Saturday, December 30, 2006

Eleven Is The Magic Number. That's Why.

1- A 2000 riyal Abaya my ass. I'm not paying that much money for something I despise. And I want to drive already. This is ridiculous.

2- Ladies, I love you as you are. Stop pretending you're boys. It's getting old. And you're not fooling anyone. Aha, not even when we close our eyes and pretend really really hard.

3- I highly recommend short hair.

4- It has never been this cold in Riyadh.

5- Am I the olny one who has no plans for New Years eve? I'm not even looking forward to it.
Honeslty, what's the big deal? So it'll be 2007. How will that be different from 2006? Or 2005? Or 847987?

6- Is it just me, or is Saddam Hussein being considered a martyr?
I am not surprised.
And not because we Arabs are fond of violent dictators.

7- Jackass is pure comic genius.


9- Organised religion is going to be the death of me. 5alaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9999999 Leave me alone.

10- If you think I'm stupid I think you're a fucking lunatic who eats his own poo. (Yes, I saw.)

11- Love makes the world go round <3

Loving it.


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Brains Over Brawn

Yul Kwon won survivor.



Man, I'm SO HAPPY. Finally someone who deserves to win this game.

I would love to go on survivor.



Thursday, December 21, 2006

لكم دينكم و لي دين

When people talk about a muslim becoming an Atheist or whatever, generally they're sad.
Tell them it's a Saudi and all fucking hell will break loose.

I mean, it makes perfect sense to me. I understand how, among our society, this conventionalism most people call 'our' religion gets tiresome.

Except many people have not been taught that this is conventionalism and not Islam, and that is where the problem lies.
In my opinion, the most dangerous thing in the world to one's faith, is mixing it with tradition. Many of the things that we practice here are forced upon us under the guise of Islam. It's devastating. You start questioning everything you believe in, and eventually you start to lose your faith.
And no, I do not believe faith is a stupid thing to have, because I do not believe that it is 'blind faith.'
Faith is not blind. I know what I believe in, what I have faith in, and it exsists because I feel it and it is there and I know.
And it doesn't make me brain-washed, stupid, or naive.
It makes me a believer.
And I have a right to beileve just as (dare I say it) others have a right not to. Saudi or otherwise.
Oh, and I heart the Shea.
Can't we all just get along?


Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Was Watching AlRai,

and there was a rerun of this... talk show.
Basically it's a man who thinks he is close enough to God to critisize everyone and give them advice.
I find it all very ironic, to tell you the truth.
I mean... Islam is primarily about not recognizing false idols.
And yet there are people on television telling others how to worship their own God.
It is astounding to me.

So today the guy was talking about lesbians.
Imagine that. A whole one hour of television dedicated to putting down lesbians.

You know, it's hillarious how some people think lesbians in particular are... The spawn of satan or something. They're so dramatic about it.
Personally, I dont agree with gay people's lifestyles, but I try not to judge them. I don't think I do.
And I definitely don't think I'm better or worse than any gay person.
I just wish we could all live together in a castle in the sky where we ride winged unicorns and eat non-fat pink marshmallows all day.

That is not going to happen in this lifetime.

So back to the guy on AlRai. A (surprise) Saudi calls in, and he start saying that girls turn gay because their friends turn them gay. "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch," is what he says.
Okay, I have a problem with that.
People are not friut. We have (hopefully) functioning brains.
If I want to become a homosexual, I will. Whether or not someone 'turns' me is not an issue.
Honestly. What idiots.
It is shocking that these people are this concerned about the rise in the number of lesbians in the Arab/Muslim world.
Somalia, a muslim country, is the most poverty stricken nation in the world.
Am I the only person ashamed that poverty still exists in this day and age?
And here we are still talking about how being gay is the "worst thing you can do to your family!"

How about wasting thousands on a television show, or a whole television station, that isn't doing anyone any good, when that money can save hundreds of families in Zimbabwe?
I know my family would be pretty fucking ashamed of that.

When will people stop trying to force everyone into their way of thinking?
How would they like it if I tapped their wives on the shoulder and told them to leave their husbands and join the lesbian band wagon because I think their husbands are complete douche bags?
It is, afterall, my opinion. And my opinion is really all that counts.

Some people are straight.
Some people are gay.
Accept it. And stop telling everyone how to think. You're giving me a headache.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wait... How The Hell Did I Manage To End Up Talking About Condoms?

I can't post from my house because blogger beta is a piece of **%%$#$$.
No swear word could possibly describe how much of a fucktard you are, blogger.

Oh! There you go, it's fucktard.

Moving on.
I believe in being polite. No matter what.
And I like to think I am polite. Most of the time.
It really shouldn't matter whether or not you're in a good mood. You should always be courteous.
So it really pisses me off when strangers look at you like you're a lunatic when you open a door for them or help them pick up something they've dropped. What the fuck is that about? I'm not gonna turn into some obsessive stalking freak if you thank me. You're not that pretty.
And then these same people expect you to just help them or do things for them. In their puny little minds, you exist to help them. It is the purpose for which you were created.
They would ask, for example "Where is building 23?"
And they would be shocked when you say you're not sure. And then, shock would turn into offence when you point out thate there is a sign infron of each building that tells you what number it is.
And what the hell are you thinking. Expecting them to thank you. Screw you for not offering to carry them to building 23. Fucking piece of shit.

Apply it.

That sounded like those ads that encourage teenagers to use condoms.
Which is also good advice, children.


PS. I knew the title would catch your eye. Gillat 7aya.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Heart Simpletons

I wish some people would take themselves more seriously.
Let me explain.
Almost all the med-students I know either act really dumb, or are really dumb.
I am genuinely worried about the standard of doctors that are going to be around in 10-20 years.
This is how a conversation with a friend of mine who is in her second year of medical school went:
"I, like, saw you from across the room, and I thought it was you and then I, like, said to myself "it can't be her!" And then so and so told me it was you and so I, like, came by to say hi, like."
"…Min jid min jid t3'ayarti…."
"Yeah. People generally continue to grow even after the age of ten."
"… Aham shay…"
I wanted to slap her.
This person will be treating our children when she graduates. She will be called a Doctor. They'll give her a stethoscope and everything.

Even if this is the way she normally talks – and I seriously doubt it
- she and all the people who talk and act like this, need to take
themselves more seriously.
I'm not saying we should all sit around quoting Freud. I am saying
that when you reach a certain age, you must conduct yourself
Words like 'min jid' and 'aham shay' are teenybopper zombie words. They mean absolutely nothing. They're filler words. People say them when they have nothing else to say, but still want to create some sort of noise using their mouth. Many people have nothing to say but wish to make sounds very often.
Don't you think that at 19 or 20 years old, one should find other –
more expressive – words to use?

And it's not just how these people talk. It's what they say, how they act. Just everything about them screams 'halfwit'. And what's sad is that most of them probably aren't halfwits. They just act like this because they think it's cool to be stupid.
The bright side if this is, it's these guys that make everyone else look good.