Thursday, February 09, 2006

Home Again

I'm back, and I'm livid at the people of Saudi Arabia.

First off, (in general) we are lacking in originality! All the guys walk in gangs of identical hair (they're wearing it long now, God have mercy on our souls), and the girls are all in the same Abaya.
My God, get creative, people! What the hell is wrong with you!?
And I wish if they all insisted on dressing alike that they'd atleast don decent outfits! But noooo we Saudis have to look like complete idiots no matter what the cost!

Secondly, Dubai is turning into the second Beirut, God help me.
If you happen to have had dinner at the Marina recently you'd know what I'm talking about.
It's full to the brim with idiotic Saudis staring at each other.
That's it.
Just sitting and staring.
Oh, and they gossip.
They love their gossip!

I am so over the youth of this Kingdom! Their brains contain nothing but useless information about that God damned Star Academy!

Everyone's so shallow and unengaging! (Yeah, I made that word up.)

If any young Saudiette/Saudi happen to come across this blog, here's a letter I wrote just for you!:

Dear Saudi girl:
Please stop being an airhead. Please consider watching a movie that does not star Orlando Bloom for once.
Please stop talking about people who don't wear a Abaya in Dubai. It's a free country. One is allowed to not wear a Abaya. Wallah.
You know what, just get a life and stop talking about other peoples'.

Dear Saudi boy:
Please start shaving as soon as you hit puberty. I beg of you. A fuzzy face and semi mustache does not flatter anyone, I promise.
Please don't wear beige and/or brown. Wallah you look like snot when you do.
Please don't wear the same color shoes as your shirt. It does not (contrary to popular belief) make you look stylish. Just stupid. And (again) idiotic.


Oh, and to all you Saudi guys, one more thing; in your dreams, you little (insert bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps).


Edwards said...

lol. I didn't expect to come across this blog today. The letters were great though. Anyways, have fun in life and what not.

Unengaging is not a word you are correct. It does get used alot though. Google it. :) Unengaged is a word though. :P

Mochness said...

Welcome back, dear Uber!
You can get the Saudi guys out of Saudi but you can't take the Saudi out of the Saudi guys :P

Thamer said...

lol, i agree!!!

welcome back!

yeah, what mochness said...

Dotsson said...

What about me? I'm not Saudi... does 'in your dreams you little insert bleeep" apply to me?

Shy said...

hehe thats funny stuff, i hope your leading the way with an original fashion sense ;)

taqo said...

lool. sooo true. It seems like every guy has long hair now. bs none the less...its still HOTT.(guilty pleasure) ;p

Jo said...

My baby's back awwww :**
P.S. Couldn't think of anything to text :( but did u get any decent books anyway?

plastic_smile87 said...

hey, you are so right about staring and gossiping, no matter where you are sauds will still be the same no matter what! anyways GREAT post as usuall keep'em comming:p

plastic_smile87 said...

hey, you are so right about the staring and gossiping,no matter what saudis will be saudis!anyways Great post as usuall keep'em comming:p

BaSSeM said...

Haven't been to Dubai in 2 (or is it 3) years! please don't say that :(

regarding the saudi girls message.. i don't know why u care! let them speak their empty brains out :P it's like they're intelligant enough to do something else!
ps. orlando bloom is good looking :P

regarding the saudi boys message..
a mustache doesn't flatter anyone in my opinion!
the shoes as the shirt!! oh! i'd love to commit a crime against those who wear that! especially when it's red shoes/shirt or bright orange or yellow!!

may i add please?
Saudi guys..
do not.. i repeat.. do NOT wear tight sleeveless shirts when you're so skinny you had to get the shirt from Mothercare's 10-12 years old section so it be this tight!
do NOT put your black i-look-blind-but-i-don't-know-it sunglasses at night! it's not cool in malls, beaches or anywhere after 5pm!
do NOT wear your "shibshib shargi" on pants or shorts becase u'll look like a shibshib yourself!

ubergirl87 said...

Edwards, Shy and Plastic Smile 87: Hey there! Welcome to the magical world of.. Err... My blog!

Mochness: Tell me about it.

Dot: Right now it applies to everyone. EVERYONE.
I'm not even kidding, lol.

Shy: Yeah, I hope so too :p

Taqwa: It's only hot if you're in a band.

Jo: Sure did!

Bassem: WONDERFUL addition to the guy letter!
I'd just like to say that NO GUY SHOULD EVER, EVER WEAR A TIGHT SHIRT.
The buffer they are, the worse it looks in them.

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

ubergirl87 said...

on them*

Bal8ees said...

lo0o0o0o0ol all so true mojtam3 fashl
and all the girls and boys are copy paste of each other :)
bs ahm shy did u have fun in Dubai???

Freak Of Nature said...

Thank you :(

Anonymous said...

So you have discovered that your fellow countrymen enjoys ugly fashion and idiotc gossipping.

Thats...pretty much the same all over the globe.

ubergirl87 said...

Bal8ees: Sure did :)

Freak of Nature: What, you don't shave or something?

Anon: No one does bad clothes and gossip like us, man.

ahmed said...

dear ubergirl

with all respect, i disagree with what u've mentioned here in your post..

simply, u cant say that ALL saudi guys are unengaged and irresponsible..okay i understand that we saudis have MANY of these useless youth whom u can find them in the streets in both ta7liya jeddah and ta7liya not saying that people shouldnt go to ta7liya at all..u still can go there for shopping and hanging out or whatever..but not living there lol

there are saudis who dont give a damn about star academy

there are saudis who dont even know that there is a show called star academy

there are saudis who spend 10 hours a day at work!

there are saudis who are employed with a useless salary (i.e. SR 2500) and they are married and they support their families.

these saudis (and i swear to God) they eat (foul) everyday because they cant afford more than that..when this guy wants to enjoy himself he goes to Mcdonalds alongwith his wife and 4 years kid..imagine? they need a budget to go to Mcdonalds!

i can give you a longer list here but i believe u got my point..

with regards to the ugly fashion, yes thats true..but again those guys who wear ugly fashion are probably people whom never left the country..they never seen the cool stuff and this is why am not blaming them.. :)

this is my own opinion and i hope that i didnt caused any trouble here :P

P.S sorry for any spelling proof reading :P


ubergirl87 said...

I am only speaking from experience. I have rarely meet, see, or even hear of a remotely intelligent young Saudi.
Please note, that I spoke of males AND females, so any thoughts you might have of me being a "feminist bitch" are invalid :P
And if there are smart Saidis (male or female) out there, then more power to them!

I am not talking about salaries and budgets.
I did not question the existance of honest to God, hard working individuals.
Nor did I claim that we live in a magical world atop a rainbow where everyone makes 60 million riyals for a day's work. I know some people have got it hard, and I don't see what they have to do with this post! I never said people like that don't exist.

"those guys who wear ugly fashion are probably people whom never left the country..they never seen the cool stuff and this is why am not blaming them.. "
On the contrary, these are the same people who are in Paris and London evry year, lol.

Thanks for sharing you opinion :)

Saudi Future said...

Haha none of what ubergirl or bassem said about saudi guys apply to me, besides I hate having long hair, annoying and ugly. Shipship is rather comfortable but ugly on stuff other than thobe.