Friday, June 09, 2006

Down In The Streets

Last night I went out for dinner.
As I was leaving the restaurant, I noticed there was a secutiry guard positioned right outside.
I thought that was nice, they're finally taking secutrity issues seriously.

When I got in the car, a little girl ran after me and tapped on my window.

I hate that. Parents making their children beg on the streets.
Even if (for whatever reason) they're not getting donations from an official orgaization, there are many Masjids all over the city that will offer shelter and food for the needy.

It is disgusting. If you're gonna beg do it yourself, don't send your kid out to do it for you, for fuck's sake.

It was particularly saddening because I can't remember the last time I saw a child begging in the streets of Riyadh.
And I know it' not his job, but the security guard should have called the police.

Children need stability. They need responsible adults to look after them.
No matter how much that girl's parents might say they love her, I will never believe them.
How can they possibly make their little girl run around barefoot in dark alleys asking strangers for money.
She was so small, and it was so dark, that the driver almost drove away. We didn't notice her at first, and we're probably not the only ones. We could have easily ran over her.

Farm animals care more about their young than these people.
It should be illegal for irresponsible individuals to have children.



kay said...

Your blog made me think Ubergirl. How easy is it for a woman to get birth control in Riyadh? Is it easily available?
Is abortion allowed? I know this is a touchy subject, believe me. Only your post made me think

Black Orchid said...

madri eash da55al elli galato hathi fo8 bil post 7aggik:S ((3ala bali a7awil ennha ma tifham:P))

anyway, mn jid il kidz hathola marra ynarfzoon wo moz3ejeen ((i'm not cruel btw)) but sometimes some of them yrddo 3alay and they say bad words to me even though i haven't done anything to them they say "yal g3e6eyya!" efff how rude is that?!

Anonymous said...

A woman cannot get birth control without her husband's permission. Can't get any medical care without her father's or husband's (or some other male owner - if no father or husband handy) permission.

Abortion is illegal, but it would have to be legalized if ubergirl's idea were to take hold. But of course, that would beg the question, who should be the judge as to whether a parent is responsible or not (esp before the baby is born)? And what of children who are perhaps orphans and are sent out by uncaring relatives ot beg? Or her parents are divorced and her mother can't drive herself to work and can't afford a car and a driver?

The point being, things are never as simple as they seem on the surface.

ubergirl87 said...

I'm not talking about birth control, I'm saying child protective services need to actually do their job and remove children from unfit parents or guardians.
And if the mother doesn't have a job for whatever reason, then she should seek assistance from the numerous organizations that are there to help people like her.
Whatever the case, sending a child out to beg in the streets is absolutely inexcusable.

Sabra said...

You have a wisdom and maturity that seems to defy your age. It is quite refreshing!

I can't stand being in the car at a light with all the kids running around - in and out of traffic - begging - with one adult covered head-to-toe in black - supervising.

Almost daily it seems that you can read some article that the Police - or Anti-Beggary Commission - are going to curb these activities. It certainly hasn't happened yet. Do you think, then, that "they" are in on it, too?

And, I realize school is out for the year, now, but a month ago - two months ago - why weren't these children in school?

HEROINE said...

You know I always wondered the exact same thing, granted I am not in riyadh for the whole year but I do notice it and it is an issue to be concerned about. What gets to me most is they are children for Heaven's sake... and if it's a little girl, aren't they worried she would be kidnapped and thrown in a ditch somewhere to later be found? then what, guilt takes over? when it's too late? to be honest, I have never seen a girl ... I have only seen little boys who try to sell you tissues and such. I saw one once who crossed the street while its green and dropped something (a box of tissues) bent over to get it and car horns went insane. Now, that boy could have easily been run over. It's just sad... Where are those parents??? There are those who would give everything they have for a child of their on, ... and those? whatever the reason is, it still doesn't justify it, atleast not for me.

HEROINE said...

own *

kay said...

Children begging is terrible. Fortunately it does not happen around here.
I just wanted to say I think taking children away from their mothers is wrong 95% of the time. I do not want to see it happening in Saudi Arabia. Imagine, the mother can not even drive herself to court when the decision is made to take her child away.

kay said...

Also do you really trust child protection services? What about all the abuse scandals which always come to light?

ubergirl87 said...

As I said before, I would like it if child protection services did their jobs right. That is, minus abuse and scandals.
And I think if a parent or guardian is unfit, the children have to be taken away from them.

Bissa said...

"No matter how much that girl's parents might say they love her, I will never believe them."
I don't agree, i don't think those asian parents who sell their daughters as slaves or giesha's have any love for daughters.

Apostate said...

"I don't agree, i don't think those asian parents who sell their daughters as slaves or giesha's have any love for daughters."

I agree with Bissa. These asian parents are no better than all those Saudi fathers who sell their off daughters for the highest bidder er - dowry.

HEROINE said...

Very true.

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

what?! nobody sells their daughters to the highest bidder!!

kay said...

Probably the same peopl who make their 'little girl run aroun barefoot...asking strangers for money' had the very same thing done to them. Maybe to them it isn't even wrong. Sad but not wrong. Just the way life is.

apostate said...

"Al-Assadi said that the average dowry for Saudi women is between SR40,000 and SR50,000, and may include the gold given to the bride according to traditions in various parts of the country. He said that a dowry of SR25,000 was common in most of the country; the highest dowry he was aware of was SR100,000."

Arab News.

Everyone knows the bride doesn't set her own price - usually she is not even present during the financial part. In effect the father sells his daughter. Simple version: Can't cough up the dough, no deal, no new wife.

Similar to trading horse-flesh, money and bloodlines talk.

ubergirl87 said...

Apostate: The dowry is traditionally A GIRFT from the groom to THE BRIDE. If a man takes his daughter's dowry then he is not following tradition.
Marriages here are not financial agreements. Although I see how they look like they are.

ubergirl87 said...