Monday, January 16, 2006

Science Sucks

The scientists of planet earth are not wroking hard enough!
They're not!
Want proof?
Here you go!:

1. They put a man on the moon, but they cannot produce a bra that is not only comfortable, but also does not make one's boobage look retarded.

2. They made it possible for me to pick up the phone, dial a number, and speak to someone residing in Antarctica, but they cannot find a one minute cure for acne. (No, Benzoyl Peroxide doesn't count! It doesn't work like they say it does.)

3. I can have my whole music library in my pocket, but I cannot pop a pill that makes me remember what a Mamnoo' min al sarf is, or when the second world war took place.

4. They can do a face transplant, but they still haven't found a cure for cancer or aids.

5. We have cars, airplanes, and rockets, but we don't have bubble gum that never looses it's flavour.

6. They have made it possible for people to have 60 inch flat screen TVs, surround sound, theatre quality speakers, and yet they connot creat a scratch resistant DVD, or for that matter a DVD player that lasts for over 2 years.

7. We do not have one medication that does not have horrible side effects.

8. They can create a human clone, and yet they haven't succeeded in creating a garment that does not shrink in the wash (or lose it's color), and does not stain.

9. We have diet pills, but there is no sure fire one minute no fuss absolute cure for the flu.

10. We can't make fat-free brownies that are edible.



Baroque said...

mashallah creative to the max yet so0 true!

Mochness said...

"but we don't have bubble gum that never looses it's flavour."

You have GOT to read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" by Roald Dahl!

Malik Jeddah said...

you are right! but how can you say "The scientists of planet earth are not wroking hard enough" ?
look at the bright side, at least they did all of those things !!

Na~chan said...

Oh my God. I'm telling you, Pure genuis! especially the bra part! x_x

taqo said...

"..and yet they connot creat a scratch resistant DVD, or for that matter a DVD player that lasts for over 2 years."

I bet you they could if they really wanted to..its probably all apart of some get us consumers to spend more money.haha.

Abu Sinan said...

Oh, they are working on it, trust me. I see new inventions all of the time. Just wait, they will come up with a fat free brownie that tastes awesome and cures your acne at the same time!

Dotsson said...

1. Retarded boobage? Talk to me, I'm the boob doctor!

2. Haven't you heard of the term "make-up"?

3. Well write it down on your hand :P There is no use remembering garbage like that anyways.

4. Ask Leeno this one! She is the doctor!

5. Ella fee! Take it and stick it to your forehead, wait for 15 minutes and pop it back in your mouth! It is all in the head I tell ya. The gum doesn't lose its flavor, your mouth gets tired...

6. scratch resistant DVD? Use a cover for God's sakes!!! And the way technology is moving so fast, I wouldn't want to get stuck with a 2 year old DVD!

7. Hashish

8. what is a grament ;)

9. Ask Leeno again!

10. Why are you so concerned about eating fat-free brownies? Are ya duba?

six_7_8 said...

Hey they invented a buble gum that never looses its flavour, i mean never even if you put it your mouth for months, even if you drink tons of water, it's the gum that doesn't have any flavour aslan.

ubergirl87 said...

charisma: Thanks :)

Mochness: Funny, my sister said the exact same thing after she read this post.

malik Jeddah: Well, I'm not exactly being 100% serious, lol. (just 98.5%)

Na~Chan: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

taqua: Sadly, it looks like it is intended.

abu sinan: Lol, I'll hold you to that.

Dot: You know I meant garment! :p

six_7_8: Oh, hillarious :p

Anonymous said...

Hey ubergirl,
u suggested so many ideas, why don't u try to implement them. It would be better than blaming other for not doing so. Or maybe, being a saudi girl u think that people are slaves for ur money and are there only to achieve every fantasy u dream of...
c why u arabs are retarded people...
look out there, israeli, iranian, indians, chinese, all people are working hard to reserve their place under the sun, while u just blame people for not making every foolish dream of u come true.
and by the way, scientists never sent a man to the moon. it was a hoax fabricated by usa government, check that

ubergirl87 said...

Anon: First of all; if you had an ounce of brain cell in you, you would know that this post is not meant to be taken seriously.
Secondly, yeah I'm Saudi. I live in one of the richest countries in the world and I have an oil well in my back yard. I have steak for breakfast every day and I just sit around doing nothing all day, because I can afford to.
Is that what you believe, you sad pathetic excuse of a human being?
You are a RACIST PIG.
And thank you VERY much for saying that putting a man on the moon was a hoax.
You just proved to everyone that you have poop for brains.

joel said...

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