Friday, June 15, 2007

A Perfect Chance to Clear Something Up..

There was a terrible accident where a girl died on a Jet-ski in the middle of the sea with her (supposed) boyfriend in Jeddah. Can anyone living there confirm this?

Anyway, this tragedy was the subject of a very emotional discussion over dinner on Wednesday.
The attitude of most of the girls at the table was:
"My God. What a horrible death. In a bathing suit. With her lover. Her poor father! They say he thought she was at school the whole time! Had no idea about her relatioship with this boy..."

Understandable, expected reactions.

And then I said:

What if she never missed a prayer?

What if they were in love, and planning to marry? What if they never slept together?

What if she were the kindest human being that ever lived?
And wouldn't the pain of her injuries have given her ajr and erased her 'sin'?

In real life, I am known to be overly sentimental. Yeah.

Everyone then realized, we know nothing about this girl.

And even if wedid know everything, can we fairly judge her? Are we capable of figuring out who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? (I'm talking to my fellow judgemental Saudis and Muslims.)
Can we honestly say what is a good way to die, and what isn't?

This is my point.
Here is when we shouldn't question or think about anything. Not with ahkam that don't sound right. Not with fatawa! Those we have a right to question.
This is where we shut the fuck up.

Speculation about people's lives and outcome is unproductive and damaging to your faith.

It's in Allah's hands.



Anonymous said...

Poor girl, what was her name?

Anonymous said...

Do u have a boy friend uber, and when u come to Jeddah, how bout if I take you for a ride on my does that sound...-_-

Yasso The Great said...

You see, I have ALWAYS wanted to say that. It just gets on my nerves when people start judging other people, and no, JUDGING DEAD PEOPLE. I mean, did they forget that they are as much humans as them? Where is their humanity? seriously.

Even prophet Mohammad told us not to speak of dead people with bad things in a 7adeeth:
"لا تسبوا الأموات فإنهم قد أفضوا إلى ما قدموا."

And besides judging her, they PITIED her, AND they felt sorry for her dad and whosoever! (That's the worst thing, is that they think they are NICE and GOOD people when they do that.)

And - not looking at it from a religious view - it's unethical.

Sheesh, we need a dumbass-people-exterminator here in Saudi Arabia...

Anonymous said...

Dumbass-people-exterminator? Uh then like um 99.99999999999999% of the population will be exterminated.

Yasso The Great said...


Sad, but true. =P

Old dawg. said...

and even if they fornicated as horny rabbits and never planned to marry; so what??? at least she got to have some fun before she checked out. who knows, perhaps Allah would punish us when we show if we DID NOT live life to the fullest??? perhaps (s)he's particularly mean to the sick f*ckers who are blowing up innocent kids, women and men all around Iraq?? At least, those sickos deserve to be burn in hell in eternity.

sexy cow said...

"My God. What a horrible death. In a bathing suit. With her lover. Her poor father! They say he thought she was at school the whole time! Had no idea about her relatioship with this boy..."

A7iss 5ala Mneira galat kitha..
aw Oum A7mad

أبو سنان said...

The only sin I am aware of for sure in this incident is the people talking about the girl who supposedly died.

For all we know it was her brother and the people making the accusations got it wrong.

Talking about people, back biting....that is the only sin that is for sure here.

Anonymous said...

Thats why we ask for al ( 5atma al 7asana).

sara said...

Hon…you know what's your problem…you try to speak reason to people when reason itself abandoned them a long time ago. If a person would put the reputation of a human over their life, I don’t think they are worth arguing with. In you're kingdom of lunacy, which is too influenced with a primitive religion that should have withered long ago, this is an expected reaction.

I know how you feel because I have such individuals in my community; I just don’t give them the time of day. I shall go on with my life ignoring their existence until one of them threatens my well being, and then there is blood to shed.

Matt said...

WTF? What does it matter if she died in her bathing suit or in a fucking turban thingy? Shes still DEAD. I can't understand this...