Friday, June 30, 2006

London, Baby! Yeah!

Tomorrow I will hand my parents an envelope right before I board the plane.
I will ask them to open it together when they get back home.

They will be in the living room. The TV will be blaring, and it will be about 3 AM.
Inside the envelope will be an article I cut out from a newspaper this morning.
The headline will read:
"Safar almorahi8een: 8unbola maw8oota"
"Teenagers On Holiday: A Time Bomb Waiting To Go Off"

I will be halfway to London.


No, really.



zahrat ilma6ba5 said...


Fuchsia Spunk said...

You're hoot. LOL.

Fuchsia Spunk said...

*You're a hoot.

HEROINE said...

You're funny, but what's up with people traveling without their parents? I can't wait to travel WITH them.

kay said...

Oh London's really nice I love the Tate Modern and walking along the river the best. Hope the weather is good.

Cold said...

TAKE ME WITH U :*********(

wastedchix said...

LoL ..we say Leave it on top of the TV ..and b4 u they leave u at the airport TELL THEM about it ..cuz they might open it in the car and decide to bring ur ass back b4 u board ..
have a safe trip though

Doomy lata chocolata said...

yaay enty o mona going together? wanasa...have fun ;)

Jihad said...

OMG.. ROFL!!!!

Neo said...


Enjoy London

A Daydreamer said...

you are crazy! but enjoy London! hope the rain doesnt ruin your fun :)

kay said...

Hallo, London is nice but I think you will LOVE New York. You should come and visit us.
Also I had a thought. Are you still going to blog from London? It would be cool.

ren_crow said...

Lol and here i was thinking u wouldnt be capable of such craziness

Anywayz take care and have fun!

Out of my box;-) said...


you - a total stranger - made me not only smile today... but laugh so hard! ROFL....

Shit I love your style in writing... it's so.... FREE!

In a way...
u made my day!
It's nice to get a mood swing when you least expect it!


NB: Cracked up on The green and orange stuff! Hilarious! :-)

Enjoy London... Kiss the queen for me!

Sean from DocintheBox said...

London rocks, have fun on your holiday!

miss_ch said...

I lov the place London.Dont forget 2 go 2 the Thorpe Park.Thats pretty amazing theme park(at least we dont have that king in KSA.And plzzzzzzzzzz dont go to the musuems even I people push u in them they r sooooooooooooooooo boringgggggggggg.
Wish u best luck and I am fery jelous of u.

*~KhaLiD~* said...

Oh Commoooon
Ur going alone?!
Ur So Lucky!!
Im supposed to go with my family Tomorrow to France
I hate the way they slow u down and the way their in ur way when u wanna go to a strip club or sumthin (^_^)
But Ill manage WoooooooHoooooo
btw Gurl Gr8 Blog!!
Keep it up Hon!!

Rimyoleta said...

ur already missed:)

*PerdU* said...

loooool ur poor parents must have got the shock of their lives!! funny though

mashael alhajeri said...

loved the sense of humour..check out my blog..might find it interesting..tell me what you think:)