Thursday, November 06, 2008

You Did It. He Did It. DAMN IT, WE DID IT!!!

Yesterday I cried and cried and cried.
Because in this world there is a beautiful place where a man, whose father is from Kenya and whose mother is a working-class woman, can occupy the highest office in the land.
I believe in America again.
I know Barack Obama is no demigod, but I believe that he cares about the economical crisis and the environment. He recognizes that people are dying of hunger and that it should not be happening. He has family in Kenya, for fuck's sake!
... And he won. He is the most powerful man on the planet.

We are so proud of you yanks!



ren_crow said...

aww thanks ^_^

yes indeed an historic day in the history of united states.

Crispal said...

Don't run too fast. You might be disappointed. Time will tell, but I don't expect much changes, specially in the international arena. It's long time I don't trust politicians with their empty promises.
But, I am sorry, don't want to spoil the party. ;-)

Chris said...

I don't want to take the wind out of your sails nor do I want you to lose faith in my country. I am glad you see that he is not some kind of demigod. What he is most is a politician. Let us all support him with the task that lay before him but keep a watchful eye and a strong voice if we don't like what he is doing. Best to you and your family.

Taqo said...
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Sewmouse said...

He promised HOPE - and I have a lot of HOPE now. He promised change, and I am certain a lot of things will change.

I'm not 100% certain that it will all be to my liking - but the last 8 years have been so horrible for those of us with brains and understanding and a knowledge of what America has been and can be...

I'm glad he won - I hope he's "right".

Trevelyana said...

ah you big baby!

Yamato Girl 大和ガール said...

At the moment I want to believe in changes that he will make. Hopefully, Iraqi situation will get better.

postdepartum said...

Let's hope we don't have another too-good-to-be-true JFK on our hands.

Erin said...

Hey! Yeah for Obama!

I saw these on Boston's The Big Picture. They're pics of Dubai. They're friggin awesome! I so want to go there one day! Check em out!

The Big Picture has images of a lot of different world events. It's one of my fav photo blogs.