Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dumbledore Likes The Boys

Some girls at school make the weirdest excuses. And the teachers let this slide.

"I'm sorry, Doctor, if you keep us late to try and help us get what we're here for in the first place - you know, a piece of paper that says I'm qualified to have a career but means absolutely nothing else - my husbaaaaaaaaaaand won't like it. He wants me home by 12."

Sometimes, just the word "zoojiii" (my husbaaaaand) will do the trick.


I really don't understand how this is an excuse. It is a random fact. Like how I like the color yellow. I might as well use that as an excuse next time.

"I'm sorry I'm twenty minutes late for class, professor. It's just that my love for the color yellow distracts me sometimes and I lose track of time."
And she will have this coy smile on her face as she nods, welcoming me into class. You know, like she does with the married hos.
Yes, I said hos.
I am angry at them hos. Grrr.

There are many reasons why "I'm married" is not an excuse (apart from the obvious) infact, it actually helps to be married and in school:

1) If you are married and still in school, this would mean you probably do not have kids (or atleast kids that need a driver to take them to school), and might have your own driver and car to pick you up late in the afternoon, whereas I, who am lucky enough to have a driver, have to litterally perform a miracle every morning (and sometimes every afternoon) to get to school on time. There are four other people who need the driver, and three destinations in all. Every morning.

2) For people who do not have drivers, they have to rely on their brothers (who are probably rarely cooperative) to take them to and from school. Or, their fathers can take them. Now, at the age of 20, our fathers are not as young as my classmate's husbands probably are. It is hard for my father to drive me to or from school in this heat, on those reods, and in that traffic! Whereas these girl's husbands are probably much younger and can handle that torture.

3) If your husband does not respect your need to get an education, you should stay at home. I am now beyond saying I think men should respect their wives' need to be educated and bla bla... because quite frankly I have lost almost all hope in our men ever waking up from their deluded state of sexism superiority complexes. At this point I'm just waiting for this generation to die out and hoping the next one is any better. If you want equality in your household be fucking smart and do not marry a sexist. It is that simple. If you do not listen to me, and you go ahead and marry the bastard, you are an idiot that does not deserve an education. So stay at home and make the man some damn kabsa.

4) In my honest opinion, if you are married at the age of 18 or 19, and have a child that you need to get home to or whatever, that is your problem. I do not mean to be cruel, but having a child while you are still at school is irresponsible, and it is these girls' own burden to bear. I shouldn't have to be forced to spend seven hours at school and take a 3PM class because the (dellusional) faculty feel obligated to put all the married girls in earlier class so that they can get back to their husbands and kids earlier. I'm not saying put them in the later classes, I'm saying do not make their convenience the number one priority.

5) What on earth does your husband want with you at 12 in the afternoon? Now, this is not an actual point, but I am genuinely curious to see what answers these people can come up with.

More on this later.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

God Bless YouTube

Click Here.

How much do you love this guy?

Ramadan is almost over. Wasn't it wonderful?
Something is bugging me though. I do not like people who are only pious during Ramadan. And I especially don't like the way people tell eachother to read the Quraan as fast as they can, so that they can squeeze as many readings as possible during Ramadan.
Am I the only person who thinks the Quraan should be savoured?