Friday, November 10, 2006

Apple are Vermin Because:

1. They claim the iPod is user-friendly, and it is marketed as such. It's so 'user friendly' that it doesn't need a proper manual. If you have any problems you can visit their damn 'user friendly' website.
The truth of the matter is, it is not at all user-friendly. It freezes on day three, and you can forget about "easily uploading all you videos!"
Unless ofcourse, you plan on purchasing all of them from the iTunes store...

2. It is overrated. And frankly, setting the shit it needs up on your computer is a pain in the ass.

3. It is overpriced.
When I first went to buy an mp3 player, I was looking for something durable, easy to use, and I wanted to be able to play videos on it (which is not going to happen anytime soon). Cost wasn't an issue, as long as it had those three things.
It doesn't.
And looking back, I think 'I payed how much!?'
I feel like a sucker. Oh, wait I am.

4. It isn't just a matter of dragging and dropping a file onto your iPod anymore. You need to "sync" it with your iPod first. All in all it takes about 30 years to do that.
Happy syncing!

5. Their website offers crap advice.
"You're done syncing... Now your iPod plays videos without audio? Tough luck.

Oh! You want a solution? Yeah, about that...

There isn't one."

Do not buy an iPod.

Apple people, I am very upset with you.



sexy cow said...


Sewmouse said...

Thank you for the advice.
I need to get a small portable MP3 player sometime soon, and this will certainly influence my decision.

(I don't need to play videos, though)

@rabian rash said...

i tend to disagree, i just bought a 30gb video ipod and am very happy with it, and itunes lets me download season 3 lost episodes, what more could you want?
but we're all entitled to our opinions, im sure there are thousands of people that would be happy to take your ipod off you, why dont you give it away if youre
not happy with it? or ebay it?

cgurl said...

I have an ipod. The music store is really over rated.

I soon learned how to use p2p to get my music for free then put it on my ipod.

All you have to do is this:

1. Go to Then download warez p2p.

2. Make sure to put the warez music folder on you desktop

3. Open itunes. Go to File. The go to Add file to Library.

That is about it.

Godfather said...

I am happy with my 30GB ipod, but the new itunes is really a bitch! I liked the older version more

ren_crow said...

I havent bothered buying an mp3 player since im still a CD player kind of guy. But to tell u the truth, the iPod really is overrated especially since there are way better mp3 players out there now. I think the real reason ppl buy it is because its been marketed as more of a "fashion statement" product. Like portable cassette players and portable Cd players before it, it has basically become the new fad.

Lausanne said...

Check this out :
I know they stole almost the EXACT Apple Ipod design but hey WE win :P
I LOVED the wireless sharing idea !

Fedo said...

I bought an iPod and got a student discount (30GB = ~$260). It took me 15 mins to install iTunes, download the latest iPod software from Apple's website and install it, and sync my new iPod. And ever since, it takes me 2-5 mins to sync the thing. Vids and songs work just fine with me. You probably bought it in Saudi, which explains all your problems.

Anonymous said...

The one thing I love about apple is that when you do have a problem and you call them you at least get someone on the phone that knows ENGLISH!! I am not talking about broken down crappy engish..i am talking about real english

optimistic said...

l0ol i was planning to go apple, bes kila minik i changed my mind. i think im going to stay vaio :P

btw how is ur toe??? :)

Anonymous said...

this is why i use creative instead of apple

sexy cow said...


bored said...

:O how dare you :O

bite your tongue :O

Anonymous said...

what????? i am VERRY HAppy with my Ipod its not that overrated i filled my 80 gb ipod with viedos and i havent payed 1 riyal for my viedos and u dont have to sync anyhting u can tick the manage my music and videos manually and its all good but all u have to do is get a good ipod video converter and i reccomend WINAVI Mp4 ipod converter which converts any viedo u have to ipod format then just drag it into itunes and it werks fine