Monday, February 13, 2006

Not Your Average Vday post. I'm Not Into That Crap.

Today I went to school to get some stuff done before the semester officially starts.
I kind of have a knack for meeting quite.. Strange people.
So I start talking to this girl, and she goes on about how she needs to do some Valetines day shopping..
Wait, here? In Riyadh!?
"Ah! Who's the lucky guy!?"
She looks at me all shy, and says: "My cousin! People don't approve of us seeing each other since he is my cousin and a year younger than I.. But one can't help what's in one's heart!
And the best thing about our relationship is that our parents are okay with it.. He even comes with us on vacations! It's great!"

And no, they're not ma56oobeen (engaged). I asked.

Hold on, did I miss something?
Was there some announcement that overly liberal parents were allowed to exist in this shit-hole?

I know it may seem strange to some people that cousins are dating.. But you have to understand that someone out right declaring their love for their Valentine is completely unheard of here!
She shared all that with a complete stranger!
I honestly cannot get over this...
We're Saudi, for God's sake!
Falling in love is 3aib!*


*I was being sarcastic. Get off my case.


OzMonsta said...

ROTFL@ "We're Saudi, falling in love is 3aib". Classic line.

Roses are red, violets are blue, some poems rhyme, but this one doesnt.


Baroque said...

lo0o0l = depression day..
i think i'm gonna go get me an inflatable valentines day guy for tommorow only ;P

Zeyad said...

Hi ubergirl, you rock. It's encouraging to see a Saudi girl blog. I thought the Religious Policeman was the only Saudi who blogged, but now I'm discovering them. :)

Found you through Ozmonsta (Saudi?)who left a comment on my blog.

Good luck.

Mochness said...

What is it with all the V-Day celebration in the first place? I don't feel like celebrating it and I've always sorta hated V-Day, though a friend of mine did get me a cute V-pressie, though this whole thing is way over-rated in the first place :S

Shy said...
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Shy said...

Valentines day is kinda stupid, its just a consumer driven event. On the subject Zeyad mentioned about Saudi bloggers, i find them quite interesting because Saudi Arabia is such a closed country to the outside world so its nice to hear what people living there have to say about it. I'd love to visit, seems like an intersting place. PLus I cant wait to go on Hajj someday inshAllah

ruba duba said...

men dont deserve our love o bss!

Jo said...

My cousin told me that at her college on v/day you get t3ahud (d-merit/sanction) if you wear any red.

jason said...

Alahh will be pissed!

Anonymous said...

Hey :D i'm writting this at school!!! yaaay awal marra njeeb internet bmadaris irya6'!

nice post by the way :D


Rimyoleta said...

Saudi or none's not 3eeb to fall in's 3eeb to use it in a bad way!!...
Like Sex and stuff...bas 3omro makan 3eeb...put this in mind :)..
Love you

Bissa said...

:D really? congrats johara !!!

Doubting Thomas said...

Zeyad there is a Saudi blogs blogcounting blog with like a hundred Arabian blogs.

Why would Arabians care about Valentine? It's originally a pagan fertility festival, did you know?

Fedo said...

Lol. Oh god. I remember my sister telling that she thinks my cousin has a crush on me. Regardless of whether it was true or not, I can never see my cousins as more than sisters.

Mochness said...
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Mochness said...

Doubting Thomas said, "Why would Arabians care about Valentine? It's originally a pagan fertility festival, did you know?

Well, if you wanna take it from that pov, then why would anyone aside from a heathen celebrate V-Day when the truth is that everyone celebrates it nowadays?

ubergirl87 said...

First of all, I want to clear something up:
Valentine's day does not depress me. It honestly doesn't. I don't need a man to make me feel happy! V-day is just another day in the year.. It only means that Hallmark's making a bit more money today, and that's it.

Zeyad: Thanks! :)

Shy: Trust me you do NOT want to visit Saudo Arabia!

Jason: That's offensive to alot of Muslims, you know.

Rimyoleta: Please allow me to quote.. Err.. Me :P: "I was being sarcastic".

Thomas: Everyone cares about Valentines now. EVERYONE.

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

Roba said...


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joel said...
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joel said...
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Lilly said...

Hi ubergirl,

as Rimyoleta said it's not 3eeb to fall in love , it's 3eeb to use it in a bad way!!...

Love is wonderful and if we didnt love then we aint humans

Mochness said...

Hey Lilly,
I’m going to reply on behalf of Uber (I’m her part-time secretary :P) I sure hope you’re not Harry Potter’s mom cause that would be freaky!
Anyway, have you by any chance read Uber’s little footnote? The one that goes, “*I was being sarcastic. Get off my case.”? Well, I guess that solves the case now doesn’t it?

Lilly said...

hehehe funny mochness :) yeah it do :p