Thursday, January 05, 2006

At A Saudi Wedding

I just got back from a wedding.
In the car my mother said "We'll go in, say hi to the mother of the bride, pretend we're having the time of our lives, and leave. It'll only take an hour, tops."
I inherited my mother's lack of interest in Saudi style weddings. I cannot say it bothers me that I did.
We walked in.
Everyone looks the same. It's not even amusing.
Every one's in pink/orange/blue leopard print. Every one's boobs are hanging out. And everyone is wearing red nail polish. It's trendy now, don'tcha know.
You have to understand the expense that goes into these events. The dresses, the jewelery, the band, the food.. Not to mention what people pay to get their (indentical) hair and make up done! I decided long ago that I would not spend a riyal on hair or makeup. Total waste of money, really. The whole God damned event.
My mother and I had to say hi to a whole bunch of people I don't know and couldn't care less about if you payed me.
They all said the exact same things in their identical outfits and hairstyles; "Remember me!?" To which I'm thinking 'How the fuck do you know my name, you fuck up?' But ofcourse, I contort my face into a polite/confused/trying to remember expression.
"MashaAllah! 3aroosa!" (Translated to 'You look lovely, a bride!')
In Saudi Arabia people say 'you look like a bride!' as a compliment. You see, I know little girls (and women) all over the world are brain washed into wanting to get married, but in Saudi Arabia it is particularly sickening.
When someone says I look like one I think 'No, I certainly do not look like a 3aroosa (bride), and I never, ever will.'
As I sat there watching people's heads bob up up and down while dancing in the aisle to horrible Tagg music; for the first time in my life I was happy that I don't belong. For the first time ever, I liked that I'm different.


(Update: I'm leaving for Bahrain tomorrow. I think I'll be back on Sunday though. I'm not too sure. I just realized this update is virtually useless. Sorry. Carry on with your lives.)


Mochness said...

Weddings suck. Period.

Thamer said...

yeah huge wedding parties suck, most of the people are there to eat, dance and show off, then go back home and talk about how this girl was wearing that and blah blah blah.

I just hope that when I get married I don't do this type of wedding, I'll just keep it simple, like in our living room or something, LOL.

Bal8ees said...

people do weddings these days only to show off not to have fun.. the only wedding you realy have fun at and mt7amesa to go to is a small family wedding :)

MSB said...

weddings, blah!

7ayach Allah fil B7rain! hope u enjoy ur time here.. :)

Rimyoleta said...

well yeah weddings are too much..on Eid I had like 7 weddings (can u believe it)!!!that means no sleep ..headache and EVERYDAY hair and makeup..aaaaah ..and the fact that you cant wear the same dress twice:S

$uper MO said...

i already told u what i think... it's funny but sad... sad coz every year i see us (saudi girls) being more over than the year b4... beauty is in simplicity ...

$uper MO said...

* more "over" , got it?! :s

Mochness said...

Super Mo, I agree with the simplicity part. Rock on, chicka!!! :P

taqo said...

I went to a wedding (last weekend), and i felt hideous!

And I admit..I did go for the food :p

Abu-Joori said...

The way u expressed u feelings about weddings thing in Saudi is amazing!
I just felt like I was saying those words !

I feel that way .. being a man .. what about being a lady attended such weddings !!

Only when u ask why shall I have such weddings..
the answer is
3eeb .. eish ra7 ygolo el nas 3aleena!!

ubergirl87 said...

Mocha: Tell me about it, man. Suckiness.

tyt: Lol, yeah. And afterwards a backyard BBQ.

bal8ees: I've never been to a small family wedding, to tell you the truth.

msb: Yeah, I'm having tons of fun :)

rimyoleta: MIN JIDDIK?? You do that? Wear a different dress for each wedding!? Rima that's lame :P

$uper Mo: Yeah, I know what you mean.

taqwa: Why'd you feel hideous? Man, I go to weddings and feel like the hottest most original person on the planet, lol.

abu jori: Yeah people do say it's "3eeb" not to have a wedding, and that is PRECISELY why I'm gonna have a quickie one in Vegas, if anything. Lol. Vegas rocks.

Thanks for your comments, peeps :D

Dotsson said...

Whenever I go to a wedding, the only thing I see are a bunch of boring old men sitting around sipping coffee :| No one's boobs are hanging out and no ones goes and around and says you look like Prince Charming :|
When I get married, I'm gonna have a band!
Like All-4-One, and they'll sing "I Swear". NO segregation at all! I wanna stay up all night dancing and having fun with my friends and family and of course me bride :P
If I invite you Ubergirl, will you come and stay for more than an hour?

pinkbling said...

Arab weddings SUCK! i dont get why we're forced to go to them now and then, it's the same shit every time! what's so exciting about seated women covered up in bling from head to toe talking about each other's daughters, hinting they're "marriage material" and showing-off designer gowns?! marriages are supposed to be FUN for everyone INCLUDING the married couple, suprisingly, the couple don't have ANY fun! Seriously, arabic weddings could make the number one spot on E!tv's Worst Weddings, dontcha think? great blog btw

ubergirl87 said...

Dotsson: I'm a super market! (And a sucky one at that) I'm afraid I'm not too mobile :P

Pinkbling: I agree. And thanks :)

Dotsson said...

Fine! I'll just go to part one ;)