Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bang Bang

In my dreams, I kill people.
Mostly accidentally, but I don't ever feel remorse. I just think: "Oh, well..." And go on with my dream.
Sometimes I just look down and I see a gun in my hand and I fire it at whoever's infront of me. It's never anyone I know, though. Just random faceless dream people.
Also, a few weeks ago on Oprah, she was interviewing a man who (in a state of severe depression) murdered his little girls.
I sort of... Understood.
I relate to that sort of... Dream-like state. Where your reasoning is non-existant and you do things because...

Just because.

I've never done anything violent in my entire life, and I don't plan to. I think violence is vile and I'm completely against the killing of anyone, but I still sort of... Knew how it happened.

Am I making sense?

Yeah. I didn't think so.


Listen to this.
I have been singing this song non-stop for almost three days now. It's so good! Why isn't this guy famous yet?
I heart Josh Verdes.



Akinoluna said...

I had an old lady chasing me around in a dream once and I think I had to kill her with a rock or something, so she wouldn't kill me.

Anonymous said...

Because he's Asian.

sexy cow said...

I dreamt I won 2 mini coopers.

Shy said...

Hope Josh Verdes gets signed soon!

Kay said...

Yeah that songs good isn't it. I put my song on you tube too. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Uber hon, I hope the new year is better for you. Depression is serious, there is no shame in speaking to a professional. Big hugs to you.