Sunday, June 04, 2006

Eve Will Be Back, Because I Said So

I'm sure if you read any other Saudi blog you know Eve's blog has been blocked.

And apparently we're all gonna be blocked eventually.
I'm terribly frightened. What ever will I do if my blog is next?!

Oh, I know!
I'll start another one. And another one. And another one...

You can't shut us up, my dears!
But hey, you can try.
Knock yourselves out.

Please fill this out. It'll only take 14 seconds of your time. I've timed it.



Engineer Sighted said...

I clicked the link to check it out, but I didn't submit anything because I don't know how seriously they'd take a submission from an American Clemson student. I also don't know what I'd say, for reason it should be unblocked, other than something along the lines of "Not only is prohibiting access to free information immoral, but it is a counterproductive way to govern society -- marking off-limits a tv show, music album or website only draws more attention to it, spreading the information faster and giving it credibility."

But mostly I wanted to point out that the Internet Services Unit spelled the word "request" incorrectly as "requist" in the url, and that made me laugh.

ubergirl87 said...

Fill it out, please. Say anything, they don't actually read these forms.

HEROINE said...

What? why block it, on what basis???

Anonymous said...

yes, I used to check out her blog. I don't remember seeing anything wrong with the contents!

Anonymous said...

i click the link and filled out the whole thing. Why did they block her blog in the first place. There is nothing wrong with it.

Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

On the one hand, there are women like you and Eve.

On the other hand, there are people like this

"RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- More than 500 women packed the Saudi capital's Maimouna Center on a recent evening to attend a lecture. The women, some still in their full black wraps, filled the rows of plum-colored plastic chairs, while late arrivals sat in small clusters on the carpet and against the wall.

"Whom do we love?" asked the lecturer, a woman, seated behind a desk on a raised platform.

"God," the women answered in unison.

"Then we must obey Him."

She went on to urge the audience members to dress modestly and raise their daughters to do the same. She explained that, despite what some Saudis are now saying, it is a sin for men and women to mix. "Even if people don't see you sin, God is watching," she warned. "On Judgment Day, your own skin will testify against you."

(Read the whole thing, the second page is even more powerfully sad.)

With the two sides pulling, I can only hope the wisdom of yours can defeat the religious idiocy. But it will be a hard struggle.

SaudiEve said...

Dear ubergirl87,

I believe a belated thank you for posting about my blog being blocked is due.

I really appreciate it.