Friday, October 13, 2006

The Denmark Archives

Oooh the Pope said something mean about Muslims!
Let's all sit around and pout!

For fuck's sake.
Why is it that people only pay attention to what the Pope (or the Dutch) say(s) when it's going to offend us? We couldn't care less what they think otherwise.

Honestly, who cares what anyone thinks of Arabs or Muslims.
I mean, people who think anything at all are automatically racist (or generalizing). Not that we should care, though.

Think about it. No-one started 'randomly' searching white American men at airports after the Oklahoma bombing.
No-one thinks 'opressed' when they see a Japanese woman in her traditional Kimono.

Why is the 9/11 attack any different than Oklahoma? Why is a Kimono any different than a Hijab?

The next time someone asks whether you know any terrorists after you tell them you're Saudi or Muslim or Arabic, don't try to clear anything up or 'salvage' our reputation.
When some cartoonist makes fun of our Prophet, don't pay any attention to it.
We know you love him.... It's probably why you choose to follow his risala.
There is no need to shout your loyalty off roof tops, unless ofcourse, you feel the need to prove something...

Our Prophet (pbuh) has clearly demonstrated that mockery should not be met with outrage. Al-Rasool chose to ignore mockery, didn't he?
Why do some Muslims today continuously give attention (and, consequently, further media coverage and exposure) to it?
Do Muslims today feel that Al-Rasool's method was perhaps... Not good enough for them?
I doubt it.

We love our Prophet, and Islam is definitely not a laughing matter, that's a given. We do not need to further clarify (nor get angry about) anthing.
Terrorists come in all shapes, sizes, colors and nationalities. Hate manifests itself in many things.
We (Arabs, Muslims) do not need to justify ourselves or give excuses.
If you think we're hateful or primitive, we shouldn't care.
If you don't think "we" are anything, if you think humans are idividuals and generalizing and discriminating against people according to race or religion is as logical as discriminating against people who own blue umbrellas and enjoy collecting nail clippings, then your brain is fantastical.

Help me channel our fellow Muslim's fruitless frustration into something more productive, like, getting Somalia out of the little rut it's in. You know, it can't be a lot of fun being the most poverty-stricken country in the world.
I actually believe Somalia needs more attention than Denmark and, yes, even the Pope.

I'm evil, you see.



ghreer said...

i really like the way you think.

sexy cow said...

me too.

Anonymous said...

ahh this world we live in, it's funny. lord jesus, prophet mohammed, and the moses should all unite and combat evil with there super powers, they'll be called the triple threat, i'm thinking moses will be the comedian, jesus will be the sensitive heart throb, and mohammed will be the wise one of the group but secretly jealous of jesus and moses. watch them as they battle the thousand idols, or buddaha and his merely queer gang...

Nuri said...
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Nuri said...

"No-one started 'randomly' searching white American men at airports after the Oklahoma bombing"
You're right, but McVeigh didn't have a network of terrorists. It was him alone, right? Bin Laden does have this network, apparently, and uses religion as a tool.
"No-one thinks 'opressed' when they see a Japanese woman in her traditional Kimono". I wouldn't be so sure about that. I bet some would think she is. And the thing is, there are no kimonos on the streets of Europe. So we don't really get the chance to "think" about them. They would definately be an oddity.

Anonymous said...

Nuri is right, Bin Laden and his bloody henchmen bombed the fucking towers. Thank god they're only searching us, and not doing anything more. Are they at felt for being weary of who goes into their countries, we fucked up.

Out of my box;-) said...

I say we vote UberG for President... President of this tiny small village we call World!

Cheers :-)

Anonymous said...

out of my box, are you like some sort of sick pervert that's trying to hit on a little girl? not finding much pussy in saudi?

Nuri said...

I forgot one thing, though: you're right, you don't have to apologize for anything that someone did just because you happen to share the same nationality or religion

taqo said...

Well said !

kay said...

This is old news. The pope apologised for his statement days after he originally made it about 2 weeks ago. Most Catholics don't even care what the pope says (re. birth control) so why do Muslim's get so upset? I don't get it. Ignore him! Why do you care what he thinks? Besides he apologised!!

I disagree with Uber on one thing though, comparing a kimono to a Hijabab is apples and oranges. A kimono is a beautiful garment and makes the woman look amazing.

Also, like Nuri says Kimon's are an oddity. Since 9/11 Muslim girls wearing head to toe black with veils covering their faces is pretty common.

People do think Japanese women are oppressed too. Especially in their very traditional roles. We think American women are oppressed as well! It's just a question of degree. Not being able to work as a top executive in male dominated feild of work is one thing. Not being able to drive or go out in the baking heat without wearing black is another.

Anonymous said...

Kay some find the kimono beautiful, while others find the hijab beautiful; matter of taste.

kay said...

Well hijab can be sexy with the girl in the vail and everything but the everyday hijab you see on the streets of East London is not beautiful - believe.

Anonymous said...

oh i believe, yet it's a personal choice, just as someone choosing to cover their arms and neck with tats, not everyone finds it appealing but that doesn't mean he shouldn't get him/her self some tats because it doesn't meet some people's eyes as appealing.

A Daydreamer said...

very well-said!

Huda said...

Nicely put, uber. Occasionally I find myself nodding with your line of thinking. (isn't that big of me?)

I was going to point out something though, that a few others who have commented here also mentioned.

Japanese women ARE seen as being oppressed, very much so. Actually, women all over the world are seen in this light, to varying degrees.

And we don't see kimono's here often - but hijab/niqaab, this is seen here. (Saudi doctors come here to Vancouver to do their specialties. With them come their families, plus we have our own little niqaabi groups here)

It's the visibility that prompts the media attention, I believe. Having to wear all-black in harsh heat, with the stereotypical view of the angry arab storming in front of her while she meekly follows is a known known stereotype that portrays muslim women as being particularily oppressed.

The way some muslims behave in terms of these cartoons, remarks etc reminds me of the flaming homo's out on gay pride day here in Vancouver. You *can* live out your faith as a muslim without demanding that everyone else be as passionate as you are about it. This IS possible. By simply living as muslims - unapologetic in our ways, but taking to heart the true islamic mannerisms that are supposed to be in existence - namely caring, compassionate, giving etc.

How about people focus more on their own actions than doing this "my penis is bigger than yours" mentality.

I'm gonna go call up a somali friend.

KLEENEX™ said...

nice la tflleen'ha wajid bil politics :P..((btw it's my first comment on ur blog :)))

Derek said...

I agree with much of the above. The Kimono looks amazing and is very beautiful, the hijab basically looks ugly. Some muslim guys will to try to convince themselves that it looks good because they think Islam wants them to say that - but what them and you're see they check out the girls who show the hair more.

To those who say covering looks good - I'm not muslim but pretty sure the whole point it NOT to look good, hence reduce sexual temptation.

I think that muslim get mad about nothing (pope statements) simply because that is what they are best at, getting mad. When you have more important things to accomplish in life, you don't have time for that kind of stuff. In many countries those people are poor and ignorant so better chances of employment and education are the way to go to stop future ignorant and totally ironic outbreaks of violence (you want to show me your prophet wasn't violent by burning my house down?).

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wear Kimono when I am invited to my friends' wedding receptions and sometimes I wear a normal western dress. We can choose what we want to wear. This may be different from Hijab, which you are forced to wear when going out. Someone said it is just the matter of taste and I agree to it to some extent because I am one of those who often find Abaya and Hijab so beautiful and I once tried wearing them in the Emirates. But still again, I could choose to wear them or not. YUKA

Madhatter said...

The problem is that muslims have become the village idiot in the global village.A once advanced and powerful nation is being kicked from pillar to post. This obviously causes frustration amongst muslims, so when our religion is attacked by whomever the response is one of frustration which naturally is in the xtreme.
Yes there should be responses when ppl attack our prophet but it should be done in a dignified manner.If a comment is made by the POPE which is one of the highest religious authorities in the christian religion he should be put on his place for making such ignamorous statements. The best responses would also be to show others the beauty of Islam by practising it correctly which is a dawah in itself - sorry for the long post ;)

Anonymous said...

The hijab/burka (whichever is the one that covers the whole body) is creepy.

HEROINE said...

good going.

kay said...

Ubergirl, did the KSA media only report what the pope had said without reporting his apology. Or did they report the apology as well? Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

"No-one started 'randomly' searching white American men at airports after the Oklahoma bombing".

You're 100% right on this, Ubergal.

"No-one thinks 'opressed' when they see a Japanese woman in her traditional Kimono".

Ahemmm... Never read Memoires of a Geisha?

When it comes to women, American men tend to claim "oppressed" anyone who doesn't wear western clothes. And to fantasize about it.

Abu Sinan said...

There are a network of right wing white terrorists in Europe and the USA. They just found a right wing white guy with a HUGE amount of chemicals used to make bombs. Of course it didnt make the media almost at all.

I had to laugh when you say people ask you if you know terrorists because you are Saudi. My wife says they always ask her if she owns an oil well.

I was questioned once by British detectives because I was "spending too much time in Northern Ireland." They even asked me if I had met IRA terrorists.

I told them "yeah, they come up to me in the mall, bar or store and say 'hey, my name is Sean and I with the Irish Republican Army."

These people are idiots.

Sewmouse said...

It really does stink to be stereotyped, doesn't it?

"Death to America!"

After the Oklahoma City bombings, there had been sufficient numbers of witnesses who reported seeing a white male fleeing the scene that the police and FBI were able to find, prosecute and convict Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice.

Yes, the police and FBI in that case DID "profile" white males. It's good police work.

"The Great Satan...."

I'm just an accountant, I go to work each day, I go home and feed my cats and care for my aging father. It doesn't concern me whether the people in Saudi Arabia worship Allah, Buddha, or small purple gumdrops.

"Kill Americans wherever you find them..."

The lady across the alleyway from my house wears hijab. I give her extra tomatoes from my garden. She gives me aubergines.

"Jihad. You will have no choice, you will turn to Islam, or you will be killed by the sword"

It goes both ways - and until one group decides to stop it, it will escalate...

And those of us who wish to live in peace with all others will be the ones to suffer most.

the psych student said...

During the violent protests that erupted over the Danish cartoons CNN had a whole bunch of Saudi Arabian cartoons that routinely appear in their papers showing Jews drinking Arab children's blood and worse. No one in Israel protests or burns down buildings when they appear.

Anonymous said...

If we keep turning the other cheek, very soon we are going to run out of cheeks to turn. While I'm not advocating violent protest, we should engage them intellectually; we should at least try to correct their misconception about Islam. I mean if someone going around school saying your father is an embezzler, and a money launderer, I don't think you would go around pretending it did not happen, if you do, very soon the whole neighborhood will start to believe it, so you can't pretend the problem doesn't exist, and you have to face it head on.

Anonymous said...


"Jihad. You will have no choice, you will turn to Islam, or you will be killed by the sword"

where the hell did u get that quote

Anonymous said...

creepy. muslims think [their] oppressed. mabye they should go back home.

mido said...

Very nice uber. very well said.


ubergirl87 said...

Firstly, Al-Quaeda is not the only terrorist organization around. It is currently the most fashionable, though.
Blame everything on Al-Qaeda. It saves everyone a hell of a lot of time.
If that becomes tiring you always have "Al-Quaeda INSPIRED" to fall back on.
Secondly, even if Al-Qaeda is responsible for half of the things it is accused of, (I am not saying it is innocent of anything, mind you) I still don't understand why I, a 17 year old girl (at the time) was asked to take my shoes off at the airport IN AUSTRIA for a "random" search.
I also don't understand why I was given trouble at Heathrow, either. The London Bombers are all British. If you want to look at ethnicity, they're Pakistani (not saying they should be discriminated against, I'm just stating facts), they were all males. The only thing I, my brother, my cousin, or the boy who lives next door have in commmon with the London bombers or Al-Qaeda is religion. On paper.
What is it then, that gives anyone the right to say they're "protecting their country" by searching Arabs and barely letting them in their country in the first place? (And to say that Arabs should stay in their own countries isn't logical. Human beings move around.)
Am I being searched because I'm Arabic? Because I'm Muslim? Because I'm not white?
Wait... Why the hell am I being searched in the first place? I've never killed anything! I've never commited a crime!
"Well, ubergirl that one terrorist was sort of brownish and Muslim.... You might have something to do with him."
I wonder why no one thinks white Germans are racialists.

Thirdly, A Kimono is just as beautiful and colorful as a TRADITIONAL Arabic Jalabiya/Hijab combo. I'm not talking about Abaya.
And though this is not my point, never have I heard a Kimono being called anything but beautiful in the media.

parallel said...


9/11 was different from Oklahoma City because millions of muslims rejoiced in the former, and many children were named Osama thereafter. Young muslim men were randomly searched at airports because Osama said he had 10,000 such young men ready to repeat the attack, and in fact there have been many attacks by other muslim terrorists.

The hijab or the burkha are different from the kimono because women have been threatened or killed to force them to wear the former, in several parts of the world: Iran, Afghanistan, Paris. Another difference is that no-one has sued anyone to be allowed to wear a kimono (instead of the school uniform, say).


Sewmouse said...

Straight out of the news, "anonymous". "Al-Queda in Iraq" has vowed this. According to them, Islam will take over the entire world, and those who do not submit will be subject to increased taxation and forced to convert or die.

This is the picture Americans have of arab muslims. Beheading journalists doesn't help the image.

Uber, I'm a 50 year old white female, I live in Chicago, and I have to take off my very flat, no-heel shoes if I wish to board an airliner here. I don't know what they do in Austria, but here, it's equal-opportunity "oppression" if you want to fly anymore. You can thank your countryman Osama bin Laden for that.

I used to be able to walk my friends and family to their gate and then stay and wave to them as they left. I used to be able to meet them as they came out of the jetway into the airport. That all changed on 9/11/01.

And it angers me.

Nuri said...

"Al-Quaeda is not the only terrorist organization around. It is currently the most fashionable"

Right, but certainly the bloodiest. And it's the only one that regularly threatens the USA and many countries in Europe. It's not only New York. Madrid was attacked too. You might say they were mostly Moroccan... but recluted for AlQaeda
I'm sorry you are searched at airports, you have oly religion in common with those nuts. But I don't think it's so strange. Sometimes I'm asked to show the contents of my bag when I go to the supermarket. Do I make a fuss? No. I have nothing to hide, so I show them. End of the story.

That said, it's stupid to expect Saudis to pay for what Bin Laden is doing. Do Germans have to apologize for causing WWII?

Nuri said...

Abu Sinan, what network of white terrorists are you talking about? And what have they done exactly, because to my knowledge, there hasn't been a single death caused by such ?? groups

ETA is not going back to business, apparently, and neither is IRA.

Sewmouse said...

One last thing about the difference between 9/11/01 and OKC bombing.

In Oklahoma City (OKC), Timothy McVeigh used a car-bomb to destroy the Federal Building. In response to this, people entering the Federal Building are now required to park at a considerable distance from the building, and walk to the entrance, as well as submit themselves to screening for weapons. Yes, all white folk, as well as brown, black, red, yellow and green-with-purple-polkadots.

On 9/11/01, Saudi nationals boarded aircraft (without having to remove their shoes) and hijacked those planes and flew 3 of them, full of passengers, into buildings full of people. A fourth airliner was scheduled to also be used as a bomb, but the hijackers were overpowered and the plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Because of this, EVERYONE here is forced to submit to the indignities of the TSA search & seizure policies before boarding an airliner. In fact, HERE, where the hijackings actually occured, and where THOUSANDS of people lost their lives, a very stringent effort is made NOT to only profile those of Arab appearance or Islamic faith (by virtue of Hijab or other religion-identifiers)

I understand that you're not happy with being stereotyped, and that it bothers you to have to shoulder the blame for what Osama and his henchmen have done.

It also bothers me - and it bothers me that *I* have to be forced to submit to indignities as well, when it was MY country that was attacked.

Abu Sinan said...

Various white/neo nazi groups have killed dozens of people here in the USA and in Europe. The best known in the USA was "The Order".

Suicide bombs, until 9/11, were mostly done by Hindu Tamil Tigers and secular/leftist Kurds(who are now the best buds of the USA). A Christian was the first suicide bomber in Lebanon, and there have been many non Muslim suicide bombers.

Picking on people of colour is unfair, and it is stupid. The papers here report that al-Qeuda is looking for European people to do attacks.

How will they profile then?

Anonymous said...

I did not know this post was about 9/11 !!!

ubergirl87 said...

Many of you seem to be missing my point.
You cannot search Muslims or Saudis because Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi.
If you really want to ensure everyone's safety, you search them ALL.
Statements like "here, it's equal-opportunity "oppression" if you want to fly anymore. ou can thank your countryman Osama bin Laden for that." are RACIST, sewmouse.

One man goes and devotes his life to the killing of others and you blame his entire country? Honestly, some people talk like they think us being Saudi means we're all buddies with Osama. Grow up.
This is as logical as saying: I Think George Bush is a fool therefore all Americans are fools.
Or: That Frenchman smells like poo because he is French.
He is Saudi. Wht does that have to do with me?
Absolutely NOTHING.
It does not make me more likely to
commit a crime.

Here is a list of more terrorist organizations, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Army of God

Christian Gallery [2]

Freedomites (1902-present) Active in Canada, notable for their longevity

God's Army A terrorist group in

Lord's Resistance Army Christian/Pagan/Muslim terrorist group that operates in northern Uganda, it seeks to overthrow the Ugandan government and create a country based on the ten commandments.

Nagaland Rebels (1947-present) Active in predominantly Christian state in Hindu majority India. Involved in several bombings in 2004. Goal: Independence from India after annexing parts of neighboring Indian states and Burma if it has Christian majority.

National Liberation Front of Tripura (1989-present) A group that seeks the independence of Tripura from India to create a Christian Tripura.

Abu Sayyaf (1991-present; Islamist separatists; the Philippines) (A Philippino woman once told me how much suffering Abu Sayyaf has caused her family)

Kahane Chai (designated as terrorist by Israel, Eu, and USA)
Jewish Defense League [10]

Aum Supreme Truth (Aum Shinrikyo) - Japan (homicidal religious cult)

Irish National Liberation Army (1974-present)

Abkhaz Separatists - Georgia

East Turkestan Islamic Movement - Central Asia and China

Nuri said...

Yes, Ubergirl, and you forgot Sendero Luminoso. BUT, none of these groups kill.... in Europe or the United States, so... no big deal in our airports, right? Sad but true.

Sewmouse said...

Ubergirl, you seem to miss my point, and while you can shout "RACIST" to your heart's content, that still doesn't change the fact that Osama bin Laden is Saudi. Does this make ALL Saudi's psychopathic terrorist killers? No. Does it make all psychopathic terrorist killers Saudi? Obviously not.

I do not think you are a terrorist because Osama bin Laden is a terrorist. I believe you are a 19 year old girl who does not like being stereotyped.

Well, I am a 50 year old woman who does not like being stereotyped either, yet I am - there are plenty of people who believe that ALL Americans agree with George Walker Bush and voted for him.

Nothing could be further from the truth - especially in my case.

Oh - and you DID forget a few Terrorist groups, Dear.

Tamil Tigers

Just a few...

Abu Sinan said...

I think all Americans should be searched in airports outside the USA. Why? Because, as an American, realise that George Bush has killed more people than Osama Bin Laden. We have shot down airplanes, we have destroyed whole villages and wedding parties, massacred entire families, and it looks like we are well on our way to destroying an entire country.

Beware of profiling, us Americans wouldnt do so good under profiling.

Nuri said...

Abu Sinan, come on... what you say it's true but still, NO Americans threaten regularly Europe or the US. Again. So in our airports, the police search the people who fall under certain groups. And we might have become paranoid, but... after NY, London and Madrid, who wouldn't be?

Abu Sinan said...

I would say American actions, our foreign policy, actually threatens the whole world. Hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq, rumblings of attacks against Iran.

Maybe 600,000 dead in Iraq, all because of less than 3,000 dead on 9/11, when the Iraqis had nothing to do with it?

You dont view all of that as really scary? I sure do.

Sam said...

I have to agree with abu sinan. American foreign poilicy does threaten the whole world...1/40 Iraqis dead...beating around the bush about attacking Iran...cutting off Palestinians because USA has grudges agains Hamas...

The US government has instigated so much hatred and unrest in the past 5 years than I've seen in the last 50 years.

As for profiling, nations should search everyone and not just Arabs/Muslims since these days 'terrorists' come in all colors. This current system of racial profiling could easily backfire against the US and other nations because Al-Qaeda and it's allies are never short of non-Arab soldiers.

Nuri said...

You said it: "our foreign policy". That has little to do with airports and searching. And they're not just searching muslims or Arabs even though you probably get the worst part...

parallel said...


The threat against air travel comes from muslim groups and so it makes sense to search mostly those of apparent muslim background. Obviously this isn't perfect (one muslim terrorist - a convert - got through but was subdued by the passengers and crew) but it works well enough. This will go on until we have something better or the threat goes away.

Abu Sinan,

I don't believe that 650,000 figure, but even if it were true, the vast majority of Iraqi casualties are killed by other (muslim) Iraqis. I doubt whether Bush or any american wants any Iraqis or muslims to die except the terrorists, Baathists, etc. Place the blame where it belongs.

You mention a wedding party that was allegedly attacked. Assuming this is true, do you think that was deliberate? Of course not. On the other hand, muslim terrorists do deliberately attack wedding parties - one was wiped out in the Bali bombing along with 90 of my countrymen, another in Jordan last year. This is why you can't compare Bush with bin Laden and the other islamists.


Don Cox said...

"ETA is not going back to business, apparently, and neither is IRA."____In both cases there are splinter groups still active.

Don Cox said...

"I don't believe that 650,000 figure"____Nor do I. It is about ten times everyone else's estimate. It is bad enough that something like 60,000 have died in Iraq. Multiplying the figure by ten, and publishing it with all possible publicity just in time to influence US elections, is a cheap shot. It is wrong to make political capital out of that kind of suffering.____You may remember that the same magazine published a similar inflated estimate just before the previous US election.