Saturday, January 28, 2006

Who The Hell Knows!

Don't you just hate people who think they know you?
There is not a specific idiot who inspired this post.. I'm just speaking in general.
A very important figure recently 'discovered' me.
Apparently, now I'm very smart.
A year ago I was the family air-head. (A very easy accomplishment, yes. You have not seen who I live with.)
Now I'm the "artsy one". The free spirit.
Okay, I am loving this new label, but I'm constantly afraid I'll disappoint.
That is besides the point, though.
Since I was crowned 'smart' by this unnamed figure, people have taken it upon themselves to discuss my future, and I don't get a say.
I think the final agreement was that I would maybe wind up writing a few books and then living in a beach house in some-where, Cali.
Yeah. My days of moshing are over, pal.

And then come the people who judge you based on the exterior. Joy.
Oh, but you look so sweet and innocent! How could you turn out to be so.. so.. not?
Everyone needs to get over themselves. Have you not heard of "Don't judge a book by it's cover!" and"Looks can be deceiving"?
The media have shoved those two sentences into everyone's head so many times... It's astounding no one's making sense out of them or applying them to everyday life.
Also, when do we truly know somebody?
I've known people my whole life, and I honestly cannot tell you I fully know anyone.
I mean, take your parents. They've been around all your life, right? You've probably lived with them 'till you turned 18, right?
Honestly, do you know your parents?
I know I don't!



Mochness said...
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Mochness said...

La de da, la de da, la de da

How about being called a pumpkin, and not in an endearing way, till your parents finally realized that you really have a knack for reading and are fluent in English. Woo pee doo h!
Well, at least they've stopped calling me pumpkin for now, since I can have my payback whenever they make fun of me (usually they do so when I ask the meaning of a simple Arabic word, but now that they know that I know many words in English that they haven't even dreamed of, they've stopped :P)
Aside from that, I can say that none really know me and that the closest person who'd be able to do so would be my mom.
As for being labeled, well that sucks esp when you try to shake off the named label and just can't seem to do so!
And since we're discussing the whole prejudice issue, well I think it's an uncontrollable thing that humans have. “Oh, but you look so sweet and innocent! How could you turn out to be so.. so.. not?” Well, from what I know of you so far, you aren’t exactly Frankenstein (in manners), either. You’re just you…sure you aren’t as sweet as you are on the outside, but then again, that would be nauseating :S (can you imagine yourself behaving like a typical Saudi girl? Or a gily girl with pink all over and high heels and full make-up and such? *shudders*) Erm, no offence, dearie, but I can’t really comment concerning that cause I don’t really judge people by their looks and even if I were, then I’d be way past the judging by looks phase since I believe that your looks can’t deceive me :P I’ve had the trouble with being looked at as a snob and as if I’m full of myself, just because of my looks…so whohoo *rolls eyes*

PS: If some of this doesn’t make sense, then I’d like to inform you that my Shakespeare exam is in 3:30 hours, that I should be awake in an hour, and that I haven’t slept in the first place…I’m so screwed!

Mochness said...

PPS: Random Q: Do you know who you are?
I think that I'm the least person to claim that I know who I am :S

You know what? After making this third reply, I've come to realize that I'm gonna be so screwed in a couple of hours :S I can't friggin focus.

PPPS (if there's such a thing): Feel free to delete any or all of these posts. I've a feeling that I won't remember any of this by the time I get a "nap" when I'm back home. Oh goodie!

Freak Of Nature said...

Alot of people judje me by my looks,and I look soooo geeky B(

I used to judje people by there looks but now I dont,I'm best friends with a guy,and when I was in 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th grade I didn't even talk to him I didnt know his name just cuz of his looks,in 5th grade another friend of mine introduced me to him and till now we are best friends:)

MuRaSaKi said...

Hey, I was just cursing and came along your blog which is cool by the way.

do you know your parents?

I truly believe that people change in time and one could be a different person in various stages of his/her life. I guess it has something to do with life experience and evolving to be more mature as time passes.
Try asking your parents about how they were in there youth days, I'll bet they'll say that they where you when they where young.
That's the answer I got when I asked my parents.
Makes you think huh...!

So I guess that answers your question "do you know your parents?"
Just look at the mirror!!

PS;I'm marketing my friends blog which I whish you'll have the time 2 visit sumtime soon.


Leilouta said...

I will never judge you:)

Rimyoleta said...

yeah ...Everyone starts with..(when I 1st met you I thought you were so Full or urself)..but now..I don't..
My dearest Ubergirl:P..people has to have a 1st impression..No one can live without it:P..but once you know that person you change it ;)

Engineer Sighted said...

I saw that you commented on my blog and was going to respond but since it was someone I didn't know, I wanted it to be a good one. After reading your comment about not driving, I wondered, "'87... this person is old enough..." and then looked at the location and thought, "Riyadh? Is this some punk kid trying to be funny?" and then I read some of your posts and it started to make more sense. I wasn't sure you'd make it back to my blog, so I thought I'd post the comment here. Anyway, thanks for the comment and I will probably start reading your blog now.

ubergirl87 said...

mochness: I always THINK I know who I am, then I get surprised when I find out something I didn't know about me. Weird.

Freak of nature: You look geeky? I look like someone you could step all over. Not fun either, lol.

murasaki: No my neither one of my parents is or was anything like me. They constantly remind me of that little tid-bit, lol. And the fact that people change with time is a given, but I believe the core of a human being stays the same. Some things just never change.

leilouta: Why, thank you very much :p

Rimyoleta: You thought I was full of myself?:P

engineer sighted: I am really from Riyadh, as hard as it is to believe :)
And I'm glad you like my blog

Thanks for your comments everyone!

drifter said...

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