Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Man In The Niquab

My cousin and I were standing infront of a stack of CDs in Bahrain's Euphoria, and out of nowhere this woman we have never seen before, walks up to us, points to another woman who's garbed in head-to-toe black, (abaya, Niquab, the whole deal) and says: "See that woman over there? In the Niquab? That there is Michael Jackson!"

So I got to meet Michael Jackson. No shit.

He was really nice. He liked my blue nail polish and he kept saying "God bless you, God bless you!"
He asked us not to tell anyone it was him. Apparently he doesn't want people knowing it's him.
You see, it's completely normal to see a tall woman with pale, pale hands in a Niquab, abaya, and huge sunglasses indoors, at 8 in the evening, walking around with an army of nannies, (yes, we saw two of his kids, minus the bags over their heads. Pretty good-looking kids, actually.) and a gang of personal assistants. Not suspisious looking at all.
I got an autographed CD. Shall post a picture of it when I figure out how. And when I actually take one.

I need to go pack. We're leaving in a few hours.


(For those of you who don't know, a Niquab is a face cover.)


Malik Jeddah said...

OMG, you met Michael Jackson ?!
ya7a'6eek, you are so lucky ! and tirja3y bessalama insha2allah

pinkbling said...

OMG that is so exciting! how did the woman know it was him though?

Noor said...

Awwwwww MJ,,, mara 7amaaas.

You know what you should've done? You should have hit on him, and made his day. I'm telling you, you should've flirted with the dude man. 7araaam he needs his confidence back!

post the pic man

Fo0f said...


MSB said...

hehe glad u enjoyed ur trip to bahrain. what day was this?? i want to see if i was at seef on that day and clueless...!

have a safe trip back.. bil salameh.

MSB said...

(by the way, i love the whole 'man in the mirror/niquab' title thing) ;)

$uper MO said...

is this 4 real!!! u saw him!!! i'm not a fan but still this WOW ... cannt wait to c the pic ;)

Trevelyana said...

How fucking cool are you man.

You met the wacko himself..

How's his nose? any less degraded..?

ubergirl87 said...

malik jeddah: Thanks :)

pink bling: I don't know.

Noor: LOL, ka2anik 3arfa :P. You see, I'm sort of a natural flirt.. It's so sick, wallah I flirt with anything that moves, lol. So I might have made his day ;)

msb: The 7th of January. Thanks :)
Btw, the man in the mirror/niquab thing was unintentional, lol. Thanks for pointing it out, tho.

$uper Mo: I'm not a fan wither, to tell you the truth, lol.

Leeno: I met Wacko Jacko himself. He didn't take off the Niquab, actually. But a short chat with one of his (HILLARIOUS) bodyguards told me it's as disfigured as ever (his nose, that is)

ubergirl87 said...

$uper Mo: I'm not a fan either*, to tell you the truth, lol.

taqo said...

oooooh. Fallllaa. Lucky you!
Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

MSB said...

hmm... jan 7th was saturday.. i was there that day! afa i missed it.. what time? afternoon/evening?

Freak Of Nature said...

That's so cool!!
I wish I were you :(

Safe trippp 8D

@rabian rash said...

he had a cd on hand to sign? does he carry these round with him?

just curious!

rebel87 said...

Taqua: Yeah, pretty lucky!

msb: About 8 o'clock in the evening.

freak of nature: Thanks :)

@rabian rash: No, actually. I bought one from the store we were in. I figured I could sell mine on Ebay.

ubergirl/The Rebel

Dotsson said...

Cool! You got to meet the King of Pop! Did you take a picture of him?

ubergirl87 said...

Dot: Nope, no picture.

Mochness said...

You should've mentioned the niqab thing when you told me you met him! :P