Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lock Me Up And Throw Away The Key!

Do you know that there is a special prison just for Royal Felons!?
I'm not even kidding.
Please allow me to quote the lovely creature who informed me of this "prison":
"I would fucking pay to be locked up there."

Enough said.
Now I understand those rumors about the prince who murdered the AlQuadi kid playing video games on the morning of his supposed execution.
They sound awfully thruth-like right about now.

This is making me sick!
When will there be justice in our beloved Kingdom!? I'm guessing in 847365029473626647 years.



Madhatter said...

So whats so royal about that prison, do u like sleep on a feather bed

MuRaSaKi said...


Posted on Wed, Feb. 15, 2006:

ISRAEL - Sharon's son gets 9 months in prison for illegal fundraising:

Omri Sharon, 41, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's oldest son, was sentenced to serve nine months in prison and pay a $64,000 fine for violating party funding laws.

See bellow link:

When will there be justice in our beloved Kingdom!?
(How about NEVER!)

ps; Just for yur info, the jail is based in the (2amara). They even have interrogation rooms there(I wonder how that's like??).

Madhatter said...

Im lost, im from South Africa

ubergirl87 said...

Madhatter: They get satellite TV and they play video games all day. That's about all I know.

Murasaki: Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

OzMonsta said...

Ubergirl, I'd be really interested to read up more on the AlQuadi kid trial you mentioned?

Can you give a background or a link?

thanks :)

Talal said...

The Al Quadi incident shows just how screwed but the judical system is, due to the sheer act that was conducted it should not be left up to alqadi family alone to deside if he livews or dies, what was done is an act of terrorism and should be punished regardless of if the family forgave him or not.

The thing is we live is a hypocratic socity where only a portion of the population have to follow the law and the other can get a get out of jail free card called wasta.

Fedo said...

Give or take.

Dotsson said...

Is there any solid proof that these jails do exsist? They could be just old wives tales... And even if they do exsist, that doesn't mean that we have to frown upon them.
It is nothing new. The rich and famous do enjoy certain priviledges that the rest of us do not. Be it in Saudi Arabia or the United States.
E.g. Whenever political leaders are jailed, take the former leader of the philippines, Joesph Estrada, who was jailed for corruption. They are treated differently and are given priviledges that normal prisoners would not be given. E.g. television sets, phones, etc.
Sometimes it is in the best interest in the prisoners to keep them segregated. Just a couple of days ago, Califnoria put in effect a law that keeps white prisoners seperated from Latino prisoners.
And at the end of the day, if the government wants to have such jails, they have every right to. After all the money to run such institutions isn't going from your pocket now is it?

Oh and Can you change the title to "Lock Me Up With Dotsson and Throw Away the Key"???

shandor_rando said...

I think that you are actually the biggest airhead of them all. I read your comments, and you sound like a spoiled teenager, who loves using foul words just to sound cool. Sorry, you just sound stupid. By the way, I am not Saudi, and think that as people go Saudis are closer to Neanderthals in their mentality. In their majority, they are uneducated, hateful and deceitful and above all hypocritically righteous.

Cypren said...

It seems to me that throughout history the wealthy and powerful have always ensured "justice" worked to their advantage. The Kingdom is really no different in this respect, just a little more obvious than many other modern countries. Some mortal flaws are completely independent of culture, religion or geographical bounds.

As a sidenote, it's also unsurprising to note that bigots will feed on whatever confirms their prejudices. Sorry your post has attracted internet trolls.

Anonymous said...

Dotsson, I'm no friend of the US but what you write about the separation of white and Latino prisoners seems BS (sorry for cursing!) to me unless you provide us with a credible source. It might be that there some prisons full of whites and some full of Latinos, no doubt, but can you please provide the source for your claim?

If it's true what you claim, it's a real scoop and IƤll love you LOL.

Cypren said...

Dotsson wasn't quite right, but was close. California put that policy (not a law) into place a few years ago to prevent gang violence, but it was challenged in court and ultimately struck down by a narrow margin on the Supreme Court. See this article for the details:

taqo said...

I heard that the only real difference between "royal" prisons and normal ones is that you get to choose whatever you want to eat..for your meals (i.e. thier families can bring them food) O bs. Allahu A3lam.

Anonymous said...

A "royal" prison?! lOl com'on lOl.. I got ur point and YES, im laughing my ass off on who ever passed you the BS info loOol... sry, but with all respect, i wont believe it till i see it..! (unless u'v been in one, then thats a different case lol) so how about directing me on what "royal" crime I could do to check out the mentioned mansion ?! oh I forgot! I gota be "royal" ??!!!!

and by the way, the 847365029473626647 years is right around the corner! so get ready! cause u girls (in general) will be the first to pay the price :( unfortunately :)
i'm just a "freak" whos Standing up for all the Saudi-Unconventional MAN kind :P

With all respect...,

Jo said...

Why is everyone surprised? Y3ni mn jedkom our royals are gonna be put in some regular ol' prison like the rest of us? They're not called royals for nothin', u know! I'd be surprised if they WERE treated with any justice.


Black Orchid said...

yeah mn jid...what u wrote was totally right.

San said...

For sure, royals won't be jailed with the rest of people BUT ..
aside from Al Qadi's story, are they gonna be sued and jailed at first place?

Madhatter said...

I must say Saudi Arabia is a real fascinating Country. Jus for interest sake, what makes u royal. Is it the family u born into, the bloodline or what?
As Far as i know everyone born the same and no one is better than the other except in their actions. If there was royalty in Islam then the Prophet would be addressed as King Muhammad, but that term only reserved for the GOD Almighty.
But im sure learning alot on the SAUDI blogs, very interesting indeed

ubergirl87 said...

Ozmonsta: A 'prince' shot a 16 year old boy from the AlQuadi family. I don't quite remember his first name. I think it was over a drag race or something idiotic. I have googled and I couldn't find any information, sorry. I expected this sort of cover-up. That's how it is here.

Dot: Solid proof? Are you joking?
And yes, the money is coming right out of my pocket.

Shandor_Rando: Wow. You've reeaally got me and all Saudis figured out, huh?
You're so smart.

Cypren: I guess. But it is still quite frustrating. Not to mention unjust.

Sinn: Ella fee :P

JO: Wallah I love you, chica ;)
PS I'm not bothered ;)

Hassan: I think now they're trying more and more to show the masses that they're not treating the royals any better than us all. I see right through it, tho. Lol.

Madhatter: Royals are people from the royal family (AlSaud).
And I agree completely. No one's any better than anyone else.

zeid koudsi said...


Anonymous said...

I'm just finishing up the "Princess" books by Jean Sasson about the Royals in Saudi. Some of it sounds so wild it's hard to believe. But it's very interesting reading, and I read alot of Saudi blogs now and am learning alot. Thanx! sis from the usa

ubergirl87 said...

Anonnymous sis from the USA: While Jean Sasson's books are highly entertaining, please let me warn you that most of what they contain is sheer exaggeration. And I suspect the main character (Princess Sultana) is infact fictional.
Thanks for your interest, though :)

Nuri said...

One of you saudi girls should write a book!!! Well, Raja al Sanea alredy did that but... there's so little information from your country and it's a pity people have to rely on books like "Princess" and others alike. I alredy suggested the same to a good saudi girl...

S said...

Nuri are u in Cali by any chance?

nuri said...

Cali??? I'm in Catalonia, Spain

Madhatter said...

Y do ppl especially westerners find Arabia so interesting with regards to whats happening in the country, by interesting i mean finding faults and making it seem like they so backward and bla bla bla.Then automatically Islam is like this and that and the ppl are like this.To be honest its quite irritating, no country in the world is perfect, we all have our problems. But hopefully with time it will become better. I love Arabia because its the birthplace of Islam and the best of mankind was born there. The country is rich with history, and wen i was in the country the ARAB ppl were just marvelous to me. Even in SA ppl will say the arabs are like this and that but hey to me they my muslim brothers and sisters and i dont take kindly to ppl talkin nonsense abt them nevamind if they like this or that. The arab people are so hospitable, for eg wen i was in medina with my two aunts a arab family invited them for dinner. Look at the good in people and not bad, doesnt meant the leaders of a country does sumtin silly all the ppl are. I love u my muslim brethren

Anonymous said...

The separation of white and latino (and black) prisoners in California isn't a matter of a racist policy, it's a matter of safety for the prisoners.

The people who get sent to prison are (surprise!) not the brightest members of society. They easily follow leaders, and they usually line up with the same gangs inside the prison as they did outside the prison. Those gangs are self-selected on racial lines.

Incidentally, in some prisons, they have to be careful to keep different groups of hispanics apart. For some reason, the Mexicans and the Salvadorans carry grudges against each other. Probably due to competition for the drug trade in Los Angeles.