Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Secularism And A Fatwa

Has anyone noticed that everyone's accused of being a 'secularist' nowadays?
I swear, first it was my dad, now it's my aunt. My aunt, for God's sake.
Saudis honestly need to get lives and stop handing out accusations to random people.
Not everyone believes in walking around in black stockings and gloves in the middle of August, or growing a beard.
It's so frustrating, because people not only actually care about the way other people live their lives, but they actually judge people and accuse them of secularism or ''not being religious enough''!

Also, a friend of mine told me that she was listening to one of our (two) radio stations, and a Sheikh was on some talk show. A caller asked him whether it was "Haram" (meaning forbidden in Islam) for a woman to read a newspaper.
I am trying very hard not to throw up right now.
And I'm not even finished telling this story.
The Sheikh replied with: "La mane' lildharoora." (Translated to: If there is a dire need for her to do so, then it is alright.)

If I ran the world, both the caller, the "Sheikh" and everyone involved in that show, would be tied to a tree, and a number of homeless people (the drunk ones with no teeth) would be employed to continuously spit on them for a number of days.
I would so be an awesome queen of the world!
Creative (and somewhat humorous) punishments, plus cleaning up the streets by giving homeless people jobs!
Did I not tell you I rocked!?


PS: It would be appreciated if anyone could recommend anything for me and my friends to do in Dubai.


Talal said...

people are always afraid of what they can't understand, and they are more afraid of change, instead of coming to terms with thier fears they try to act as if they know everything and they fear nothing thus labeling you in a way so as to limit your influence thus in thier primative minds perserving their presious bubble.

Mochness said...

Things to do in Dubai with Friends:

1. Buy books.
2. Reminisce on your sweet but bitchy “cousin” :p
3. Watch movies! If you get to watch “Walk the Line” you’d have to tell me all about it. Consider yourself warned.
4. Dunno. *shrugs*

Jo said...

why do u watch or listen to such crap? Don't bother with it. These people are idiots w5laa9!

Watch Brokeback Mountain ;) am dying to see it!

MuRaSaKi said...

"Homeless bums spiting on them"
loooooooool..That cracked me up! :D

No comment, I stand right by you on this one!

Besides Buddha-bar, I recommend a girls night out @ club "Trilogy".

Dinner @ "Market Cafe'" in Grand Hayat hotel; they've got the biggest KING SHRIMPS I've ever seen and a yummy chocolate fountain for desert.

There's also a Lebanese cuisine in the same hotel called "Awtar"; with a daily belly dancer show.

Also, don't miss a great shopping spree @ Markato, Ibin Batoota and the HUGE Emirates Mall.

O'n G-Star just opened in Dubai, dunno where exactly..(Best jeens EVER!)

Plus - I always find this site very helpful; it also has customer reviews:



floo said...

I got used to such fatawa havent u??
Well my first such shock was when a lady asked if she could where a t-shirts at home in front of ma7arim…. He said its better if u didn’t!!!
Ya3nee plzzzzzzz ar7amoonyy what kind of Q is that … not mentioning the answer…
Wa fe Dubai if ur into sport u should try a desert safari u get to ski on the dunes (93oos :P) its gr8...
Check it out www.arabian-adventures.com or www.nettoursdubai.com

taqo said...

"La mane' lildharoora."

Thats disgusting...seriously. Y3ni if your a women..then you dont need to know whats going on in the world? I guess not, since according to "them" you shouldnt step a foot outside of your house any ways.

Bissa said...

My dad told me that when bicycles where first brought in saudi they madeup this fatwa that it was a sin to drive one.It seems that i'll be rotting in hell for driving one.

Mochness said...
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Mochness said...

Concerning secularism, can you believe that the other day I was going to a party at my granma's house in a sleeveless shirt and some jeans, when this woman walked up to me and went "You shouldn't wear sleeveless shirts, they show your 3awra" (translation: body parts that are forbidden to be shown)...erm what the fuck!? I was so shocked (and was about three years younger and didn't know better) and just stood there then turned my back on her and walked away. I really wish that I was the person I am today so that I would've thought up a good comeback for that stupid thing. Although you know what? My aunt was accused of the same thing, and she did this kickass thing; whenever that woman visits granma's house, my aunt would wear the skimpiest tops she has just to spite her :P I mean, come on!!! Since when has an arm been a 3awra?! God! *rolls eyes*
Oh oh, and another incident (I've loads :P) one day this woman was looking at my mom and I in the waiting room (we only had our hair covered a-la hijaab style, you know us), and she kept tisk-tisking and rolling her eyes at us, and looking us up and down. When that didn't work and we didn't get the hints, she blew up on our faces and kept telling us that we should cover our faces and such. You know what mom said? She went, "It's us who are going to hell and not you, so don't bother." :| MY MOM KICKEDASS!! The woman was so pissed off that when her son came to pick her up, she just huffed and walked right out of the waiting room. LMAO!
Oh yeah, and the short of all this is that, since extremists think this way, I've got the lowest floor in Hell reserved for lil ol me :P

Freak Of Nature said...

I think you should wear anything you want.
The problem is that people think that you wear those things to attract guys,but its the exact opposite guys are looking at girls even though they are wearing a 3abaya and the whatchamackolit(to cover thier faces),and in any country in the world girls walk around naked and none of the guys look at her.

"forbidden in Islam for a woman to read a newspaper"I think you shouldnt watch the news.(Just trying to piss you off):P

Shy said...

hehe dont they know statistically women are safer drivers!

ahmed said...

looooooool @ "La mane' lildharoora."

seriously we have problems with our "sheiks" but again not all of them..

can you get us his name? and the show is it the one which comes on MBC on Fridays?

Black Orchid said...

My cousin once told me that she was watching that show that comes on mbc, and said that a woman called and asked the "sheikh" etha yjooz lil mar2a an tasta5dim al computer!!!!!!....and guess what the "sheikh" said, "la2 hatha 7aram!, wa lakin etha kanat toreed an tast5dimaho lazim an ykoon honak ma7ram ma3aha"!!!...WTF?!...i'm seriously getting sick of this crap!!...come on..we're in th 21st century, and still they come up with this shit and say that everything WE do is 7aram!!!!

BaSSeM said...

u have no clue how many times i've dnured such things in real lives. you'd lose your faith in all these ppl if u heard my stories!

ps. i like to watch these fatwa shows! they crack me up at first then they leave me angery for the rest of the day :P

once on alrai tv fatwa programe a guy called and said out-loud: "min ra2ye ya shai5 ennek te7arrem alblutetooth!" it's in my opinion that you'd forbid the bluetooth!
as if he's expecting the shai5 to say: that's your opinion?! how come we didn't think of that before! bluetooth is 7aram!
i don't wanna say how the rest of the phone call went!

Black Orchid said...

OMG was that guy serious?! i mean asking the sheikh enno y7arrim shay, as if he's god or something!!...seriously hathi min 3alamat youm el8iyama..when the people yibda2o y7armo el 7alal!!

claus from Denmark said...

Hi there :)

Keep up the good style, but.....

Most of the Muslims in the world are living in the dark corner of Islam. But I have seen lots of moderat and progessiv Muslims, REAL Muslims who have seen this as a wakeup call and that Islam need to reform itself.

And I fell sorry for everybody living in free countries and all peacefull Muslims, but what we now have to watch is radical "Muslims" desperat attempt to stop Islam reform itself to a secular religion.

And becouse I'm Danish, I would like to clarify things a bit.

In Denmark we have a long tradition for satirical drawings. Since religion in Denmark is regarded fairly much as a private matter, we often make fun of religious icons. At one point a Danish artist depicted Jesus on the cross with an erect penis. Imagine what would happen if someone did something similar to a Muslim icon like Mohammad!

In this case, the drawings of Mohammad was published with the intent of starting a debate on self censorship and freedom of speech, when the issue is related to Islam and Muslims. A relevant debate, I think...it shows!

Now, Jyllands Posten - the newspaper that published the drawings - is indeed a right-wing liberal newspaper. However the term "right-wing" here in Denmark is perhaps not what you'd expect from ex. an American point of view. Right-wing here in Dk. is basically just conservative.

A delegation of local Muslim leaders, with the Danish Muslim leader Abu-Laban (he's banned in Egypt, because they regard him as a terrorist, btw) in front then visited a bunch of countries in the Muslim world, to speak their case.

They brought with them the 12 drawings plus a bunch of other drawings and photos, wich noone really know how they came about, since they we're certainly not printed in any Danish newspaper.

It seems to me, that this hole case now basically is living a life of it's own, that not really is about these 12 drawings, so much as it is a case of Islamic cultures and traditions clashing.

What puzzles me, however, is the fact that Denmark for the past 25 years has been one of the main contributors in the efforts of creating a sovereign state of Palestine.

The Danish government has helped financially, politically and in all sorts of other ways. We have granted asylum to a massive amount of palestinians, and even tjetjen muslim rebels (to the clearly expressed dissatisfaction of the Russians).

So It´s not Denmark or the Danish who having a problem and we WIIL pay the price for our freedom and we WILL share it with all, also real (peacefull) Muslims.

God´s peace

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