Monday, December 01, 2008

"... Don't Eat Food, 'Cause That Shit's Expensive!"

I don't understand what happened in India?
Obviously we would never know who the group responsible was. The governments of the world, not just India, would refuse to publicize their cause.
So why do this? Thrill of the kill?
I'm tired of hearing "these people are probably oppressed and had no choice.."
I am sorry, but it is unnatural to be so ready to kill.
Why doesn't everyone just calm down? Just give the world one week of peace and God-damn quiet. I would love to turn on the news and hear: "Uhh... Ladies and gentlemen, not much is going on... Soo... Uhh... How 'bout reruns of Will and Grace?"
I'm tired of worrying about the number of casualties. Everywhere.
Also, can't everything be free for that one week, too? I mean, since we're on a roll...



Anonymous said...

it is sad to see that the majority of us seem to be more focused on the perceived immorality by showing a strand of hair, an ankle, or, the more "amusing" immorality caused by the use of both eyes as opposed to the left eye only. (you have only seen half flesh and felt only half the the lust when you are seeing by only one eye!) rather than focusing on ridding our ranks of those that are using Islam to cause such heinous deeds as the one in Mumbai. Time has come to rise up against those that have taken our religion and perverted it into a tool for ignorance, misery and death.

Crispal said...

Hate is ruling the world. People are hating each other everywhere. They use any excuse for that: religion, politics, race... Whatever. That's the way mankind is. We could dream of changing it, but the task looks impossible. Nevertheless do not despair. One simple seed can produce a giant tree. Blogs like yours could have a wonderful beneficial effect. ;-)

Eva, Canada said...

...Obviously we would never know who the group responsible was.

Not so, ubergirl. I don`t know what information you get in SA but it is known where the murderers came from and who trained them. And the more you know about them, the more you can speak against them. I`m glad that you wrote this post but it`s not enough. Muslim voices like yours are rare and the terror will not go away unless muslims speak louder.

I urge you to read the following article. It was written by an internationally known Canadian who does not hesitate to call things by their true name, an attitude that brought him (together with the respectable weekly McLeans Magazine) to trial. He won, by the way.

ubergirl87 said...

Anonymous, speaking of lust, do you know a man shouted at me because I accidentally seduced him when I (also accidentally) flashed my wrist?
I thought it was all rather funny.

Crispal, Love is all we need! Thanks :-)

Eva, Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

you are such a naughty girl!!! what would he have done if he had seen your lovely face or gotten glimpse of your heavenly bossom or all the magnificent junk in your trunk?? seriously, i do not think for a second that you showed him the wrist by accident. it was all intentional, a part of a diabolic plan to test his ability to contain his lust. seriously; he yelled at you???