Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nope. Still Can't Properly Open Ketchup Packets.

I feel I've become more self conscious and inhibited.
For example, anything I think is worth blogging about turns into a 'no one wants to hear about that!'-type internal dialogue minutes later.
Like right now, I'm thinking: What are you typing? No one wants to read about your insecurities.

I'm afraid this is all I've got for the moment.

Today there was a piece in the paper about a mufti denouncing "faking one's virginity."

Last week there was another one talking about how women should not be allowed to go on the internet without a male guardian present.

It amazes me how these people handle issues of this magnitude with such grace.
I mean, really?
That's what you want to talk about?

What will it take for these people to wake up?
It's not cute anymore.

Saudis will get me on this;

Why is everyone in this country so angry about the Dubai metro?

I know we're jealous of the progress the UAE has made, but really we need to stop hating.