Friday, June 15, 2007


Who the fucking hell runs that fucking shit hole?
That's what I fucking want to know.

It all started when my father told me to watch out for weird looking ants, because he read in the paper that they found poisonous ones here in Riyadh. A breed of poisonous black ants that almost killed a woman.
That's all the article said.
I asked him if there was someone from the health ministry I could call for more inforamtion, he said "not that I know of."
I asked a million times if there was more detail in the article, he said no.
It is shoking to me that the Ministry of Health did not issue a statement, atleast describing the ant, or telling us it's name.

I googled and this is what I found on a message board:

حذر الأستاذ الدكتور محمد بن صالح الخليفة عضو هيئة التدريس بقسم علم الحيوان في كلية العلوم بجامعة الملك سعود من لسعة النمل الأسود (السمسوم) والتي قد تؤدي إلى موت الشخص لما تحتويه من مواد ذات آثار سامة ومسببة للحساسية.

وقال: تعتبر من أكثر المركبات تعقيداً من ناحية تركيبة الكيميائي والذي لا زال يحتاج كثيراً من البحث والتقصي مضيفاً إلى ان دخولها إلى أراضي المملكة حديثاً نسبياً حيث تم تسجيلها وجمعها من مناطق عدة بما في ذلك المنطقة الشرقية ومنطقة الرياض...

تم تسجيل حالات وفاة في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة ودولة قطر وربماحدث ذلك في شرق المملكة العربية السعودية وسجلت هذه الحشرة في دولة الإمارات من ضمن الحشرات الخطرة على الصحة (Health Hazard) والذي يجب مكافحتها والتنبيه عليها...

The author of the post had some very delightful insights as well:
المهم لا نقوم بعمليات إبادة وقتل ونظلم لكن نحذر ونخاف على الصغار في البيوت لا تلسع واحد منهم ويفطس,

I love this guy.
He goes on and on about how he's worried about the ants, and he talks about young humans like their death would be nothing more than unfortunate.
"Ant got another one. Fa6as. Oh, well. 'Least we got five extras!"

I don't want a big deal made out of this, I just want media coverage and a statement from the Minstry.
Before the fucking ants get us and there's no-one left to warn.

Tell all your loved ones. Spread the news.
Once again, ubergirl saves millions of lives from otherwise inevitable doom...

I'm getting my news from a message board. Fucking unbeleivable, these people are.


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A Perfect Chance to Clear Something Up..

There was a terrible accident where a girl died on a Jet-ski in the middle of the sea with her (supposed) boyfriend in Jeddah. Can anyone living there confirm this?

Anyway, this tragedy was the subject of a very emotional discussion over dinner on Wednesday.
The attitude of most of the girls at the table was:
"My God. What a horrible death. In a bathing suit. With her lover. Her poor father! They say he thought she was at school the whole time! Had no idea about her relatioship with this boy..."

Understandable, expected reactions.

And then I said:

What if she never missed a prayer?

What if they were in love, and planning to marry? What if they never slept together?

What if she were the kindest human being that ever lived?
And wouldn't the pain of her injuries have given her ajr and erased her 'sin'?

In real life, I am known to be overly sentimental. Yeah.

Everyone then realized, we know nothing about this girl.

And even if wedid know everything, can we fairly judge her? Are we capable of figuring out who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? (I'm talking to my fellow judgemental Saudis and Muslims.)
Can we honestly say what is a good way to die, and what isn't?

This is my point.
Here is when we shouldn't question or think about anything. Not with ahkam that don't sound right. Not with fatawa! Those we have a right to question.
This is where we shut the fuck up.

Speculation about people's lives and outcome is unproductive and damaging to your faith.

It's in Allah's hands.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Onwards and Upwards!

I had a final exam this morning and when I read the questions I just didn't feel like being examined.

Examination is beneath me. It isn't... I don't know.. Pragmatic.

It's not that I didn't know the answers, I just didn't want to get into them. I get this feeling a lot now. I remember a time when I would strangle someone before I let them walk away unconvinced of my opinions.
Now I'm more indifferent.
It's worked for me, untill this morning.
When, you know, I stared into space for a full hour instead of answering the test.
Oh, well.

Botheration (yes, it's a real word) of the moment:

Those fucking idiots I am forced (well, choose. Whatever.) to converse with. The ones who think it's cool to call everyone "stupid Beduins."
Like they come from a fucking rainforest or something.
Very few people realize (and accept) that we are all Beduins.
It's fucking amazing if you ask me. I wouldn't want to be anything else. I love my heritage.

Anyway, they're the same idiots that think "Indian," "Sri Lankan," and "Filipino" are insults.

I told you.

Good luck on your finals, everyone!