Saturday, December 30, 2006

Eleven Is The Magic Number. That's Why.

1- A 2000 riyal Abaya my ass. I'm not paying that much money for something I despise. And I want to drive already. This is ridiculous.

2- Ladies, I love you as you are. Stop pretending you're boys. It's getting old. And you're not fooling anyone. Aha, not even when we close our eyes and pretend really really hard.

3- I highly recommend short hair.

4- It has never been this cold in Riyadh.

5- Am I the olny one who has no plans for New Years eve? I'm not even looking forward to it.
Honeslty, what's the big deal? So it'll be 2007. How will that be different from 2006? Or 2005? Or 847987?

6- Is it just me, or is Saddam Hussein being considered a martyr?
I am not surprised.
And not because we Arabs are fond of violent dictators.

7- Jackass is pure comic genius.


9- Organised religion is going to be the death of me. 5alaaaaaaaaaaaaaa9999999 Leave me alone.

10- If you think I'm stupid I think you're a fucking lunatic who eats his own poo. (Yes, I saw.)

11- Love makes the world go round <3

Loving it.



Shy said...

Happy eid to u too :)

Don Cox said...

"Am I the olny one who has no plans for New Years eve?"___Nope. Me neither.

taqo said...

I have nothing planned either.

<3's Johnny Knoxville.

Akinoluna said...

Ha. I think we traded weather. It's never been this warm where I'm at. And no, I don't have New Year's plans either...gotta work.

Anonymous said...

So, what you're agnostic now? Is it a phase?

Abu Sinan said...

Plans for New Years? Nope, well maybe changing poopy diapers.

BTW, I have little time for "organised religion" nor people who think they are religious leaders, but that hardly makes one "agnostic."

Because I am a Muslim doesnt mean I have to follow any of the idiots who claim to lead Muslims. A pox on all of them!

Eid mubarak!

Addicted said...

babe! its not only u who got now PLANS 4 New year eve! is the most bored day never been like this as far as i remember !!

Anonymous said...

New years eve is a great day to get drunk.

Twix said...

like ur blog and ur style.. interesting stuff...

hope u had a good new years..