Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Someone In Here Smells Nice.

Has anyone ever noticed that we don't have handicapped/disabled parking spaces here in Riyadh?
I only noticed recently because of my current temporary disability. Shut up. It hurts.
How do people with physical disabilities manage without the convenience of their parking spaces?
It just isn't right.
Isn't anyone campaigning or anything?



Shy said...

There would be no point, people without disabilities would just park in them

Sewmouse said...

The people without disabilities that park in "Disabled" parking spots DO have a disability.

They're chronically STUPID and GREEDY. And I hear there is no cure.

Ultimate Freedom said...

Cute and true comments u got there.

As for me, i think that our governments are so much into equality and treating people fairly, they say that we are all equal even with handicaps, so there's no need to make special parking spaces for them.

Anonymous said...

do you really think anyone will give a shit? you'll have the fucking parking spot blue for all anyone cares people will still park there

and why of all colors did retards have to get the blue one? shouldn't they get like brown or gray?

Madhatter said...

Im sorry u still in pain but hopefully it will all be a distant memory ;)

wastedchix said...

Salamat hope u feel better soon ..

oh ..and they don't have facilities for hindicapped people here cuz they simply do not care ..
thier motto is

ALWAYS Has been, always will be ...



Anonymous said...

People that that can walk with no difficulty would get fined if they park in the disabled parking....have a heart..give them a space...sis from the usa

Godfather said...

not only in Riyadh, but in all KSA... even when there are handicap parking spaces u find assholes parked there!!

Bissa said...

There are parking spaces for the handicapped in our local supermarket. But rarely used by the handicapped; now that's a WHOLE another problem.

Teshi said...

There are many cities/countries with not only spots for physically disabled people but also for pregnant mothers (because, let's face it, eight or nine months pregnant, you don't want to have to walk more thana few steps) and no, people who aren't disabled don't always park in them.

Common courtesy (and fines) are surprisingly effective :).

@rabian rash said...

uber girl? why dont you start campaigning?

as for others comments, if the police enforce a law it will work, it is the responsibility of security of the mall/shop to ensure people do not park in such places, and issue tickets that are enforced by law. This could solve this 'potential ignorance' of any law. Like the seat belt kaw in ksa, once its enforced with a fine, people take notice..