Saturday, June 17, 2006


When somone dies, I believe their body must be handled with respect.
Not photographed for the world to see.
I don't care who the person was, or what they did with the time they had on this earth. If everyone in the world deserves one thing, it is for their remains to be respected.
Yes, Al-Zarquawi and Saddam's sons included.
And it's not just them.
There are photographs and footage of people dead and dying everywhere.

Let's try and have some respect, people.


zahrat ilma6ba5 said...

u're right! i was thinking the exact same thing when i saw Zarqawi's pictures!

Don Cox said...

I think the picture of Zarqawi had to be shown to convince everyone of his death. Otherwise there would be a large number saying "he is still alive and the Americans are lying."______They did clean him up and showed only the face, to show some respect. Certainly more respect than Zarqawi gave his victims.

Anonymous said...

a person like zarqawi or saddam's moronic sons that had their own rape rooms do not deserve an ounce of respect,,showing their photographs to the world is actually sympathetic to the things they should do, and don cox has a valid point as well

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was weird when leaders "lay in state" for a long time and everyone comes to see them laying there dead.....sis from the usa

ubergirl87 said...

They showed all of Zarquawi. Not just his face.

Dostish said...

'zarqawi or saddam's moronic sons that had their own rape rooms ' how can you prove that? And I have to
disagree, I like ubergirl believe that everyone deserves to have their corpses respected. To say :
'showing their photographs to the world is actually sympathetic to the things they should do' is in my
opinion very cruel and ignorant no matter the things they have done. And I believe that we are living
in the year 2006, surely there are other ways of proving someones death other than having their photographs
all over the newspappers.

Anonymous said...


About Zaqauwi - if there hadn't been photos taken of his body, thousands of Islamists would not have accepted that he is dead. Same with Saddam's sons. People feared for their LIVES, and knowing that these people ARE dead brings them great comfort.

desertrose5555 said...

I agree with you on that one, ubergirl. Hey, I mean, it's a question of principle. You shouldn't make politics with dead bodies. Just let the bodies rest in peace, Allah will get for their souls what their deserve.

Anonymous said...

dostish,,,they showed a fucking video of saddam and people still didn't believe it was really him...trying watching a couple of documentaries on that twisted family and you'll hear all about the heart warming rape rooms...who gives a fuck if we're living in 06,,,some humans just don't deserve respect,,,dead or alive

desertrose5555 said...


Try living in Saudi for a while (especially as a female), then you WILL understand the importance of respecting every human being.

Dostish said...

Every human deserves respect. And about the documentaries, I have watched one and they do not bring enough proof of it. You really should learn not to trust everything you see on TV, the people who made the documetaries want that reaction from you. You said that they showed a video of saddam and some still didn't believe it was him, that is correct and some people still do not believe Zaqauwi is dead, Do you know why? because their technology has made it possible for them to do anything. So don't you think we need better ways of proving thier deaths, obviously pictures and videos aren't doing the job.

ubergirl87 said...

I have heard theories that Zarquawi never existed.
Photographs of dead bodies prove nothing to many people. Especially not when their faces have been reconstructed with clay.
Again: I think that no matter who the person was, or what he or she did, they should not be denied basic human rights.

Anonymous said...

hi ubergirl. an earlier anon above pointed to the practise of dead bodies of leaders lying in state for the mourners. the most extreme version of this must be lenin still mummified in moscow (seen him there!). what do you think of this?

HEROINE said...

Good post, however, desert rose made an unclear point, what do you mean about respect/saudi and females in particular? your point was quite vague.

LiNo0oH said...

EE 9ed8 mahma kan
mafroo'9 ma y76oo their pics ktha
ye3ni I'm sure they don't want
kel el3alam tshoofhom ktha..

Doomy lata chocolata said...

^^ well they did what deserve more than posting their dead pics !

Anonymous said...

i've lived in saudi,,,i'm from there, but what the fuck do you mean try living there as a female?

ren_crow said...

To tell u the truth im not even sure Zarqawi even existed at all. The CIA had all this information about all the crimes he committed etc etc YET they caught him only
until now (apparently).

Using the Zarqawi story was a strangely convenient way of justifying US forces for staying in Iraq longer than they had initially proposed. It also served to turn public opinion in their favor as can be seen by the reaction of anonymous. In a way, Zarqawi was the best thing that happened for the US.
Smells like another piece of carefully crafted propaganda.

The pictures could have been of practically anyone dead or alive. After lying to the UN, I think theres more than enough reason these days for people to doubt the US government.

Hani said...

I only cant but agree with you ubergirl, as always, you speak sense :)

A dead person's last wish would be to receive respect to his private and own body!

Bruco said...

I totally agree. The fact that Zarqawi himself showed the beheaded bodies of his victims doesn't authorize anybody to repeat this behaviour. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Abu Sinan said...

Good point. Besides, those that dont believe there was ever a Zarqawi still dont believe it. Those who did believe it and worked with him know he's dead.

To me it is sort of a war trophy, in bad taste.