Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reality: A Collective Hunch

I don't know if this is true, but someone told me yesterday that the Grand Mufti, Shaikh Abulaziz AlShaikh announced yesterday that everyone who does not follow Al-Wahhab's teachings and 'reformations' is a kaffir (infidel.)
Oh, also, he said women must cover their entire bodies, and only show their left eye.

This while the world is going through the worst economical crisis in modern history.
This while a bag lady (the first I have ever seen in my 21 years of life in Riyadh) rummages through garbage cans.
This while there was a man who parked his car in a tunnel, took his cock out and pissed in the street. (Yes, I saw.)

How does he keep a straight face?


PS. RIP Madelyn Dunham.


Sara Abdel Azim said...

no disrespect to the sheikh or whatever but WHAT THE HELL! =X
anyone can say anything these days.. it's just really sad that the ones who speak like they're farting are ones with means to influence millions of simple minded people..

Broke Saudi said...

Guess girl's sporting the pirate look is his thing, either that or cyclopes. Good God if this was actually the norm here, girls would have to compensate make up for two eyes by slathering the other one, really shows how creative our people can be...good stuff.

Missy V said...

left eye?? loll is that somehow less sexual than the right eye??

ren_crow said...

Well give the guy a break. Its not like he has anything else to do other than to give out strange illogical religious edicts.

Anonymous said...

all the disrespect possible to the sheik/mufti/whatever. doesn't he have something better to do? people blowing up each for discussing who was related or not to Muhammed 1400 years ago, as if there are conclusive evidence either ways, and as such his "proper heir". and here we are discussing if a niqab or defacto a burqa should be worn??? these guys need to find real jobs and stop wasting people's time and mind!!!

pj said...

Why the left eye? Sorry for his family. I imagine his mother is beginning to regret her time in labor.
There ought to be a top ten lists of funny edicts somewhere.

ubergirl87 said...

All of your comments have been very entertaining to read, lol.
Thanks, peeps <3

PS. I'm as confused as you on the whole left eye fatwa. What a peculiar man.
Sometimes I wish I could lock these kinds of minds in a room, and play '2 girls 1 cup' for them on a giant screen. I wonder if the room would implode?

Anonymous said...

how can you call yourself a muslim and say organized religion is evil

Anonymous said...

maybe you're one of those nihilistic whores who doesn't give a shit about anything

Lujee said...

what does islam have to do with organized religion.. it's when it becomes something like a CULT, we can definitely say it's evil.. and that has nothing to do with the religion itself!

and do uuu call urself a muslim while going around calling people names like that?! it's people like u who give islam a bad image!

Anonymous said...

As'salamu alaikum ubergirl
Muhammad bin abduAlwahab called people in arabia (who practiced acts of shirk) during his time to return to the Quran and the Sunnah. He called to tawheed. And the opposite of tawheed is kuffr. He did not bring a new religion or new Islamic teachings. So whether the mufti said that or not,anyone who read Muhammad bin abduAlwaha's books knows what the mufti meant by that.
As for just showing one eye for women in niqaap, this is based on a hadith.
Ibn Jarir (Rahimahullah) with an authentic chain of narrators has quoted Ibn Abbaas' (Radhiallaahu Án) opinion was "that the Muslim women are ordered to cover their head and faces with outer garments except for one eye."

Eva, Canada said...

"Nihilistic whore" - I love that! You should wear it as a badge of honour, ubergirl.

Next fatwa: The unveiled eye must be blinded to prevent women from seeing unrelated men and succumbing to carnal thoughts.

Erin said...

Wow. I wonder if he kept his name Anonymous because he's jealous he doesn't have a vagina so he can be a nihilistic whore. And he calls himself a Muslim!! HA! Zealots are so much fun.

alzhrani said...

لحم العلماء مُر يا بنات مكدونلدز :)

Abu Rumaisa said...

Jazak'Allah khair Anonymous(7:51 PM) for the detailed explanation.