Saturday, November 25, 2006

If You Want My Respect, EARN IT!

I am sick and tired of middle-aged women abusing and taking advantage of me.
Just because I'm polite enough to offer you my seat, or help you with whatever you're carrying, doesn't mean you get to unleash your bitchiness on me.

A few days ago, I was at... Let's call it an event, with two of my friends.
One went to the ladies room, and I put my hand on her seat and sort of leaned on it. It was very crowded, and I felt I needed to save her seat.

So I'm talking to my other friend, and suddenly this (you guessed it) late-40-early-50-something year old woman comes over, and without even looking at me, brushes my hand aside and sits down in my friend's seat!

"Umm.. Ma3laish 5alti, ana 7ajza hatha ilma7al l9a7ibti." (Excuse me, Ma'am, this is my friend's seat. I'm saving it for her.")
"La, 7abeebti, hatha ma7alina i7na min zaman." ("No, my dear, this has been our seat for a long time.")
And she looks over to her imbecilic friend, and gives her (what she thinks is) a sly smile.
"You see this woman next to me?" I say in the loudest voice possible (without sounding like I've lost my mind.)
"Yes?" Replies my friend.
"She just stole Lulu's seat."
"She thinks she's so tough. You know, I hate how our society makes people think the older you are, the more you can boss people around. Just because she's "seen the wold" (yeah right) doesn't mean she can take out her frustrations on teenage girls. She doesn't know this, though. She think she has a right to my seat. She thinks the more she gets up there the more important she is. She thinks she is automatically respected by everyone. She doesn't know that in your 50s being an ass is being an ass. She probably thinks she's polite and civilized..."

And so on.
I don't even know what I said exactly. I just went on till she got up and found herself another seat.
I don't think I hurt her feelings, I think I annoyed her.

A few moths ago I picked up my cell phone and a (middleaged) woman shouted: "Lulwa?"
"No. Wrong number."
"What?! Who is this!??"
"Uhh... Who's this?"
"Don't ask me who I am. Let me just speak to Lulwa."
(Laughing) "Lady, you called me. I get to ask who you are. And this is not Lulwa's phone. It is my phone."
"Well I called Lulwa's phone not yours. Put her on."

This is what I have to put up with. I have to give up my seat to depressed, pushy old women (not because there isn't enough seating, but because she feels like harassing some young blood), or make Lulwas appear out of thin air for her majesty the queen of the deranged.

The middleaged should grow up.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

All Of A Sudden It's Cold and Rainy.

I really have nothing to say, other than my toe has almost completely healed.

And school is so depressing. I hate people who think they're smarter than me. Because even if they were, (and they're not, trust me) they shouldn't be bragging.
And anyway, smart people as a rule don't brag about their brain power. So even you are smart, bragging about it automatically makes you stupid.
So there.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Someone In Here Smells Nice.

Has anyone ever noticed that we don't have handicapped/disabled parking spaces here in Riyadh?
I only noticed recently because of my current temporary disability. Shut up. It hurts.
How do people with physical disabilities manage without the convenience of their parking spaces?
It just isn't right.
Isn't anyone campaigning or anything?


Friday, November 10, 2006

Apple are Vermin Because:

1. They claim the iPod is user-friendly, and it is marketed as such. It's so 'user friendly' that it doesn't need a proper manual. If you have any problems you can visit their damn 'user friendly' website.
The truth of the matter is, it is not at all user-friendly. It freezes on day three, and you can forget about "easily uploading all you videos!"
Unless ofcourse, you plan on purchasing all of them from the iTunes store...

2. It is overrated. And frankly, setting the shit it needs up on your computer is a pain in the ass.

3. It is overpriced.
When I first went to buy an mp3 player, I was looking for something durable, easy to use, and I wanted to be able to play videos on it (which is not going to happen anytime soon). Cost wasn't an issue, as long as it had those three things.
It doesn't.
And looking back, I think 'I payed how much!?'
I feel like a sucker. Oh, wait I am.

4. It isn't just a matter of dragging and dropping a file onto your iPod anymore. You need to "sync" it with your iPod first. All in all it takes about 30 years to do that.
Happy syncing!

5. Their website offers crap advice.
"You're done syncing... Now your iPod plays videos without audio? Tough luck.

Oh! You want a solution? Yeah, about that...

There isn't one."

Do not buy an iPod.

Apple people, I am very upset with you.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sexual Harassment Part... Oh Screw It. I Lost Count.

This made me so upset.
You cannot imagine.

Firstly, I'd like to point out what it proves:
1. An Abaya and or veil will not protect you from harassment.
2. Our (yes, our. Women in many Arab countries have had similar experiences) youth is sexually frustrated to the point of insanity.
While reading I imagined a stampede of sex-crazed rabid dogs. It's like they're not even human anymore.
What does that to a person?

Go on.
Tell me the ladies were asking for their shirts to be ripped off. Tell me they probably liked it.
You know I love hearing it.

I feel as though I will never see an improvement in our society in my lifetime.
Hopelessness is not a pretty feeling.

"...If it was the action of one I would still be pretty outraged. Girls should fucking panic. Or shall we tell them oh it’s only a few guys who would possibly rip off your clothes in broad daylight, you know, it’s downtown Cairo, chill out and have a sheesha. It is this lack of outrage and a blasé normalisation of the sickness that has helped it progress unchallenged or treated for so long. "
I couldn't have said any of that better myself.
Sexual Education is the key. So are many many other things, but I'd so love it if we started with that.
There are stories of girls attacking other girls at schools and college, so it's not just a problem with boys.
I cannot imagine what the girls who were there are going through.
Allah y3awi6'hom bildunya wila5rah.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Brain Says:

Life really does imitate art. I cannot count how many times I have been reminded of my own experiences while reading a book or a play.
Greek Tragedies included.
Life can be so surreal.

Who else thinks the adoption of baby David is eerily reminiscent of modern slavery?
I'll admit I don't know many of the details that concern this particular case, but it looks to me that the adoption process was fast-tracked. God knows it takes an eternity to round up adoption papers anywhere in the world, let alone a country where running water is unheard of.
It is being called a legitimate adoption. I say she bought the child.

Who the hell came up with the concept of examinations? They should be tarred an featherd. And then urinated on.
I have no problems understading why med students should be examined. I completely understand why they need to memorize the intricacies of complex.... Err... Procedures.... And things. Yeah.
I just don't understand why it is necessary for me to.
I assure you, force-feeding me (or any other human being) information about communism is not going to save lives.
If ever the need for the information I have studied arises, I could always look it up.
I'm supposed to be studying for a test. Can you tell?

In other news, my toe is healing nicely.
And I'm still not getting any free candy, dammit.