Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Media Just HAS To Ruin The Image Of Everything, Doesn't It?

There is this commercial where some girl falls asleep on a white couch and then wakes up worried she... Ahem... Made a mess.
Then she remembers she wearing X brand of feminine towel.

There is another magazine add where a tampon or towel is compared to a baby's diaper.

Who else thinks men came up with these ad campaigns?

Who else thinks they're beastly?

Alright now, show of hands, who here thinks the guys who came up with these add campaigns are somehow related to the cretins who design bras?
(Although, they're not entirely at fault. What simpleton hires a man to design women's underwear? Honestly.)
Anyway, back to toiletries.

What happened to the nicer ads?

Wait a minute, there's no such thing as the nicer ads.

They're all crap.

There's the diaper ones, the "brand X is more absorbant than brand Y... We even poured blue slime over them to prove it!", the "cotton-y feel" bull crap, the one where she's not comfortable bending over in yoga, and-
Who the hell cares.

I'll tell you what these companies should do, and I'm quoting a good friend:
"Absolutely nothing. We know to buy tampons and towels without hearing it on the damn TV. Like with comdoms and tissue-paper."

It's not that I think anyone should be ashamed of their period.
Periods are (hypothetically) beautiful.
I just think the way they're portrayed on TV is disgusting:

Woman: "Go away, perverted co-worker."
Perverted co-worker: "Fuck you, you bitch! What are you, PMSing?"

Someone shoot him.
Comedy my ass.

"نزول الدوره شيء جميل..رائع"

-أبله كوثر



sexy cow said...

why dont they use RED slime instead of BLUE?
o why do ppl expect us to cringe in shame whenever we come upon hathi el commercials?
a9lan why do they show it on Ramadhan bwagt 6ash ma 6ash?
ta5allof, dont u think?
I ALSO think periods are beautiful ♥

the psych student said...

I'm a guy and I actually help produce these "beastly" tampon commercials. I'm taking your critiques into consideration. We've had a lot of similiar complaints mostly from men.

Shy said...

I always get slightly embarrassed when a tampon ad comes on and I'm with the wrong person in the room

!n$@n!tY said...

LOL. I don't really know the intricacies of the process, so I can't really critisize. All I know is that blood is somehow involved. Alot of blood. And your boobies hurt. Sometimes.

Anonymous said...

periods are disgusting, just proves that god is a guy and hates women, haha losers

Anonymous said...

The Psych Student:
So now you're a guy? didn't you say in the previous post you have some nice purple shoes? hmm... interesting. Caught you on a lie?

Abu Sinan said...

Ever notice that they come on at the worst times? The last thing I want to think about when I am eating dinner is a dirty tampoon or a poopy diaper.

the psych student said...

nuri: lol I was just joking.

Anonymous said...

no wonder why guys are in control of marketing tampons, look at most of the's guys

Baroque said...

hahaha! loved this..
and yeah i agree fully, + notice how when those ads go on, the air becomes tense?

hehe and whats up with that stupid women smiling at the camera and just discussing her love for "always".. no one loves "always" its a means to sheild a horrible monthly pain , not anyone sane anywayz..

kay said...

Gosh, who would have thought a few tampons commercials could make the 'air become tense'. Losers.

Jón Frímann said...

All ads are crap...becose they are ads. Sound true enugh for me.

Baroque said...

GOD! what kind of commentators do u attract?


allah iy3eenich..

kay said...

You told me to F**K OFF 'cause I'm not bothered by tampon commercials?
I don't have a telly I don't watch commercials and I'm 29. When I was a teenager my periods embarrassed me but it really is a growing up thing

ren_crow said...

ugggh gross!!


Baroque said...

no tv.. okay now i pity u, and since u were not burdened with civilization like the rest of us, i'll just ignore u :D

kay said...

because TV is the hight of fucking civilisation.
What really gets me about this is you are not bothered by that truly horrible comment annonymous left about god hating women but you want to enter into dialogue with me because I don't care about tampon commercials.
The whole thing smacks of misogomy.