Friday, September 28, 2007

We Don't Have Gay People in Saudi Arabia Either, By The Way...

Things that annoy me:

1. People who stand around and hold long conversations in cramped hallways and doorways.
Or one day, I will poke you in the eye.

2. Nimr Bin 3Adwan. Did he, or did he not, shoot his wife? Make up your damn minds, historians.

3. Khalid Hossieni. What a cheese ball.
The Kite Runner is mediocre at best. All this guy does is give you a character that is all-good, and then suddenly he has him murdered, and there you are, crying, thinking you're reading a 'touching' story, when really he is only toying with your emotions and making you cry to fool you into thinking his book is good.
I don't understand what the deal is with this overrated crap people call literature.
I am completely against literary snobbery, and I literally will read anything, but if you're gonna over-hype something, atleast make it good.

4. People (*cough*al3awa6'i*cough*) who have a whole hour of television air-time, and instead of directing fellow Muslims' gazes towards the less fortunate, (which is, you know, the whole point of fasting..) they spend their hour whining about homosexuality.
There have always been, and there will always be homosexuals on this earth. Get over it.
I don't understand how these people can bear to live with themselves.
You have an hour on television where you can talk to people about whatever you want, and you get people who will trust, and even blindly follow, your advice. Can you imagine having that sort of power?
I mean, this is a huge responsibility. And apparently these people have no sense of its gravity.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't think Allah will punish us for not exterminating the faggotry. I think God will punish the people who get an hour of television to address the richest Muslims in the world and waste it on hating the gays, when there are people in Somalia who have nothing to break their fast.
There are people in Saudi Arabia who have nothing to break their fast! And instead of helping them, we waste our money on shopping for green articles of clothing to wear on the national day.
You know, to celebrate our love for our country.
Love for our country my a**. (It's Ramadan and I will not swear <3.)

Give to the poor. They're f***ing starving.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ramadan Kareem!

I really wanted this to be a happy Ramadan post.
I really did.

But somehow, my fellow Muslims have found a way to make me angry. Again.

First of all I need to announce to the world (and not for the first time,) that I love the Shea.
I am outraged at how some Sunnis treat them.

There are rumours that the Shea think they can get to heaven by killing a Sunni, and that they only befriend Sunnis to "convert" them..
These rumours are false.
I know a few Shiite girls, and they are quite pleasant at worst.
In fact, when we are assigned group work in class, I try very hard to make sure I work with only Shiite girls.
They are incredibly dedicated, they take their work seriously, they work hard and they are always on time. In addition to them being polite, and an absolute joy to be around.
Many of the Sunni girls I have worked with turned out to be the exact opposite.
What is strange is that the Sunni girls feel superior to the Shea.

And now, I think, here comes Ramadan. A month when all of the Muslims in the world forget about their petty differences and focus on how the hungry and the poor suffer.
We will all unite, be respectful of each other, and for this one holy month, try to pretend to be nice.

But who needs nice?
Being rude and disrespectful is much more bad ass.

Apparently there is a Kuwaiti show that will air in Ramadan, the month of peace, that criticizes the Shea.

I start to type something to follow the previous sentence, but I keep erasing it.
I am so livid, I cannot put it into words.

I love the Shea. I love all Muslims.
In fact, I love all human beings.
No one is superior to anyone else.
I just wish we could all compromise and stop killing each other.
You think I am being naive.
Fine, I'll give you that.

But just for this month, people, be nice. To everyone!:
The annoying neighbors whose guests double park in front of your car.
The cleaning lady at school (a smile and a thank you would suffice, you have no idea how rarely these people get them.)
Your family.
Your pets.
And last but not least, let us not forget the people whom Ramadan was meant to remind us of: The needy.

Try being nice, just for Ramadan. See how it changes you, and when it does, maybe then we can call a truce with our Shea brothers and sisters.

And it will be totally sexy.


P.S. If you write anything hateful about the Shea in the comments section, I will delete it.
I will not tolerate hatefulness in Ramadan.

Monday, September 03, 2007

And We're Back

I have recently begun keeping a promise I made to myself a very long time ago. I told myself I would always be completely honest with everyone.
Not because I wanted to better myself, or anything. Keeping up with the list of what lie you told who is exhausting work.

Anyway, honest answers is what I must always give, even when asked about something that I have very different opinions on than most of the "moral" majority.

And you know what?
I hate when people give me looks like they think I'm either out of my mind, or on the "kuffar's" side.
I hate when I am treated or spoken to like some kind of closeted atheist or something. I hate it.

I think most people who adhere to what is commonly called "Islam" (and what I openly call "farce") are either very naive, or just plain stupid. They listen to what this sheikh said about so and so, and what that sheikh thinks about such and such, without ever thinking that maybe they should form their own opinion on the matter.
I think people rely far too much on others some unknown entity (certainly not God) deemed knowledgeable, without ever questioning or thinking for themselves. I have said this 4897532097 times (okay, maybe four times): I think we have been blessed with the ability to think for a reason, and that reason is not to blindly follow some body else's instruction on religion.

It baffles me how I am considered lacking real Iman, when it is I who refuses to hand over my faith to a random "sheikh" by mimicking his opinions on everything.

So yeah, I think people who blindly follow these sheikhs are either naive or stupid, but I do not make them feel inferior. I don't look at them like they have some sort of disease. I am polite, and I answer all of their questions without ever criticizing their choices or saying anything mean.

I just don't understand why they think I don't deserve the same courtesy.