Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I Heart Simpletons

I wish some people would take themselves more seriously.
Let me explain.
Almost all the med-students I know either act really dumb, or are really dumb.
I am genuinely worried about the standard of doctors that are going to be around in 10-20 years.
This is how a conversation with a friend of mine who is in her second year of medical school went:
"I, like, saw you from across the room, and I thought it was you and then I, like, said to myself "it can't be her!" And then so and so told me it was you and so I, like, came by to say hi, like."
"…Min jid min jid t3'ayarti…."
"Yeah. People generally continue to grow even after the age of ten."
"… Aham shay…"
I wanted to slap her.
This person will be treating our children when she graduates. She will be called a Doctor. They'll give her a stethoscope and everything.

Even if this is the way she normally talks – and I seriously doubt it
- she and all the people who talk and act like this, need to take
themselves more seriously.
I'm not saying we should all sit around quoting Freud. I am saying
that when you reach a certain age, you must conduct yourself
Words like 'min jid' and 'aham shay' are teenybopper zombie words. They mean absolutely nothing. They're filler words. People say them when they have nothing else to say, but still want to create some sort of noise using their mouth. Many people have nothing to say but wish to make sounds very often.
Don't you think that at 19 or 20 years old, one should find other –
more expressive – words to use?

And it's not just how these people talk. It's what they say, how they act. Just everything about them screams 'halfwit'. And what's sad is that most of them probably aren't halfwits. They just act like this because they think it's cool to be stupid.
The bright side if this is, it's these guys that make everyone else look good.



sexy cow said...

you wrote a post about my people! :D
min jid min jid aham shay.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the idiots that overuse zag.

sexy cow said...

You forgot the idiots that overuse zag.

aham shayyy o b9ara7a..ee min jid.

Abu Sinan said...

It is scary. How much of it do you think goes back to the limited choice of occupations for these females?

In Saudi there are very few jobs that are open to females, so the choice is either get a degree in something you wont use, or get a degree in something you either aren't cut out for or really aren't interested in?

How many of these girls might be studying other degree fields if they were somewhere else?

I think the Middle East places too much prestige on occupations like doctors and engineers.

I work in the electrical engineering field and it still embarrassed me when I am introduced, in Arabic, as "Mohandas".

FoodCritic said...

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FoodCritic said...

well i just spelt restaurant wrong! so much for my english!

Anonymous said...

What is happening to all the saudi blogs. Half of them are giving 404 not found now ?

e.g. http://farahssowaleef.blogspot.com

Others seem to have been discontinued at the start of november :


What is going on ?

Matt said...

I think she was just feeling like too much of a nerd and wanted to act childish or sexy.

Next time you see her, ask her about something completely frivolous. She'll probably quickly change the subject to her studies and sound a lot more like an adult.

I love this blog.

Abu Sinan said...


Some people have decided to take a break, others are back at different places with different names.

There are a lot of new faces out there that are great as well.

Try Aya at:


curious george said...

the saudi government is cracking down on freedom again. go figure.

Hani said...

wow! That was a great post which I can't but agree with…
But believe me, by the time they are about to graduate, students will be much more mature than their first or second year!