Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'd Always Rather Stay Home and Watch The Gorgeousness That Is Prison Break. Is That Healthy?

I hate "people" who "use" quotation "marks" "extensivley." They come off "idiotic." You "know" who "I" am talking about.
You "do."

In other news, I had so much fun reading the comments on my last post. They were "amusing."
Okay I'll "stop."

Seriously. I got a couple of comments from... interesting characters. I've decided I'm going to be positive and not point out the incredible contradictions some people choose to implement in their sentences.
I hope one day it all becomes clear to them.

I am not anti-Islam. I am not anti-any religion. What people choose to believe is extremely personal. It is their relationship with their creator, or whom-ever they worship. It is not meant to be paraded around and when it is, I personally lose a lot of respect for them (the paraders).
And that is why I will never again address the subject of my personal beliefs on this blog, or anywhere else.
And neither should anyone else. (Mention my beliefs or cast me off as an "infidel", as someone lovingly implied in a comment.) It is hillarious that you think you are in any position to make that call. Like it's all up to you.
You reaaallyy are into yourself, huh?

Couldn't help it.

Back to positivity.

Some people comment for the sake of proving... something. Possibly that they can type. I'm not too sure.
Let us all revel in this gem of an opinion:

Anonymous said...
This is a typical bull of an upper middle class kid (woman) who starts to rant, and rebel against everything that her country and culture stands for. When in fact, you are not rebelling against your culture; you are rebelling against your religion. You started to take God for granted, those silly idiots from west who comments on your blog from the west trying to empower you, when in fact they are bringing you down to you eventual doom.

Wow. You got me.
I am trying to poison all the other crazy kids (women) with my Western thoughs and satanic beliefs.
Is it really that obvious?

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm Getting Increasingly Worse at Updating, I Know

So today I was unwillingly dragged into a debate: Sexism in the kingdom.
I have to say, I am quite proud of my Saudi sisters.
Three years ago they -and I'm talking about the relatively conservative- would have always been on the Hay2a's side, for example. Not any more.
It's not a huge difference, mind you. Just really really big. To me, anyway.
I guess everyone's just gotten sick of it all.
Next will come the realization that we've all been brain-washed.
After that mass confusion. And if we're lucky, chaos and destruction. Maybe an explosion or two.


I really am turning into a smug little brat.

So happy!