Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's Broken


When I was younger I read (I think it was) a Sweetvalley book, and one of the girls had broken her arm and was getting chocolate bars and the remote control and nice-ness in general from everyone.
In reality, when you're 19 and not 8, no one really gives a shit about your broken pinky toe. Let alone share their damn candy.
You get a little "awww! How did it happen?" but once you tell them you were running around the house (literally) at 3 AM like a moron the look of sympathy is replaced with the 'God, I knew you'd hurt yourself being yourself one day.' face.
In other words, laughter.
And mockery in general.

Drama drama drama.

And yet, for some bewildering reason...

I'm still in love with life.

The love-struck,


Kei said...

Hmm... It seems from your posts that you do not like Saudi men. Do many Saudi women feel this way or are you an exception? Which ethnicities of men, then, do you find most attractive? Also, is it possible for a Saudi woman to marry a non-Saudi man? Sorry for asking all of these questions, but I find this to be quite interesting.

Anonymous said...

that sucks

Madhatter said...

Awww SHAME, never nice wen u break something. Well mayb u should just take control of the remote and put ur feet up and make ppl pamper u. Hope it gets better soon.

Nuri said...

Another great post. Really.

At3AM??? My family would scold me for being up running around!

Katie said...

If you hurt yourself being yourself, you get to refine your ideas of what you yourself should be (so you can have a self that avoids getting hurt in the future).

If you hurt yourself being some other way--say, the way other people want you to be--then the only better option you have is to try the alternative of being yourself. And then you're in for at least one more injury before you get to that "refining yourself" step.

Soooooo...laugh though they may, you're still one step ahead of the game.

Abu Sinan said...

It is possible for a Saudi woman to marry a foreigner. I am married to a Saudi woman, my sister in law is married to an Egyptian and lives and works in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

One must get permission from the Saudi government for such marriages, or they will not recognise it. It can also be hard to get permission from the family to marry a foreigner.

Uber-just think, it could have been worse. Doing crazy stupid stuff sometimes is what actually helps you from becoming crazy.

Have fun!

mei said...

sara salamat :)

Anonymous said...

so whats wrong with Saudi men, maybe whats wrong with Saudi men are Saudi women.....

kay said...

How did you lot get onto Saudi Men and read that Uber does 'not like Saudi men' from this blog?
Stop hyjacking Uber's blog!
This is about how she hurt her toe. We are supposed to offer sympathy.
Don't worry about those silly people who want you to change Uber. How can you? You are the only you, you can be.
Glad you are 'still in love with life.' What a great thing to read. Made me smile.

Kei said...

Abu Sinan, that is wonderful. It must be difficult to meet a Saudi woman in the first place, let alone marry one. If I had such a chance, I definitely would not pass it up.

Kay, a broken toe might hurt but a broken heart is far more painful. You just have to learn to take it like a man and continue on with life. I apologize for any breach of etiquette. Annyeong.

Black Orchid said...

Salamaaaat :(

Jasmine said...

Your last sentence gave me relief!
Most people just give up on life, for the first bad thing that happens to them, it sucks, doesn't it?
I'm not optimistic, I'm not melancholic either...
and I hope that your little cute toe heals soon.

bye-bye !

the psych student said...

Sorry about your pinky toe.

But why do you feel so good after being made to feel so bad? Any thoughts?

!n$@n!tY said...

so what the hell where you exactly doind running around at 3 am like the devil's chasin u ? =s

Bananahamic said...

Oooh,,,doze the toe have bones ? I always thought that it is like small fishes bones the one u can eat it without removing the bons,,,will i guess if i was lost in the desert with no food I'm not eating my toes 

b3deen wsho trak'9een fe an9af el lyoool sami bllah la tz3jeen ahl el ar'9 <<< ETHBAT HAWYA


Anonymous said...

How do you break your little toe? The things too tiny to ever touch any thing!

~anna~ said...

aww you poor poor thing.... it must be hurting so badly... ouch. it hurt when my toenail came off...but it be much more painful for u to break ur lil toe!!

hey i used to read those Sweetvalley books too! jessica & elizabeth.. lol. =) we're from the same era! in case u start thinking im some stalker, nah.. im just a random blog reader.

take care.. interesting blog u hav here.. hope ur toe will heal soon!

Anonymous said...

rjlk ma t7azzin, fa stop shoving it in our faces 3ala asas enno "nr7amk"

HEROINE said...

I'm so sorry to hear that uber ...

Get well soon ...

hebah said...

sorry about ur toe, on a happier note i used to love reading SV-Sweet valley books, they're brother steven was especialy funny

mido said...

hmmm i seem to have been in a coma when you posted this ... emm err .. post

well ... belated as it may be ... a million choclate bars and a nice little soft pillow for your pinky toe :)

hope u r feeling better now


mido said...


the choclate bars are for you :)