Saturday, November 04, 2006

My Brain Says:

Life really does imitate art. I cannot count how many times I have been reminded of my own experiences while reading a book or a play.
Greek Tragedies included.
Life can be so surreal.

Who else thinks the adoption of baby David is eerily reminiscent of modern slavery?
I'll admit I don't know many of the details that concern this particular case, but it looks to me that the adoption process was fast-tracked. God knows it takes an eternity to round up adoption papers anywhere in the world, let alone a country where running water is unheard of.
It is being called a legitimate adoption. I say she bought the child.

Who the hell came up with the concept of examinations? They should be tarred an featherd. And then urinated on.
I have no problems understading why med students should be examined. I completely understand why they need to memorize the intricacies of complex.... Err... Procedures.... And things. Yeah.
I just don't understand why it is necessary for me to.
I assure you, force-feeding me (or any other human being) information about communism is not going to save lives.
If ever the need for the information I have studied arises, I could always look it up.
I'm supposed to be studying for a test. Can you tell?

In other news, my toe is healing nicely.
And I'm still not getting any free candy, dammit.



Anonymous said...

so true about life immitating art, you know i went through the same experience that a certain character out of greek mythology went through...i slept with my mother, killed my dad, and piereced my is so surreal

candy sux

taqo said...

"Who the hell came up with the concept of examinations? They should be tarred an featherd"

Lmao. Mn jed !

ren_crow said...

Well didnt u get any candy while trick or treating on halloween:p

Actually that knowledege about communism might come in handy. Picture this:

Ure at a small convenience store buying a couple of things when all of a sudden a gun wielding thug enters in spewing out stalinistic rhetoric stating he needs cash in order to further the cause of communist russia.
Then you being the smart sassy girl u are can tell him that the soviet union already broke up 2 decades ago and that robbing the store of its money will do nothing but get him in trouble with the police. After telling him this he'll realize his whole misadventure is totally fruitless and so will mumble something and thus proceed to walk out the door. U would have defused a dangerous armed robbery situation.

(Upon which u will be reprimanded by the Hay'a for talking to a strange man:p)

but u get my drift

Anonymous said...

Yeah, saving a child from a life of poverty and starvation is modern slavery...
Your a genius.