Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Was Watching AlRai,

and there was a rerun of this... talk show.
Basically it's a man who thinks he is close enough to God to critisize everyone and give them advice.
I find it all very ironic, to tell you the truth.
I mean... Islam is primarily about not recognizing false idols.
And yet there are people on television telling others how to worship their own God.
It is astounding to me.

So today the guy was talking about lesbians.
Imagine that. A whole one hour of television dedicated to putting down lesbians.

You know, it's hillarious how some people think lesbians in particular are... The spawn of satan or something. They're so dramatic about it.
Personally, I dont agree with gay people's lifestyles, but I try not to judge them. I don't think I do.
And I definitely don't think I'm better or worse than any gay person.
I just wish we could all live together in a castle in the sky where we ride winged unicorns and eat non-fat pink marshmallows all day.

That is not going to happen in this lifetime.

So back to the guy on AlRai. A (surprise) Saudi calls in, and he start saying that girls turn gay because their friends turn them gay. "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch," is what he says.
Okay, I have a problem with that.
People are not friut. We have (hopefully) functioning brains.
If I want to become a homosexual, I will. Whether or not someone 'turns' me is not an issue.
Honestly. What idiots.
It is shocking that these people are this concerned about the rise in the number of lesbians in the Arab/Muslim world.
Somalia, a muslim country, is the most poverty stricken nation in the world.
Am I the only person ashamed that poverty still exists in this day and age?
And here we are still talking about how being gay is the "worst thing you can do to your family!"

How about wasting thousands on a television show, or a whole television station, that isn't doing anyone any good, when that money can save hundreds of families in Zimbabwe?
I know my family would be pretty fucking ashamed of that.

When will people stop trying to force everyone into their way of thinking?
How would they like it if I tapped their wives on the shoulder and told them to leave their husbands and join the lesbian band wagon because I think their husbands are complete douche bags?
It is, afterall, my opinion. And my opinion is really all that counts.

Some people are straight.
Some people are gay.
Accept it. And stop telling everyone how to think. You're giving me a headache.



aroengbinang said...

Greetings, not to judge people is not an easy thing. It needs a free mind and a certain degree of wisdom.

To accept the fact that there are people who like to tell others what to think, what to do, and what to behave is also difficult, isn't it?

There is no perfect life, accept it. Cheers.

taqo said...

Well said. I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to look as far as Somalia to see proverty.

Pan said...

Hmm... interesting.

Just a couple of things I don't agree with.

Firstly, the wide majority of people seem to follow this misguided conception that you "turn" gay. Homosexuality is not a decision. You don't wake up one day and decide to like people of your own gender. It is something you are born with, that you later discover. It's like having brown or blue eyes, you don't choose.

The "way they live their lifestyle" is not something of ridicule. Gay should not be a lable. They are people after all, they are somebody else's son or daughter, and they still have feelings. Personally I don't think there's anything wrong in a person looking for love and companionship. Because that's what they are about.

I don't agree with the really... let's say "camp" gays. The outrageously stereotypical ones, because it's those that give the gay community a bad image.

I know you said you don't judge them, I'm not attacking your view, but this is something I feel very strongly about, and I just wanted to air my opinion.

But aye, going back to the point, why should they criticise lesbians, who are doing nothing wrong (not killing or raping people) when there are much better ways of dealing with actual problems like war and famine and close-mindedness...

w7da zahgat min your attitude.. your just anothing typical girl bitching on another typical thing.. said...

ever stop and think for a second.. while u go on critisizing people in all ur posts.. making some seem like airheads and good for nothing people.. tarak moo kamla inty fa dont go hating on everyone and everything that walks your way.. your not any smarter than us u just use big words at times (which u can find easily using a dictionary) and write all in english.. NEWSFLASH babe that does not MAKE u smart..
You even probably spell check your posts before you post.. and that my friend is not smartness thats STUPIDITY.


lulu (3lya) said...

lol you're that obsessed? mo 3ajebke kalmha, LA TEGREENO. it's that easy, ya thakeya ;)

nobody messes with my bitch (ela ana)

3zayez said...

I disagree with a few things. First of all, if a topic is unimportant or trivial in your eyes does not mean that it does not merit discussion. True, poverty and war are all far more important that lesbianism, but does this mean that lesbianism should not be discussed on TV? There have been thousands of shows devoted to poverty, shouldn't one show be devoted to lesbianism or whether men should be allowed to shave their beards or any other topic like that? Do not fall victim to the "there are far more important things" rhetoric, it is the ejection seat of the weak in an argument.

Second, since Islam forbids homosexuality very clearly, it is no longer a matter of personal opinion. They are not judging people based on their own prejudices, they are in fact judging them in light of their interpretation of Islamic law.
I believe that no one is "born" gay. I do believe, however, that people may have stronger or weaker homosexual tendencies, which can ultimately be defeated since Allah would not forbid something that is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid as you claim. It just may be difficult for some people. Sorry about the long comment :D.

Disoriented said...

Very well said,Ubergirl truely it is a waste of time. *nods head in a knowing hopelessly way*

Pan said...

I'll agree to disagree, won't cause a big argument 3zayez :)

Sewmouse said...

w7da zahgat min your attitude.. your just anothing typical girl bitching on another typical thing.. seems to have a real crush on you, Uber!

Either that or he/she/it is ashamed that h/s/i hasn't the wonderful command of the English language and the composition skills that you do. A shame, really.

3zayez makes a good point about the religious prohibitions regarding homosexuality, and certainly that is as good a reason as any to have a discussion on the issue.

As for "common courtesy" - I fear that far too often, it is no longer "common", but unusual. Performing random acts of kindness, however, improves the world for that breif moment, and as the saying goes, "A butterfly flapping his wing, may become a hurricane in another part of the world" - perhaps the kindness you do for someone today will make the whole world better tomorrow? It is worth a try.

ren_crow said...

3zayez pretty much summed up everything i wanted to say.

I disagree with thinking that discussing something like lesbianism does not merit discussion. Its a social issue which needs to be faced sooner or later.

kay said...

It is funny if in Saudi you think "lesbians in particular are... The spawn of satan..." (sorry to paraphrase) because round here people are more tolerant of the lesbians. It's the gay men everyone really has the trouble with.

kay said...

With regards to,

w7da zahgat min your attitude....

where the hell do u get off telling Ubergirl a spell check doesn't make you clever when you have gone to the trouble to angry bold type a subject heading into the names folder? I would have loved to angry bold typed that last sentence to mock u but I don't have the energy. (I'm using an apple mac and It's been a long day).

There is a debate about whether spell check robs a piece of its orthenticity but I don't credit you with the brains to have thought of that.
Just now while writing this comment, 2 seconds ago I was bitten by a mosquito. If nothing is coincidence that is divine metaphor. Being bitten by a mosquito is kind of what I let u do to me when I got upset about your dumb comment.

I feel a bit bad now. Here I am using long words you need a dictionary to find. It isn't your fault you are probably just a victim of your upbringing.

Actually I do feel bad because I don't mean to make you feel angry or frustrated which you might if you take this too personally. Just, focus on yourself and don't worry about what Ubergirl is doing so much.
(Sorry 4 length of comment.)

Abu Sinan said...

I wish people would stop with the judgements. I feel that homosexuality is wrong, but I am not God to be able to say whether it is worse than the wrong things I do in life.

This guy pontificating on the television, I wonder if homosexuality is worse than the things that he does? Why not spend more time on perfecting himself than pointing fingers at others?

Pan said...

abu sinan, I totally agree with you. As I stand, I am for gay rights, but that does not mean that I will criticise everyone who disagrees with my view. It's a question of open-mindedness and I respect you for what you said "I am not God to be able to say whether it is worse than the wrong things I do in life" I think that was a very mature thing to say.

Also, yes no doubt there should be room for discussion about "current" issues, but as I say, it should be done in a mature, healthy and intelligent way. I disagree with sitting down and pointing the blame, who is he to choose? What gives him the right to decide who is holy and who is not? There could be and there are homosexuals out there who are far more religious than your straight person. Nothing elevates him or anyone else to the level of being "the judge".

w7da zahgat... Though your comment only feserves to be ignored, I'll humour you and reply. You raise a weak argument which only resolves in strengthening Ubergirl's views, and elevate our opinions of her.

In conclusion, apologies for extremely long comment, and general spammage. *bows profusely and leaves virtual muffins for all to enjoy*

Anonymous said...

some girls are lesbian because the social situation in saudi (e.g. religious police) make it hard for them to express themselves in a heterosexual way without always having to be scared of public condemnation and harassment. it's easier.

rather than criticise them, the guy should have been asking why the number of homosexuals in the arab world is increasing. hmm, lets see...could it be that...*gasp*...your rigid and narrowminded implementation of a certain religion...has, err..ENCOURAGED certain behaviours?

anyways, if a person fucks a person of the same gender, it doesn't make them gay or lesbian. being gay/lesbian is to be attracted to the same gender, to have a preference to members of the same sex. sex is sex.

and 3zayez, sure, islam prohibits homosexuality very clearly. but don't u think homosexuals know that? for me, personally, i think whatever i do is between me and god, and no-one should continuously persist in trying to 'fix' me. to be constantly told that what you are doing goes against religion is tiresome, and doesn't always discourage the behaviour

Anonymous said...

who the heck in their right mind would choose to become gay, if you could even make that choice? make that "choice" in SA and you risk being flogged at best and beheaded at worst, so please, pretty please, tell me again why some people in SA "choose" that "lifestyle"?

there is enough research around the world to conclude that being gay isn't a choice but rather a genetic anomaly. you seem to be a well read person, so check out some interesting research from the ungodly Sweden and Karolinska Institute about how straight and gay guys and gals react to male and female body odours.

you are right tho; why discuss lesbians when a better topic would be; "why do so many in SA worhip Osama bin Laden?" or "how come it is more important for the religious police to force girls burn to death than escape a burning school and risk being seen without a hijab?"

I'm sure Allah and Mohammed are tearing their hair out as they see how distorted Islam has become in some many yplaces around the world. And we just continue letting it happen all because of some our subservient attituces towards a bunch dickheads claiming to have the correct interpretation (their interpretation and no one elses)

ren_crow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ren_crow said...

An individual born with diabetes has no hope of changing that condition. Likewise, a child born with Down’s syndrome will carry that chromosomal abnormality throughout his or her life. These individuals are a product of the genes they inherited from their parents. Homosexuality appears to be vastly different. Many people have been able to successfully change their sexual orientation.

Many researchers such as Simon LeVay and Dean Hamer have reportedly come up with evidence that supports the gay gene theory, however independent studies done on their work, such as the one by Harrub, Thompson, and Miller( have ultimately shown that the researchers' methodologies have been flawed or that they were dependant on making educated assumptions. This was the case with LaVey. He even admitted that "It’s important to stress what I didn’t find. I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic, or find a genetic cause for being gay. I didn’t show that gay men are born that way, the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work. Nor did I locate a gay center in the brain (as quoted in Byrd, et al., 2001, emp. added)"

Similarly a study done by the UCLA School of Medicine concluded that "Sexual identity is wired into the genes..." ( However what the study really suggested as put by psychologist Warren Throckmorton "is that genes may play a role in creating the differences in male and female brains. This is not news; researchers have known this for a long time."

The whole idea of homosexuality being genetic has been blown way out of proportion by gay activists and media outlets. Many findings have been misinterpreted as being definite proof of the gay gene. However the truth is scientists have yet to come up with solid conclusive evidence that homosexuals were born gay.

ren_crow said...


btw it would help if u could post the link of the article/research of the "ungodly Sweden and Karolinska Institute" from where u made the bold statement of "there is enough research around the world to conclude that being gay isn't a choice but rather a genetic anomaly"

ren_crow said...

Re: Pan
"Firstly, the wide majority of people seem to follow this misguided conception that you "turn" gay. Homosexuality is not a decision. You don't wake up one day and decide to like people of your own gender. It is something you are born with, that you later discover. It's like having brown or blue eyes, you don't choose"

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this. Yes its true that "You dont wake up one day and decide to like your own gender", thats because its a gradual process being exposed to environmental factors. Hogwash u say? As I have mentioned in the comment above many people have been able to succesfully change their sexual orientation. Was this governed by genetics too? How many cases have u heard of where a person's eye color changing mid-age?

I'm sorry but the argument that homosexuality is genetic just does not hold water.
Have any you actually used your brain and considered the obvious problem of survival for individuals who allegedly possess a gay gene: individuals who have partners of the same sex are biologically unable to reproduce (without resorting to artificial means). Therefore, if an alleged “gay gene” did exist, the homosexual population eventually would disappear altogether.

It's called basic biology, people. Look it up!

ren_crow said...

whoa is it me or am I on a roll here?:p
Ok enough of me hogging up all the space

Anonymous said...

i decided to follow ren_crow's claims that being was a choice; I tried to choose to be gay yesterday and masturbate to the movie "Troy", the scene where you see Brad Pitt's ass, but it didn't work. No hard-on. Nothing. Then I changed the channel and watched that Desperate Housewives show with the Mexican babe, Eva Longoria, and what do you know, against my wishes, boner.

QED; being gay is not a choice!

check out and search around

ren_crow said...

Ok, u obviously didnt read everything that i posted up there because if u did then u would have known that "its a gradual process being exposed to environmental factors".
Do u REALLY think that a person chooses to be gay in an instant of a second? Researchers have still not fully understood sexual behavior in humans, yet here u are touting a claim like some angst-ridden teenager.

And I checked out that website and found the articles about homosexual men reacting to pheromones. If u actually took the time to check out the links i put in my previous post u would have understood that homosexual men react to male pheromones(among other stimuli) as a RESULT of homosexuality. Therefore it does NOT cause homosexuality. It is simply a trait exhibited by homosexual men.

Nice try but no cigar kid.

Anonymous said...

"I just wish we could all live together in a castle in the sky where we ride winged unicorns and eat non-fat pink marshmallows all day."

That's a pretty dream.

Good post. Smile! and take panadol for that headache! :P