Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sneak2, You Will Be Missed

I don't know if anyone residing in Saudi Arabia has noticed, but Sneak2 has been banned.
Now how am I gonna get my weekly fix of porn!?
Did I just say that out loud?
Carry on.

Honestly though, don't you just hate those jackasses at ISU?
I know I do.

Now, this post is nothing but a desperate plea; To anyone residing outside of this wretched place.. Hell, to the exraordinarily lovely people who run Sneak2 themselves..
Help us!
We need another genius bypassing-blocks-and-firewalls site!
I beg of you!
Perhaps a Sneak to: Operation Saudi Arabia.
(Notice the to. Trust me, those idiots at ISU will be none the wiser.)

Wouldn't that be marvelous!

Pretty please?

Your most dedicated fan:

Ladies and gentlemen, approximatley 66.09 seconds after I made this post, Sneak2 was brought back to life!
It's a miracle!
Man, I'm powerful! (Or would like to think so.)

Two minutes later it's blocked again.
They like to tease, those ISUers.


moumen said...

poor sneak..
but it was inevitable! sadly, all anonymous tools are bound to fall into the iron net.

you should look into other alternatives. the ISU can only block the less than average user after all..


$uper MO said...

LOL ... Get Satellite connection. <-nog6a

Bissa said...

man, i thought that site was brought straight from heaven !
i LOVED that site, i LIVED on that site

RIP SNEAK2 *sniff*

Fo0f said...

lol, girl.. sneak2 was gr8.. we'll keep on checking for you, and from you..
mo's got a point though, I am really considering the Sat, DSL aint avialable where I am, and I am sick of waiting!

K.M.B said...


try the link below:


good luck and nice blog

Mochness said...

I hereby declare KMB the Lifesavor of the Week :D

Thamer said...

i have a list of other sites if anyone is interested...

Bissa said...

can i have 'the list' ?:P

Thamer said...

kitty: ask me for it when sneakysurf is blocked, i'll give you one site at a time :P

ubergirl87 said...

Super Mo: I'm on the God-dmaned waiting list for a sat. connection! *grumbles*


Dotsson said...

What kinda porn are you into?

Saudi Future said...

They blocked SPYNOT motherfuckers, I cant download videos anymore. Guess I better hold myself, either way it will help me in different ways.

Chrisbeckus said...

Yes....inquiring minds want to know to the answer to dottson's question....what kind of porn are you into? But then I amshamed to ask. I know that Muslims are the best of people and thank to the best of religions, they would never even think of looking at porn.

ubergirl87 said...

Yeah, the porn thing was a JOKE, to anyone who's wondering.

I H said...

sexism and the kingdom...
Ubergirl...instead of havin a one Rajaa Sanea why cant we have a Rajaa and Ubergirl also? I feel you have a talent...and your sarcasm is witty and funny...try it