Monday, December 01, 2008

"... Don't Eat Food, 'Cause That Shit's Expensive!"

I don't understand what happened in India?
Obviously we would never know who the group responsible was. The governments of the world, not just India, would refuse to publicize their cause.
So why do this? Thrill of the kill?
I'm tired of hearing "these people are probably oppressed and had no choice.."
I am sorry, but it is unnatural to be so ready to kill.
Why doesn't everyone just calm down? Just give the world one week of peace and God-damn quiet. I would love to turn on the news and hear: "Uhh... Ladies and gentlemen, not much is going on... Soo... Uhh... How 'bout reruns of Will and Grace?"
I'm tired of worrying about the number of casualties. Everywhere.
Also, can't everything be free for that one week, too? I mean, since we're on a roll...