Saturday, January 21, 2006

Man, Am I Weird.

Tagged by $uper Mo:

List six weird things about yourself.

#1 I consider myself a groupie.

#2 I broke my nose twice, and have no intention of getting plastic surgery to fix it! I love my crooked nose!

#3 I cannot handle physical pain. Seriously. I know you're thinking this contradicts #2, and how did I get through two broken noses?
The answer is I don't know. I don't know how I got through it. I don't even remember that pain, man.
All I know is I physically cannot handle pain.

#4 I inherited a gum problem from my father. I will not delve into gory details, but I have a dead person's gums sewed on top of my (nonexistant) ones.

#5 I come from a family of whiners. We all whine like there's no tomorrow!

#6 We have a cat that does not Meow. I think its vocal chords are missing or something. Poor Figaro.
My parents love the whole 'silent pet' concept, though.

Weird enough?



Baroque said...

hehe u're not weird ;P
u're interesting!

ahmed said...

hmmm I liked the silent cat :P

Reminds me of a very MAD cat my friend has ;) :P

taqo said...

A groupie?! lysh?

pinkbling said...

u seem like a that doesn't purrs? hmm..weird!

Malik Jeddah said...

not weird enough :P
the "un meowing cat" is actually kinda' comfy :)
but your gums EEEEEWWWWW :S

BaSSeM said...

what exactly do you mean by a "groupie" ?! i mean i know what it means but how come you are one?!
2. twice?! ouch! if you change your mind and i ended up becoming a plastic surgeon i'll fix ya up for free :P
3. ?!!
4. this is not weird.. this is awe!
5. that's pretty normal ;)
6. we had a cat once that NEVER made a voice unless in food times

Abu Sinan said...

Dont like pain eh? Guess we dont have to worry about you getting tattoos like I do. They hurt a bit.....

ubergirl87 said...

Charisma: Yes, I like to think I am :p

Ahmed: Mute cats rock!

taqua: Because I flirt with people in bands and... Stuff :p

pinkbling: I SEEM like a gorupie? Really? How so?
I think the whole "Saudi" thing throws people off, lol.

Malik Jeddah: My gum problem makes me unique! It is not at all gross! How dare you!! :p

Bassem: How come I'm a groupie? It's just fun! And I like guys who play guitar. Or drums. Or can sing. Or are in a band in general, regardless of what they play.
(By 'awe' I'm assuming you mean awesome) Thank you for looking beyond the foreign tissue in my mouth and acknowledging the coolness in my medical condition! Rock on!!

Abu Sinan: No, see, here's the thing: I would be able to take the kind of pain that results in awesome body art. No prob!

Thanks for your comments, everyone :)

Thamer said...

a dead person's gums? did i just read that? are you serious? didn't you have any psychological trouble with that? i saw some documentaries on tv about these situations, it was really interesting.

ubergirl87 said...

TYT: Why would I have psycological trouble?
You people are way too paranoid :p