Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Hate It When...

... I am told to "calm down."
I am calm, damn you.

Yesterday someone asked me to calm down on the messenger.
That was it for me. I have to vent.
And no, I wasn't saying anything mean or even angry-sounding.
She asked (nagged, actually) me where to find something on the internet for a porject she was working on for her drama class, and I referred her to like, the bestest website ever on drama that has, like all the answers to all the questions you could ever have about drama!

Just because I am not cold and passive doesn't mean I have a short fuse.
I am passionate. Not angry.



ren_crow said...

hah u must be pmsing

Madhatter said...

CALM DOWN - LOL, jus kidding

HEROINE said...

lol, google.com? nice touch :P

taqo said...


barbara said...

When someone tells me something like that, I get really crazy!

Anonymous said...

I understand where ur comin from. when someone says that to me,I just feel like i want to kick them in the balls,even if i was mad