Sunday, June 18, 2006

Green Beats Orange

I love my highschool friends.

Even when we haven't seen eachother in months, we might even look different, we always pick up right where we left off.
No formalities. Just us goofing around like we did in class two or six years ago.
I love that.
We don't pretend we haven't been through everything together.
We were all (and we still are, really) very close. We're very supportive of eachother, and we jump at the chance to offer help to any one of us who needs it.
We're family.
Whenever one of us was going to the supermarket or pharmacy, she'd ask if anyone in class needed anything, and someone always did.
Because going to the supermarket to only get one thing is stupid. You might aswell wait untill you need a bunch of stuff to go.
And I love how when you say, "Dammit! I'm out of clear nail polish!" in our class, a new bottle of clear nail polish would magically appear on your desk the next day.
Highschool might have sucked, but our class made it very bearable.

Today I called to ask a bunch of the girls to come over.
This is how I know nothing has changed:

"Wake up, it's fucking 3 O'Clock."
"What do you want?"
"Come over today."
"Okay. Are you gonna go get food? From the supermarket?"
"Uuhh... Yeah?"
"Great! Since you're going, could you get me a toothbrush?"
I laugh. "Sure."
"Listen, can you make sure it's not orange?"
"Not orange? Uhh...Oh-kaay..."
"Thanks. You're a life saver."

I got her a green one.


P.S.Check out this blog. Isn't it adoreable? She's only ten, so be nice, kids!


ren_crow said...

A toothbrush. lol. Glad to hear u and your friends are so close.

yea i checked out that kids blog. its so cute!

Doomy lata chocolata said...

mashalla ur so lucky if u still know sch friends and I lost touch along time ago..alla y5aleekom l b3a'9..

Chocoholic said...

Awwwwww walla mashalla 3leekum I SOOOOOO envy u !!
I changed schools alot so I weren't that lucky with friends..

HEROINE said...

Hope you guys stay as close always, tha'ts admirable, and very nice post uber :)

!n$@n!tY said...

she loves unicorns and fairies !!!
wow me too !!!

Mochness said...

Does that blog belong to the same person I've in mind?!

Mochness said...

I guess it is! How cute!

Hani said...

High school days are unforgetable, but you know what, university, work and perhaps going to live in a different country makes it really hard to keep it up with high school friends.

Yet, it was 12 years ago when i graduated my high school, by then there hardly was any internet, mobiles or any easy to call method except the home phone.

I only kept in touch with one of my friends of that time up to now, and I am glad I managed to keep in touch with him.

My toothbrush is orange, shouldnt it be?! :s

wastedchix said...

(THunderCAT) ... u r right ..nothing beats a high school friend .. i lost touch with most of mine cuz they've changed ..the only one left r a few including my MFaHyAa ...
this was very touching really ... plz try to stick together and make sure u guyz r always HONEST bout everything secrets, no lies ..mashalla 3aleeekom :")

kay said...

You are so lucky. My school was horrible. The blog you link is adorable. I love it.