Monday, July 31, 2006

Heat Wave...Wooooo

I'm not in London anymore.
I'm in some obscure little European village with my family. It is absolutely scorching, people.
You know something's wrong when the Khaleejis are fanning themselves.

London was fun.
Except for the hordes of Khaleeji boys who have nothing better to do than bother me.
More about that later.
As in in the next post.

I carried a notebook with me everywhere, and that is where I vented out all of my frustrations. Guess who's getting an exclusive look at what's inside of this little notebook of mine?

Yes you, dumbass!
Joke! Wallah I love you all! Not ALL... Just a whole bunch of you! Anyway, on with the rants!:

What idiot made the Saudi ID card all in Arabic? What is the point if you can only use it inside the Kingdom?
And no I am not about to carry my passport around with me like a fool.
And those muppets at the drug store.
Can you believe they won't sell me pain killers that say "for ages 12 and up" on the box because "I don't look 18", which I do.
Ofcourse my "ID" is useless because the only employee that can read Arabic doesn't know the date in Hijri.
It's shouldn't even be called ID.
It should be called... Umm.... Not ID.

Why is "when I'm back" not a polite answer to "When will you be back?"?
I don't know when exactly boredom will strike me. I don't know when I am going to decide to come home.
I can't say I'll be back at 12:43 because that would probably be a lie.
I find "when I'm back" to be not only a polite, but quite an accurate answer as well.

The superman movie sucks.
Who the fuck cast that Blue Crush chick as Lois Lane?
Dying her hair brown doesn't fool us, Hollywood!

Someone needs to knock Oprah off her high-horse.
Before she finds another cause to put her kindness on display and show the world how rich and "charitable" she is.

Hello, Oprah?

I know this is self-centered, but I find it incredible that all of the people in the world have their own lives, just as I do.
They all have issues and people and events to deal with.
The world doesn't revolve around me.
I am not the star of... Well... The world.