Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wait... How The Hell Did I Manage To End Up Talking About Condoms?

I can't post from my house because blogger beta is a piece of **%%$#$$.
No swear word could possibly describe how much of a fucktard you are, blogger.

Oh! There you go, it's fucktard.

Moving on.
I believe in being polite. No matter what.
And I like to think I am polite. Most of the time.
It really shouldn't matter whether or not you're in a good mood. You should always be courteous.
So it really pisses me off when strangers look at you like you're a lunatic when you open a door for them or help them pick up something they've dropped. What the fuck is that about? I'm not gonna turn into some obsessive stalking freak if you thank me. You're not that pretty.
And then these same people expect you to just help them or do things for them. In their puny little minds, you exist to help them. It is the purpose for which you were created.
They would ask, for example "Where is building 23?"
And they would be shocked when you say you're not sure. And then, shock would turn into offence when you point out thate there is a sign infron of each building that tells you what number it is.
And what the hell are you thinking. Expecting them to thank you. Screw you for not offering to carry them to building 23. Fucking piece of shit.

Apply it.

That sounded like those ads that encourage teenagers to use condoms.
Which is also good advice, children.


PS. I knew the title would catch your eye. Gillat 7aya.


ren_crow said...

Oh u sneaky girl. U just employed a very well known advertising trick!
But yea basic courtesy is always a good thing. I get those kind of looks from ladies after i just helped them with something. Like I open a door for them or gave them back the item that they didnt know dropped from their bags. The look of terror on their faces is absolutley priceless.
I decided not to lend a hand anymore just in case im charged with harrassment by being courteous!:p

and yea blogger beta is a bitch.

Umair Jafri said...

Hi Ubergirl,
Courtesy or considerate behaviour in Saudi Arbia is only limited to gender men to men & women to women. Otherwise no one gives a shit. Why is there so much gayishness? why people are think their *** will be whipPed if they help some girl or the other way round. IIt just the nature of this country.

anyways if i were you, i would look at the person first n thn tell him/her the way to the building 23. If it was a girl nd even if didnt knew the path to 23, i wud'hv told her somethg. otherwise if it was a guy i would have send him to 13.

chill man...these are couple of occasion when you feeel like havin fun. wh y GEt hot about this?

Anonymous said...

You have trouble picking up on non-verbal social cues