Thursday, October 05, 2006

Saudi Television Is Becoming Controversial. Finally.

Am I the only one who is happy our social problems have been put on "display for the world to see" on Tash-ma-tash? ( a Saudi Ramadhan TV show)

When will we understand that nobody cares about our moronic social problems?
People think they're funny. Franky, if I didn't have to deal with them on a daily basis, I'd think they're fuckin' hillarious!
I'm talking about the Hay'a, the sexism, and the tribal hang-ups.

No, I don't think I'm being un-patriotic by enjoying this "embarrassment." I think everyone else is being un-patriotic by continuing to practice or support the afore mentioned issues. I don't usually know how most people think, but isn't being sexist and thinking you're better than everyone because your great-great-great (x 298) grandfather belonged to some tribe considered the true embarrassment to your country?

And no, I don't think talking about our problems makes them worse. Sure, on Tash, they're mostly making fun, but atleast they're getting people talking! After that one episode we talked about the tribal issues at the dinner table! We all got to express our outrage at what's hapening! It was glorious!
Only when we communicate will we begin to resolve our issues.

This year Tash has exceeded my expectations.
Sure, I didn't expect much in the first place, and they didn't really deliver anything spectacular, but I am grateful to them for bringing up important issues.
I only hope they're not put off by negative feedback.



nibaq said...

Tash is amazing. It is the only Ramadan show I am watching cause it is entertaining and something we all can relate not just in Saudi but in the Arab world.

One episode I really enjoyed the episode where they divide the city to 2 halves, one for males, the other for females. It really shows how extremists can take over a discussion and take away with it reason and logic.

Oh and how Erhabee Academy started was all serious and really to the point then they end with it that wonderful bang at the end.

I really hope they release it on DVD and with English subtitles so the rest of the world can see what we are dealing with and also laughing about so they can join in instead of pointing fingers in confusion.

Madhatter said...

If people are talkin abt these issues and discussin it then i guess its a good sign. I believe we have to change our own thinking before we xpect others to. First ourselves, then our families then the broader community

Roba said...

I totally agree.
Zaman, like, 10 years ago or something, I used to think that Tash was absolutely shitty, and it was, but today, they're getting gutsy and actually covering stuff that matter, and I'm watching it every day!
They are sucky actors though..

HEROINE said...

I can't watch tash ma tash here, I wish I was after reading what you guys wrote.

yeah, some issues have to be highlighted, we all know they exist though, I just the views change.

Good one Uber.

HEROINE said...

I just hope the views change ...

Thats what I was trying to say up there.

Abu Sinan said...

Tash ma tash has been really funny! It is funny to see people make fun of their own social issues.

We have been sitting around watching it as a family any we all think it is pretty funny.

Sewmouse said...

Back in the early to mid 1900's it was taboo to talk about social problems in many western countries.

"Oh, those things do not happen HERE" people would say.

But if you go back, and you read newspapers or diaries, you find out that "those things" happened back then also. They just were not as widely known. Nothing was done about them, because only a very few people knew about them.

Now the entire world knows - and the problems were being addressed and attempts made to fix them.

sexy cow said...

today's episode sucked, YOU JINXED IT!

Huda said...

I wish I could see this program I've been hearing so much about - tell them to go with the idea of the english subtitles and I'll personally distribute it to every clueless individual over here in Canada! (err...I might need a lot of copies.)

I'd be very interested to see them divide a city with men on one side and women on the other - both here in the west, then compare it to that of arabia. And openly televise the differences, the positives, the negatives, what's typical and what's not and why.

I'd love to see some stereotypes destroyed, wouldn't you?
Not to mention see some solutions to some pretty big problems.

You have tribal issues...but here we have such an individualistic society that you're on your own. Neither one is right, in my opinion, but how to fix it?

Like I said, I'd love to see the program, I think it's very good that they're even addressing it - joking or otherwise - because once that begins, typically it goes in a domino effect. Whoever said that years ago those issues weren't addressed here was completely correct - it's taken a lonnng time for some societal issues to really come to light, and it's still an on-going process. You have the ability over there to make changes, and it all begins with talking.

the psych student said...

Thinking they are better than others because their grandfather was from a respected tribe is a form of closet narcissism I think. They bask in the glow of a person or group they view as great and superior.

Anonymous said...

Saudi bloggers (etc) made the BBC news:

Twix said...

Tash is great. I really enjoy watching it. Its probably the only ramadan show that I actually make an effort to watch.

Abu Sinan said...

Did you see the one the other night about Limos? lol

Jón Frímann said...

You actually worry about what did happen more then 500 years ago ? Where I come from we never rember anything more then two weeks at the time. What did happen 500 years ago doesnt matter, in fact, most pepole don't care what did happen 500 years ago.

Unless you live in a Saudi Arabia or other country obsessed with the past on a unhealty level.