Wednesday, June 14, 2006


When it comes to soccer I don't know very much:
Goal = Good!

Not goal = Bad!

We won! = Good!

We lost! = Bad!

We tied with Tunisia.
The two worst teams in the whole World Cup... Err... Thing, battling it out.

I don't care if we "played well."
We didn't win.
Why the hell didn't we win!?




Ahmed said...

First of all it's football, not soccer! Why we lost? Because we have such a weak defense that do not know how to clear the ball safely. Let's hope we do better next match.

Anonymous said...

football is played with an oval like brown ball that the guys throw around. hehe sis from the usa

Bruco said...

LOL! I'm in the same situation: here in Italy everybody is a soccer nut, while i don't get much of what's going on the soccer fiels.
We won 2-0 over Ghana, but everybody said we nevertheless suck this year. I don't care, as long as we keep winning 2-0 that's fine with me, don't care how lame our players are.

Anonymous said...

I know why we didn't win.
After our 2nd goal the saudi players were so happy,they thought they'll win for sure but then,they friggin lost.
2 Bad,boohoo

Pan said...

Ah don't worry ubergirl, it's the same in England. People (guys mostly) crowd around in pubs screaming and crying, but that is no indicator of whether they won the match or lost. They drink to celebrate, they drink to commiserate, it's quite pathetic.

And also England seems to have the attitude of "we played well" that you talked about. Was watching a program the other day, this american guy said "I was walking down this street and saw these men in the pub laughing and cheering and went in to ask what it was. They said their team tied 2-2. Now, in America, that is just two teams that didn't win! So I says that to them and they're like we didn't win, but we played well"

Eh, twas funny. I guess it's nicer that way, seeing the glass half full. You didn't win but you didn't lose. =P

Anonymous said...

A draw is a lot better than a loss.
Win = 3 points
Draw = 2 point (for both teams)
Loss = NOTHING!!!

In previous world cups, a lot of teams have gotten through to the second round with only draws.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, sorry

Draw = 1 POINT

damn typos

sa5eef_e9bay said...

:p لأن تمركز المدافعين مو عدل

اصلا انا ماشاهدت المباراة بس اصحابي يقولون جي مادري

LiNo0oH said...

Hehe wsh feek mt7amsa!
Ee 9ed8 the worst two teams!

Ccee said...

I hate the loss after such a hard work and so much money invested.. but I'm glad it went that way. At least both Arab teams got a point now.
I hope when they're playing against the other teams in their group they'll manage to win them over.
bruco: I heard sth else abt the italian team.. they're saying it's the most qualified team to win the cup this year.

Bruco said...

Cee: I hope you're right. As I told before, I know almost zero bout soccer, was just noticing everybody here is bitching about our team. Go figure.
Btw, I'm also excited there are a bunch of teams new to the world cup, such as Saudi Arabia. Hope it will be a fun cup to watch!

Ccee said...

oh.. you really don't know much!
KSA team isn't new to the world cup!

taqo said...

I missed it.
It seems like everyone watched it, but me.

My friend was keeping me posted, by SMS. LOL.

zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

Saudi Arabia isn't new to the world cup lol!

Doomy lata chocolata said...

I think its so stupid when men run around chasing a ball..lo0ol so silly !

ren_crow said...

I dont know wat everybody is complaining about. You should be grateful that saudi didnt lose the game.
Need i remind u what happened in the last world cup when they played Germany lol.

Chocoholic said...

LOL ren_crow's has a point, a draw is BETTER than the 0-8 loss last year :p

ubergirl87 said...

I wouldn't be upset if Tunisia hadn't scored that last goal in THE LAST MINUTE OF THE GAME. How idiotic must our team be to let that happen.
Grood, I'm telling you.


I ditto do0omylata whats the point of watching men kick around a ball. MA y7ms AT ALL ok maybe watching del piero is 7mas basother then that no

Anonymous said...

Men chasing a ball around is a much better way for them to release their testosterone fulled urges, than for them to weild a gun and go round shooting at each other

Bruco said...

Ok Ok I was wrong. My apologies.