Sunday, January 21, 2007

Live And Let Live

I do not - nor do I wish to - understand this desperate need people have to police everyone in the world.
I'm not talking about your friends asking you to stop telling that joke about the Lebanese woman on weed. I'm talking about complete strangers walking up to you in the middle of where ever the hell you are and asking you to cover your hair or face.

I'm sorry, I don't see how my supreme beauty is offending you.
Unless, ofcourse, it's unforgiving glare has caused you to go completely blind, and has therefore disrupted your shopping experience. In that case I will certainly cover my offensively gorgeous face.

Get a life. Not everyone is after your husband/wife/partner.
And if you're just worried about me going to hell for not listening to you, by all means, keep worrying about me. Forget all about yourself. Because we all know you're going right to heaven. Please. You cover your face and/or force all the females in your family to.
Hello, quick pass!

Otherwise, just look away. Or better yet, if you can grasp the concept of tolerance and acceptance, apply it. Right now.
You'll thank me later.

A few days ago a virtual stranger complained to me about "girls today and their disgusting tight jeans."
I gave her a fucking piece of my mind. I will no longer tolerate this... slander!

I have just decided that purple pyjama bottoms offend me.
Don't argue with me... Arguing with a fellow muslim is what the devil is telling you to do, isn't it?

Aaannnd... Green socks with... Uhh.. Blue stripes on them are also the work of the devil.
Burn the lot of them. Or... You're automatically agreeing with the devil.

I'm on a roll.


PS. I mean it. "Live and let live." It will change your life.


Se Sentir said...

Okay, so their point is in order to avoid evil, root it out from its source, rather than work on yourself. Fair enough, but wouldn't that mean rooting out their private parts? I mean if you are really serious and want to cut the temptation, then that's the best solution that won't bother others.

I am really offended by artifical fabric and when I see men wearing baby-blue. I wish I was as brave as the specie we are discussing here. The day I walk to a stranger 'offending' me and asking him/her to change is the day I know I am brave (or have gone insane.)

Matt said...

Root out evils sorce? Thats easy.


Sewmouse said...

The Christian Bible says that over 2000 years ago, Jesus (pbuh) told his followers "How can you try to remove a speck from your brother's eye - when there is a log in your own?"

I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Doubting Thomas said...

I know you wrote that you don't want to understand the need to police others, but it's about tribes. You see, you are acting like 'them' when you are supposed to act like 'us.' There's an excellent book on this actually titled "Us and Them" that explains the pscyh need to police 'us' and keep out 'them.' An example is Quebec and Montreal, where there are laws about signs; signs in the French language have to be four times larger than signs in English.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead wear Jeans:

I don't get the Kingdom or anyone really telling one to do this or that

If you want to wear jeans more power to you

Its just cause of their jealousy and their lack of supreme beauty that they say this.

If God has given you nice hips, why does the KSA make you pretend that you're all ugly and must cover up from head to toe.

AND the Diamond anology is Bull crap, that A signifies a person never wears jewels, and B suggests that women are just property and not a person with their own brain



kay said...

Are you OK Sweetie? You haven't blogged in a while.

kay said...

ps. on the right hand side of the screen there's a little purple thing and it says 'I'm on toot'.
It's funny 'cause toot is Australian slang for the toilet. So it says 'I'm on the toilet' :-)