Monday, September 03, 2007

And We're Back

I have recently begun keeping a promise I made to myself a very long time ago. I told myself I would always be completely honest with everyone.
Not because I wanted to better myself, or anything. Keeping up with the list of what lie you told who is exhausting work.

Anyway, honest answers is what I must always give, even when asked about something that I have very different opinions on than most of the "moral" majority.

And you know what?
I hate when people give me looks like they think I'm either out of my mind, or on the "kuffar's" side.
I hate when I am treated or spoken to like some kind of closeted atheist or something. I hate it.

I think most people who adhere to what is commonly called "Islam" (and what I openly call "farce") are either very naive, or just plain stupid. They listen to what this sheikh said about so and so, and what that sheikh thinks about such and such, without ever thinking that maybe they should form their own opinion on the matter.
I think people rely far too much on others some unknown entity (certainly not God) deemed knowledgeable, without ever questioning or thinking for themselves. I have said this 4897532097 times (okay, maybe four times): I think we have been blessed with the ability to think for a reason, and that reason is not to blindly follow some body else's instruction on religion.

It baffles me how I am considered lacking real Iman, when it is I who refuses to hand over my faith to a random "sheikh" by mimicking his opinions on everything.

So yeah, I think people who blindly follow these sheikhs are either naive or stupid, but I do not make them feel inferior. I don't look at them like they have some sort of disease. I am polite, and I answer all of their questions without ever criticizing their choices or saying anything mean.

I just don't understand why they think I don't deserve the same courtesy.



Stephen said...

Good point. But it's good to turn to a person of knowledge if you don't know something. If I hear something that doesn't seem right to me I always ask for the source of Hadeeth or verse

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Irshad Manji? Check out her website, a lot of the stuff she says is so similar...

kay said...

Hi Uber, glad you're back. Hope you had a good holiday and kept nice and cool.

Anonymous said...

...a pity you shall never know what it is like to live a life with a family that wants and loves you...perhaps you women of the middle east should organize a mass suicide together, and free yourselves of your miseries.

Don Cox said...

In my opinion there are two rules: 1. Be kind 2. Be honest. The first rule comes first, and it is often unkind to be absolutely honest. Some people get very unhappy if you argue against their beliefs, because they don't feel safe without them. Stating your opinions strongly can be unkind.____Just a thought.

Jason said...

These folks have been trained to be religious robots from the time they were in diapers. They don't know any other way to be. For them, thinking independently is felt to be extremely dangerous and a crime against God. So it's no wonder they cling to and blindly follow others supposedly in the know.

They don't think you deserve the same courtesy because in their minds you have disrespected them and their beliefs. They are simply getting back at you for this insult.

kay said...

How gay does anon have to be to want all women to kill themselves?

Would that eliminate the competition anon? You'd be able to get any boy you wanted without all those pesky girls steeling his eye.

Anyway, I was actually writing about something else. The lack of respect paid to people with slightly different points of view. Yes it is absurd. To me it sometimes seems followers of Islam get extra upset at people with different beliefs to their own. I used to know a family who mocked their neighbours because they were Hindu. 'How can there be more than one god' they would ask again and again. As if it mattered to them what their neighbours believed in the privacy of their own heads.

On a different subject it annoys me this comments box underlines British spelling in red. Like colour and neighbour.

Anonymous said...

It’s just that we are taught not to question, or debate any religious idea, or religious rulings, from the time we were in grade school. And we are not talking here about the pillars of Islam, we are talking about minor things, right away, your teachers, or your parents shut you down. You grow up, with a lot of whys, and not a lot of answers, and you are not questioning God here, you are questioning people interpretations of things.

Hala said...

it doesn't make sense how most saudis equate forming your own opinion and doing the noodle dance with disbelief