Friday, June 23, 2006

Now I Know Why They Think We Like It When They Chase Us!

I woke up early this morning.
Early enough to have breakfast, a meal I very rarely get to experience. It was quite pleasant.

There really is nothing one can do at 10 AM.
I was channel surfing and came upon Rotana; our MTV.

I have to say, the music wasn't all that bad.
I kind of wished I was listening to it on one of our (three) radio stations instead of watching the videos, though.

Here's why:

In almost every other video, (they're all love songs) the guy... Well... Stalks the girl.
Hides outside her house.
Follows her around.
Watches her from afar.


I thought of how the average Saudi boy "gets" a girl.
Car chases.

I remember how as a child I, like most children my age, was not allowed to watch violence on television, because my parents were afraid I'd copy whatever I saw in the movie.

At the time, I thought they were being silly. Surely they knew I realized TV was just pretend?
Apparently, they did not.

And apparently, it is our full grown Saudi male who does not know TV is just pretend.

And yet... I am the one who "does not have the brain capacity of a male".




Anonymous said...

Even if men from other countries than yours are allowed to watch whatever they want on tv, they are not any smarter when it comes to picking up women. They're kind of using the same approaches, and ofcourse they have a couple of others too, but it's still not very impressive.

I seriously think all men lost a part of their brain when they entered the life of being teenagers and their hormones started going crazy..

-Katie :)

dzpzyw said...

"does not have the brain capacity of a male". Who said that? You'd have to have the brain capacity of a simpleton to assume something so dumb. Do they really say things like thati? Out loud to each other?
How can such teenage thinking be an acceptable opinion?
(OK Ubergirl I know your a teenager but still you know what I mean) it isn't right.

fror said...

You know ubergirl, you have hit upon something. I have only been stalked once in the west. And when you get stalked in the west, it is serious shit - call the police, do something. But I have also spent a good number of years of my life in the Middle East, including a year in Riyadh and the stalking was just un-fucking-believable. Here I am in this culture which claims to respect women so much and the men are just complete fucking creeps. You tell them to get lost and they follow you all the more. No respect. zilch. And at the same time, you have the dirty old men muttawa chasing you around checking you out. Ugh.

You have answered my question. In the west, televisions is fantasy (and I guess stalking is a big fantasy thing for guys, hunter he-men, they are). Even little boys know it is fantasy because they are surrounded by men and women (not related) who relate to each other as people, not male and female. So, I can see how a boy who has no idea what it is to just hang around with women (or even to see them) would get the idea that mtv is real.

Brilliant insight ubergirl.

ren_crow said...

im watching you;)

wastedchix said...

Fror ..we agree completely (couldn't u find a better name, really??fror??)...ubergirl good job on this one ..

fror said...


fror, lame, I know but I used to be "a former resident of riyadh" but I got sick of typing it and shortened it!
Are there really 2 of you?

Don Cox said...

I sometimes wonder why all the women in the Middle East don't just get up and walk out.

Johara said...

It's not that easy.
You try walking out on your home and your family.

wastedchix said...

Fror ...yup there are TWO of us it seemed like alot of work to creat TWO blogs when we already have the same ideas, come over there, u might find somthing u like :")
sorry uber we're using ur blog as a chat room :"P

Doomy lata chocolata said...

nice one uber..liked it.

Anonymous said...

Stalking? its COMMON in saudi arabia? mabye it should be called sauid aRAPEia!!!11 HHHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

allaboutgq said...

Once people take out Islam out of their lives, people become like animals.

Its funny how people think women in American are free. Been living in the U.S. for 24 years, I can honestly say women here are basically homegrown sluts. They arent free.

I cant wait till I leave U.S.

May Allah protect us all. Ameen

Anonymous said...

ah funny thing.... just can't wait to leave the US. for 24 years....
stupid is what stupid does

Rocke-D said...

Greetings to ubergirl87 from Norway. That's far away...

Anonymous said...

Hi, just dropped in here....all I can say is Keep up the good work!!
Freedom of speech is the most important thing. That people (women or men) can say what they like when they like. Also to be who they want to be.

hebah said...

once a guy followed me around the mall then begged me to have coffee, then he saw my dad, and turned and walked away.

Dima said...

fror, it's like you read my mind! Men here... Correction: People here haven't learnt to relate to the opposite sex as human beings. When people live their lives in near complete isolation from the other sex, any encounter between a man and woman automatically means only one thing.
It's also why men still stare at you even if your body is entirely swarthed in black. I like to call it the Pink Elephant Syndrome. If you saw a pink elephant walking down the street, wouldn't you stare?