Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm Getting Increasingly Worse at Updating, I Know

So today I was unwillingly dragged into a debate: Sexism in the kingdom.
I have to say, I am quite proud of my Saudi sisters.
Three years ago they -and I'm talking about the relatively conservative- would have always been on the Hay2a's side, for example. Not any more.
It's not a huge difference, mind you. Just really really big. To me, anyway.
I guess everyone's just gotten sick of it all.
Next will come the realization that we've all been brain-washed.
After that mass confusion. And if we're lucky, chaos and destruction. Maybe an explosion or two.


I really am turning into a smug little brat.

So happy!



Kay said...

When I followed your link to the book fair and read the article, it made me feel angry, depressed and deflated.
Ubergirl you're living where this stuff is happening. It must make you furious.

Around here (where I live) we have Jews, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs. The Chinese are mostly Buddhist the whites are mostly Christian, the Muslims mostly from the Middle East or Bangladesh, the Sikhs are mostly Indian.
The point is for most people what you believe just depends where you're born and what religion your parents are. None of it might be true. Or most likely, all of it contains some truth.

If the religious police have God on their side why do they need the big sticks? What can you do with someone who doesn't know the difference between fact and opinion and believes with no doubt, he is enforcing the word of God? Well take their stick away, for a start.

Anonymous said...

It's all about their fear of modernity. It's driving them crazy. The progressives want more freedom, the radicals more conformity. This may eventually lead to civil war,I fear.

Don Cox said...

"This may eventually lead to civil war,I fear."____It might but it doesn't have to. In Britain, society went from Victorian attitudes to women having the vote and being able to do most jobs with very little violence. The key thing was the passing of the Married Women's Property Act.

Nuri said...

But that was LAST YEAR, Ubergirl, this year, I bet you could wear a miniskirt in the book fair... :-)

Sewmouse said...

Good luck on your revolution, Uber

My prayers are with you for a swift victory for your side.

Anonymous said...

I am certain you are not a Muslim, or maybe one just by name. You should repent and thank Allah you live in Saudi.

Mauve said...

brainwashed into knowing what?

Anonymous said...

This is a typical bull of an upper middle class kid (woman) who starts to rant, and rebel against everything that her country and culture stands for. When in fact, you are not rebelling against your culture; you are rebelling against your religion. You started to take God for granted, those silly idiots from west who comments on your blog from the west trying to empower you, when in fact they are bringing you down to you eventual doom.

sexy cow said...

bringing you down to you eventual doom


EvaMS said...

hey Ubergirl,

just wanted to tell you that I find your blog and yourself very interresting :D Keep up the good spirit !

Anonymous said...


I have read a couple of your blogs. You are right. People are selfish and dont care much about anything but themselves. And yes, your kingdom have changed a lot; but it still surpresses ladies.

As far as i know; everyone are created equal to Allah, we are all responsible for our choises. Its not for others to decide whats right and wrong for you. How to dress, whether to have an education or not. Wether to leave the country without a males approval or not. Its not for other men to decide whats right for woman.

We will alone be held responsible for our actions.

As you also stated; people hunts for black gold without caring the victims left behind. We simply dont care. We see it daily, but we only give them a thought of pitty. we dont care. we dont change anything for anyone. it takes to much of our precious time. And it doesnt benefit enough to show anyone the care and respect they should have.

You are doing something by letting your voice be heared. What bothers you gets read by many. but is it enough? you are fighting a cyberwar; doing your best to let people get affected by your thoughts. Its a start, but is it enough?

I am almost tempted to challange you to do something. Not just think and giving people thoughts of pitty to a few persons. What more could be done? how could you change others mentality? how could you make the goverment of your kingdom change for everyone that feels like you? what can be done?

If you take the challange; i'll be willing to fight with you to the bitter end. Gaining international support. Doing our best. Im sure most people reading your blog is willing to fight with you as well.

Anyway. Take care.

I entrust you to Allah

-Anonymous Norwegian-

karim said...

May Allah give back all the oil from arab world to others who hold on to Islam.

Let the progressive muslims depend on the mercy of americans and europeans and walk, talk like them.

Anonymous said...

Change has always come from people like you. Keep on keeping on. If I knew how, I would support you, because I think you are very clear headed and absolutely right. But for now I'll just keep reading, I guess.