Tuesday, October 09, 2007

God Bless YouTube

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How much do you love this guy?

Ramadan is almost over. Wasn't it wonderful?
Something is bugging me though. I do not like people who are only pious during Ramadan. And I especially don't like the way people tell eachother to read the Quraan as fast as they can, so that they can squeeze as many readings as possible during Ramadan.
Am I the only person who thinks the Quraan should be savoured?





Sarah Ouadghiri said...

I love that guy, too. He's hysterical. Have you seen the one on dating... or my personal favorite, the one on hijab...

He's a riot...

Sewmouse said...

I could not agree with you more on the "Savoring" comment. Those who read "as fast as they can" - without comprehension, without thought, without attempting to understand better the meaning, do they think Allah is fooled?

Or perhaps they think to manipulate Allah to do their bidding by showing only the outward trappings of faith and belief, while inwardly only going through the motions?

Do they think Allah does not notice the difference between a truly pious person studying the Quraan to more fully improve their own relationship with Him, and someone who is trying to "work the system" by "reading" without actually absorbing the words? This seems to me to be blasphemy - of the worst sort - as if they are priding themselves on being so smart that they can "trick" Allah.

ammaro.com said...

its funny, people were all religious and "perfect" last month and all of a sudden ramadan is over and theyre back to their old habits. lol.

أبو سنان said...

Here at my work, in the Metro DC area, we have the "insta-hijabi" during Ramadan.

All of the rest of the year the women are wearing everything underneath the sun and doing their hair anyway you can think. Come the first day of Ramadan and there are a sea of scarves that didnt exist before.

I agree with you, I have the fake pious stuff. Either do it all year or dont do it at all. Do these people think they are fooling God?

Taiko Tari said...

No you're not the only one thinking that way. I hear you on that matter.
Nice blog, btw. I will keep on coming and if it's OK with you I'd like to link yours with mine.

Your sister in Japan
Taiko Tari