't see u as a libra?!
just a thought..

taqo said...

Mn jid. They are stupid. O 7raam kamaan.
A waste of time, and money.

Jo said...

Don't knock what you know little about. I used to think they were a crock of shit, but recently I've come to realise that there's a lot to them. Read up on them and you'll get it soon enough...

Mochness said...

Maybe she felt left out and couldn't contribute to your little discussion so she thought she'd just ask a random question to get some attention.
Just because someone's interested in star signs doesn't make them airheads. It's an interest of hers just as music and books are an interest of yours.

Dostish said...

I think it's just a trend, kinda like the 'I love saudi arabia' bracelets. Soon enough the'll get sick of them and stop.

Dostish said...

they will*

Bissa said...

yeah i agree with dostish, it's just a phase like the patriotic phase & they'll get over themselves

nuri said...

you sound a bit... arrogant in this post... We shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.

Shy said...

I wana know who writes the horoscopes in magazines? Do they hire some expert? I think they are lame

Chocoholic said...

I'm one of those annoying people :$ I almost always ask people I meet what there sign is "and I..... DO THE GUESSING THING !!" didn't realise it annoys people that much :$ well, for the rocord, she was just trying to be friendly ;)

Shy, I agree !!

Nuppo said...

hahah the starsign question...it is a popular question in the arabworld.

I will never forget Queen Rania from Jordan on CNN saying something like this : " As a XXX (i don't remember her sign), I usually act so and so...". Until then she had really impressed me in the interview, but after that sentence, I just thought how stupid she must have sounded to million of people out there...

Anonymous said...

How come you decided only to share the least interesting part of the conversation?

As a reader I feel cheated.

allaboutgq said...

Sad thing is, no one here claimed it is haraam.

Its haraam.