Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ramadan Kareem!

I really wanted this to be a happy Ramadan post.
I really did.

But somehow, my fellow Muslims have found a way to make me angry. Again.

First of all I need to announce to the world (and not for the first time,) that I love the Shea.
I am outraged at how some Sunnis treat them.

There are rumours that the Shea think they can get to heaven by killing a Sunni, and that they only befriend Sunnis to "convert" them..
These rumours are false.
I know a few Shiite girls, and they are quite pleasant at worst.
In fact, when we are assigned group work in class, I try very hard to make sure I work with only Shiite girls.
They are incredibly dedicated, they take their work seriously, they work hard and they are always on time. In addition to them being polite, and an absolute joy to be around.
Many of the Sunni girls I have worked with turned out to be the exact opposite.
What is strange is that the Sunni girls feel superior to the Shea.

And now, I think, here comes Ramadan. A month when all of the Muslims in the world forget about their petty differences and focus on how the hungry and the poor suffer.
We will all unite, be respectful of each other, and for this one holy month, try to pretend to be nice.

But who needs nice?
Being rude and disrespectful is much more bad ass.

Apparently there is a Kuwaiti show that will air in Ramadan, the month of peace, that criticizes the Shea.

I start to type something to follow the previous sentence, but I keep erasing it.
I am so livid, I cannot put it into words.

I love the Shea. I love all Muslims.
In fact, I love all human beings.
No one is superior to anyone else.
I just wish we could all compromise and stop killing each other.
You think I am being naive.
Fine, I'll give you that.

But just for this month, people, be nice. To everyone!:
The annoying neighbors whose guests double park in front of your car.
The cleaning lady at school (a smile and a thank you would suffice, you have no idea how rarely these people get them.)
Your family.
Your pets.
And last but not least, let us not forget the people whom Ramadan was meant to remind us of: The needy.

Try being nice, just for Ramadan. See how it changes you, and when it does, maybe then we can call a truce with our Shea brothers and sisters.

And it will be totally sexy.


P.S. If you write anything hateful about the Shea in the comments section, I will delete it.
I will not tolerate hatefulness in Ramadan.


Anonymous said...

As a Muslim convert, I think your comment on the Shea is really fair but unfortunately many people in Muslim countries do not think like you. I am married to a Shea husband and I am sometimes asked by nosy people which sect I belong to. Because my husband is Shea, Sunni people suspect I am Shea (I live in a place where 90% of Muslims are Sunnni), while Shea people like his friends hope to hear that I am Shea. I always say “I am neither Shea nor Sunnni. I am Muslim and that is what matters to me.” I know many of them are not happy to hear my answer but I am comfortable with the way I am and I will keep it this way.

Stephen said...

Ramadan Mubarak :)

sexy cow said...

i love them too :)

eshda3wa said...

allah ykather min amthalich

law a few more ppl think like u chan eldinya eb khair

taqo said...

Kil 3am O entu b5eeeyyr.

Let's stab all of this unnecessary hate in the ear! :p Seriously.

Don Cox said...

"What is strange is that the Sunni girls feel superior to the Shea.
Baffling."____I think the Sunni-Shia division is partly a class/economic division, like the castes in India.

Anonymous said...

The problem is uber has not seen the other side of the coin, have you read many of their literature, I'm talking here the shitte of Iran, and what they think of the Sunni. Their total disdain of alshaba is totally unacceptable, that sinister smile of president Ahmed Nejad is enough to give to you the chills.

boy_z3 said...

ohh...there still nice ppl in this planet :)

Ramadan kreaam n___________n

ahmed banjar said...

first of all i wana say that i really admire you're courage to post something like this and i am sure that you've deleted like dozens of comments .
i agree that the shea are a hard worker people, when i was in college the shea students were at the top od their classes .
i have a couple of shea friends and they haven't done anything to hurt me
but in the other hand i agree with anon. the one who said that there's anther side of the coin, i saw some clips on youtube of shea imams saying that they should kill the * wahabieen* although i really dont know what does the wahabieen mean .
and we can't deny that there's some sunnies hate the shea and say that they should be killed .
i think one of the main problems with the saudi people is that some of us cant accept anything deferent than what they are . they dont like new things thinking it might open the door to prohibited things and sunni ppl think of the shea as a foreign thing and the same thing for the shea ppl when i was in college i remember that the shea ppl were always together and its not easy for anyone out of the circle to get in .
anyway its not that easy issue but thxx alot for opening it. i dont feel comfortable talking about such things in real life because i am surrounded with many people that anti shea .

Jo said...

Just wanted to comment on the Kuwaiti show, it actually isn't anti-shi'a. It just happens to have a couple of story lines about "pleasure" marriages and how they're abused, but the shi'a in Kuwait made a big deal about it, claiming that it'll cause a bigger rift between the sunni and shi'a. I actually think that's a load of bull. If "pleasure" marriages are abused then why not criticize them as is done with "misyar" marriages.

Anonymous said...

Because the so-called "Pleasure" marriage is more like a religious sanctioned prostitution, and it's actually legitimate in the shitte sect. it can be as short as couple of hours, and they don’t want that out in the open. While the "misyar' marriage" meet most of the normal marriage requirement. Mind you I don't approve of either one.

Yamato Girl 大和ガール said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yamato Girl 大和ガール said...

o anonymous:
Will you please tell me what you mean by "most of the normal marriage requirement"?? I would like to know the difference between Shiia's pleasure marriage and misyar marriage.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how you could live in a part of the world that is littered with violence, hate, close-mindedness and utter abuse. Please tell me, what inspires you to wake up everyday knowing that your life isn't worthwhile? I am curious.

Anonymous said...

@Yamato Girl:

1.In "Pleasure marriages" the length of time is already predetermined; where the couple stay together for a week, a month, or as little as couple of hours.
2. The rule of divorce is not applicable as in a normal marriage, where the marriage in null and void as soon as the predetermined period expires.
3. There is no "eda" involves the mandatory period where the wife must observes after she gets divorce. And the wife doesn't have any inheritance rights.
4. There are not limits of the number of the pleasure wife a man can have, and he is not restricted to four as in normal marriage situation.
5. Witnesses, or the "wali" (girl's guardian"), are not part of the requirement for "pleasure marriage". The husband doesn't have to provide legal resident, or provide for his wife.

And that’s the only thing the two marriages have in common, where the husband doesn't have to provide legal resident or provide for his wife.

So you can see the so called pleasure marriage clearly doesn't meet any of the common marriage requirement and many of the main stream Islamic scholars have went as far as forbidding it, "almisyar' marriage meet most of the requirement and a fatwa was issued allowing it.

Ali said...

Ramadan Kareem to you as well. Thanks for your kind and fair words about Shia.

Hope my brothers Saudis will understand one day that Shia is just a regular people and they are not aliens from Mars. There is no reason to fear them or believe in non-true publications broadcasted by people full of hatred.

Hope you all enjoy this holy month.

Ali. said...

its sick how they all hate each other... they sit and kill each other and then they wonder why islam is becoming weaker by the day and there isnt a "muslim nation" anymore

Anonymous said...

You're a retard ubergirl.