Monday, January 02, 2006

Stop Calling Me!

Okay, why is everyone obsessed with phone calls!? They waste time, money, and fucking brain cells. Scientifically proven!
If you call me, and I don't pick up, it means I don't think your call is important enough for me to take.
It does not mean leave me another five missed calls, and it definitely does not mean try calling my house.
If I say 'Sorry, I misplaced my phone' ,or 'My phone wasn't with me at the time' or anything else, there's a very good chance I'm lying to you.
Why, you want to know? Why don't I just pick up!?
I'll tell you why! Do you know when the last time I had a decent, productive phone conversation was?
That's right. Never. And I very much doubt I ever will.
So, let me give you a crash course in phone call 'etiqquette':
Rule #1 Never, ever call without texting first. Send me a text message with all the wonderful, glorious facts you wish to shove into my brain. If I think whatever it is you want might be of some value to me, I'll call back.
Rule #2 Do not ring once and hang up, expecting me to call you back because you "Don't want to run up your phone bill". That is just rude. If you can't handle the simple task of controlling your phone bill, then you are irresponsible, and you do not deserve to have a cell phone.
Rule #3 When I say I'm busy, I mean I'm fucking busy. I don't care that you just want five seconds of my time. I'm busy.
Rule #4 If you want to talk to me, talk to me in person. What happened to good old fashioned face to face conversations, for God's sake!?

That is all for now.
And no, I will not be calling anyone back.



Thamer said...

I HATE it when people don't return calls :)

$uper MO said...

thank god i don't even have ur number :P

@rabian rash said...

How about..only give your number to people you want to speak to..
and switch it on silent when you're busy...

PizzaQueen said...

lol that was rude
here in Oman we prefer sms, is cheap and you get straight to the point
i end up writing essays though :p

taqo said...

Rule #2 Do not ring once and hang up, expecting me to call you back because you "Don't want to run up your phone bill"

oooh i hate that!

Rimyoleta said...

girl you should throw that cell phone of urs :P

ubergirl87 said...

tyt: Do YOU ALWAYS return calls?

Mo: Lol, no I don't think you'd be annoying :P

@rabian rash: I don't hand out my number to random annoying people :P. They ask around and get it. Also, you can never be sure who's an annoying phone contact. Like, if I enjoy a girls company, we become friends, we exchange numbers, and to my disappointment, she turns out to be an annoying phone person. It's not something you detect.

pizzaqueen: Well, then you Omanis are very lucky! I don't mind long text messages at all, lol.

taqwa: Yeah, everyone hates that. Even the people who actually DO that hate it, lol.

ubergirl87 said...

taqwa: I also forgot to add: My phone is ALWAYS on silent. ALWAYS. But I hate finding a zillion missed calls. It's annoying.

Rimyoleta: Yeah, lol. I'm seriously considering getting rid of that damn thing. I only use it for text messages anyway.

Mochness said...

I've a friend that gives me missed calls as an attempt for me to call her back. You know how I handle her? I don't call back :P

taqo said...

Actually..I some times do that, not to get people to call me back..but JUST to annoy them :p haha. I have a record of giving 1 of my friends 250 missed calls, before she even noticed anything. wa7da faaa'9iyah mra.

Trevelyana said...

Uber man.. I love you girl.

I can never be bothered to answer my phone either.. I don't even have a damn ring tone.. it's a beautifully silent phone.

ya5y I'd be exhausted all freakin day and people call me at 5, with something completely off the wall.
Or the 2 am drunken phone calls..

God bless answering machines.. if it's important they'll leave a message.. if not, they'll feel stupid hearing themselves talk about something so damn useless.

Malik Jeddah said...

Girl you are so rude :S
but you know what, you are right about that callin up and hanging up shit, it happens to me all the time and i just keep calling the person who does that,and now my phone bill is : drum rolls plz(758 rs) my parents are gonna kill me
i'm stuped :(

Malik Jeddah said...
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Fo0f said...

thing is.. KSU girls are like a phonebook with all the girls phone numbers.. and I tend to think they do post it somewhere for all the freaks and geeks to see it and call you about the stupidest things or the weirdest times, one girl used to call my sis at 5 am every day, saying she wants to wake her up for fajr prayer!! another was having a huge crush and she's not afraid to state her long lost love was found :S alot just called before mids to borrow her notes.. well, the stories dont end.. bottom line; change your number, and be careful who to give it to ;)

Bissa said...

woah ! ksu is one uni that is full of freaks, man ! :|

ubergirl87 said...

Mocha: Lol, yeah that's what I do.

Taqua: 250!?

Leeno: I don't get drunken 2 AM phone calls (yet) thank God! Lol.

Malik Jeddah: I'm RUDE? :| How so?

Foof: Yeah, I'm very careful with who I give my number to.

Kitty and Foof: I don't think it's really fair to generalize. Every where is full of freaks and idiotic phone people.

Noor said...

I dont like writting sms's their tiring man.
And if i call that meansI love you!!!
awwwwwww; i miss u already!!!

ubergirl87 said...

Noor: Aww! You have my permission to call me anytime, lol.

Bissa said...

i didn't generalize, i really don't know 'bout KSU..i've never been there
but stating from what you & foof have said :S i've felt so

Fo0f said...

lol, maybe I generelized.. I got friends who go there too ;) and they back me up all the way! The worst is a majority there girl!

Thamer said...

I always answer and return missed calls, I treat people the way I wanna be treated...